Zanzibar – One-Square-Mile – BBC. Reply

Zanzibar – One-Square-Mile – BBC.

Reporter Zeinab Badawi, spent two days wandering the seafront, alleyways
and markets of the island’s capital, Stone Town, to try and find out why
modern-day Zanzibar has escaped the conflict that afflicts its East African

In a succession of spontaneous encounters – the purpose of the One
Square Mile format – with politicians, traders, craftsmen, fishermen, students,
musicians and tourists she finds that an investment in the town’s
rehabilitation has helped revive the local economy.

Though she finds that new employment opportunities are scarce, there are
few signs of the ethnic and communal strife that is a feature of life on the
African mainland.



Nice program- I hope you will Enjoy it.


One of the best collections I have seen ……….


Dont make promise when you are in JOY

Dont reply when you are SAD

Dont take decisions when you are ANGRY

Think Twice, Act Wise


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