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Rising Islamophobia! – By Majid Al Suleimany

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A – The Message from the Relative!

Yesterday Tuesday June 14th 2011 a relative sent me this one – QuoteGood One! – One reason Hitler lost World War II was that he did not fully understand the situation. Bearers of bad news were punished. Soon no one dared tell him the truth. Not knowing the truth, he could not act appropriately.

Many of us are individually guilty of the same error. We do not like to admit to ourselves our mistakes, errors, shortcomings, or ever admit we have been in the wrong. And because we will not see the truth, we cannot act appropriately.

Someone has said that it is a good exercise to daily admit one painful fact about ourselves to ourselves.

Look for and seek out true information concerning yourself, your problems, other people, or situation, whether it is good news or bad news.

Adopt the motto. It doesn’t matter who is right, but what’s right.

Admit your mistakes and errors but don’t cry over them. Correct them and go forward. In dealing with other people try to see the situation from their point of view as well as your own – Unquote!

I thought it was a good one and as sent by him. Admittedly my gut feelings and impressions were there was a message there for me- Admittedly it is true too that it is easier to lecture than to follow one’s own advice – and as some cynics may as well say – Those in Glass Houses should not throw stones. Or even more sinister sceptics would add – that they should undress in the dark!

Frankly it got me seriously thinking that there is something that I need to self-analyse and in deep thinking and in hindsight as something that I needed to do. I recoiled from the usual responses of the past that you need first to practice yourself first before you preach in others – because I could say the same thing to you! Because I have known you to be difficult to admit your own mistakes – and even if proved wrong, unfair and unethical you still stand your grounds – and have never apologised to anyone in your life – as far as I know! Anyway, enough of the subject for now!

B – My First Article – titled Keeping up with the Changes! – July 23rd – 2003 – 8
years ago!

In this article I had written – Quote – One of the traits of ever successful, smart, pragmatic and proactive peoples is their ‘ability to be able to vision and predict changes’, and to be able to adjust, accommodate and even make these changes work for their advantage! They are able to even predict when these changes will come, in what format and their consequences and repercussions too! They are able to make the changes become as ‘a friend and as a Support’, rather than as an adversary and blockage cum detrimental to them per se! Proactive and pre-empt to be exact!

The Africans have this saying – ‘praise and compliment even that snake that hides in a crevice in a rock or boulder, and it will pop its head out – and when you can then hit it on the
head with that behind your back held stick! Praise its eyes, I hear you have beautiful eyes, can you at least show me those beautiful eyes? Please?

Or have you heard of the Arab and The Camel (nearer home)? There is a dust storm and the camel is outside the tent – whilst the boss is comfy inside. So the camel asks the Arab, can you not at least allow me to put my head inside? So the Arab agrees. Then it is the right front foot, then left foot, then the hump. To make the story short, the camel decides to kick the Arab out of the tent – and it takes over the tent, whilst the poor Arab has lost his tent to a slimy rebellious camel, all by listening to its pleas in the first instance!

I have also said – if you have something working for you – keep it, preserve it, protect and defend it – and do not spoil things for yourself and those near you and you love! Do not spit on your food – and do not put sand in your coconut pudding – as The Swahilis of East Africa like to say!

Or have you heard of the expression – ‘Bite the hand that feeds you, and lick the boot that kicks you!? If not I am telling you now – has happened so many times – but people still keep repeating the same approaches, techniques and dealings with others – especially thinking they are scattered, docile and weak! But the Arab Spring Uprisings should wake up a lot of people still slumbering and sleeping! – Unquote.

C – Unveiling The Veil! – December 24th 2003.

This is what I had written on the controversial ban in France – The veil – and now it is The Burqah – I do not know what is next under Sarkozy – who himself is descended from Settlers! Quote – Personally, this is what I see are the greatest dangers now facing mainly Arab and Muslims Minorities in Europe. What the Muslim Armies had failed to do, and these emigrants were able to, is what scares them the most! Let us not forget that the Muslims in France number over 5 million (plus 12 percent), and this scares them the most as Islam is now the second largest Religion (and fastest growing one too!) in France, and similar scenarios maybe repeated in other parts of Europe, America and Australia.

To quote their reasons for doing so, the French cite ‘secularism’ as the cornerstone of French ‘Republicanism’. In the same vein, did not Hitler and Goebbels say ‘in their war machine propagandas that ‘they wanted a pure white Aryan race to dominate’ in massacring over 6 million innocent Jews? You can always make and create a rule to justify what you really want! – Unquote!

 D – The Need To Change Article – November 19th 2009.

In this article I had said – Quote – People who have accepted changes have come are always going for the higher road in accepting and in bringing in changes – to be a better  person – to think outside the box – and to be able to see the forest from the trees! You do not need to be a nuclear physicist to realize and know that change has come – and to be ready for changes to come in.

Ten years ago if you had told me that a son of an African Muslim from Kenya with a white American wife would be The President of The USA, I would retort that you do need to have your head fully examined. Most likely I would show you the direction to Ibn Sina Hospital to seek psychiatric help, or even take you there myself. But Bush made it all possible. So was the hanging of a most powerful dictator in the region.

Same would be that the most powerful states of the world would attack a third world country under pretext of weapons of mass destruction – that even can make Hitler look good – because he attacked only those countries near hem – not so far away like this one.

Some of the changes need not be that big or universal. It could even be small and insignificant at first glance and analysis – but it is still change all the same in all spheres and aspects – and cannot be discounted, ignored or marginalized even. In all my books there are cautionary tales and articles on Changes – and their coming in – though my concentration had been The Youth and in Office Environments.

Also on stereotyping, bad and whimsical perceptions and outlooks, patronizing and  condescending attitudes and approaches – especially from a few misguided and misled ‘welcomed and invited guests’ in our country! Today I want to go on the bigger picture.

I watch the news and see what is unfolding before us. I have noticed what is unfolding is this – people have very strong comments, rigid views, outlooks, perceptions and opinions on many things – but the worst part is that they think they are always right, ethical and correct – and want to impose them on others. I now understand why some people outside our societies (or even within) hate and despise us so much. I now also understand fully what it means to say ‘opening a can of worms’ really means.

There is also no respect and esteem for those older and senior to us – especially in such affairs. I want to bring the subject out in the open – so we can discuss it rationally,   emotionally, pragmatically and with hopeful signs of reconciliations, remedy, peace, harmony, understandings, live-and-let-live outlooks and scenarios. So here goes. Please bear with me.

Time and time again, History has proved this point. The days when you could scare people away by words and acts of threats, aggression, bullying etc are now over. Even if you go to the basics at home. What my grandfather could do to my father – to what my father could do to me – and what I can do to my son (and hopefully his son too) – have been reduced from time to time. My late father could scold me in front of my wife – his father could beat him my father in front of his wife – but I will think twice before I even contemplate to scold my son – especially in front of his wife. Times have changed.

No one had predicted the demise and downfall of The Apartheid Regime in South Africa, nor that of UDI – Universal Declaration of Independence of Ian Smith of Rhodesia (now  Zimbabwe). Tell that to the Israelis too – with the Intifadas despite all usage of brute and ugly force. In the 21st century, everybody wants to be free and independent – you cannot continue to colonize a whole segment of society even if you have all the power, army and support from whatever corners.

Our Islamic Religion tells us that we must sort our own problems within ourselves – amicably, peacefully and harmoniously. We are told to respect, adhere, be loyal and be faithful to those in authority – and those in authority have but to follow the teachings and examples of our Great Prophet, our books, The History, and Stories narrated to us. I for one like the way some of the new-born-Christians like to think when problems arise – what would Jesus (Prophet Issa) do in such an occasion or situation?

We need to think like that to solve many of our problems that we have now – that are not only getting bigger by the day, but are even spilling over – and causing more divisions, splits,  disasters, malaise and destructions. The losers are everybody. We must think and act for ourselves – not listen, obey, copy or emulate those that pretend to be our friends and well-wishers (spare us!) – Unquote!

E –– Live and Let Live! – We Want To Live Too! – January 19th 2009

 This is what I had said – Quote – There is this Palestinian woman crying ruefully and emphatically why they are getting this raw and bad treatment from the Israelis and what did they do to deserve such a treatment the innocent babies, children, women and old peoples that had bore the brunt of the fatalities, injuries, harm and damage from a most powerful Aggressor State that came into being set up by outsiders to the conflict – and driving away the original inhabitants from their homes so other peoples could come in to occupy their land and homes.

Supposedly from the same peoples who were victims of annihilation and massacre in the holocaust, whilst supposedly god fearing peoples who created the pariah state looked the  other way – whilst Hitler and his thugs did their dirty works on a whole human race? And why? Because they were not human beings but an inferior race that had taken control of their economy and economic power, and had to be done in and to be massacred and to be annihilated in what was nothing but simple a holocaust.

Yet the same victims are now doing the very same thing that the Nazis had done to them, and from peoples that were the only ones in History that had accepted the Jews as equals and amongst their midst, as Believers in God and Peoples of The Books (Torah) mentioned too in their Holy Book The Quran. Peoples that were considered to be as ‘First Cousins’ and descendants of the same Great Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim – Peace Be Upon Him) – the greatest esteemed and respected Prophet that is mentioned in all the 5 prayers of Muslims.

But then the Western powers including Russia wanted to get rid of the Jews amongst their midst, and what better way than the tool of ethnic cleansing and put them in a land that
belonged to others now – and that they had left behind for better pastures – only that they raise some much anger, animosity and hatreds from others to the extent that peoples feel like strangling them or do them all harm and pain that they are now vetting on others/

There is now so much anger in the streets in the Arab and Muslim World (even in civilized societies, if not their governments). This spells only more troubled and dangerous waters ahead, and in increases in extremism and hatreds – and even from peoples that are  supposed – as the labels go – as flexible and moderate – and ‘our friends and supporters’.
The tragic and sad facts are that this includes now even the children from the Arabic and Islamic world that see their brothers and sisters butchered in Gaza – and feel and care for their plights, miseries and tragedies. Forget the elders for awhile.

This will spell only more hatreds, animosities, extremism and fundamentalism for the future – and for future relationships between peoples and faiths of the world = and between
countries too. Peoples are now asking questions that they had never asked before or taken for granted – even in Oman. Questions that have come out of anger, desperation, impotence, fury – and hatred and animosities. Questions that could erode friendships and kind and good intentions, character, welcome and pleasantness taken for sure and granted for so long.

Some uncaring and unscrupulous elements have even being saying wrong and unethical and uncalled for remarks – perhaps when they are alone or in closed trusting circles. But like I  have said so Many times before – a secret is well kept inside you only; when you share it
with another (even one) it no longer becomes a secret. The point to remember is this – you cannot trust everybody, and what you really think or feel has always a way of coming out in the open.

Do not take things for surety and for permanency – do not take peoples for granted – and  certainly do not patronize or generalize. And certainly do not rub peoples the wrong way,
especially when they are upset, angry and furious. Besides the paramount and important thing to remember is that Gaza are our brothers in race and religion – and when it comes to making a choice, everyone should know which side would be selected and win. That is for sure and for certainty. I advise and caution everyone to be just careful, tactful and diplomatic –  especially now with raised emotions, angry and fury.

This poor Palestinian woman was crying plaintively and tragically – Where is the rest of our brothers and sisters? Don’t they see what is happening to us? Why are they quiet? Why are
they not doing anything? Where are our leaders? Is this what is happening to us now they like? Or are they with the enemy? Don’t we deserve to live too – in peace and as human beings ought to live – like in the rest of the world? Why are these things continuously only happening to us- she cried again – with a baby in her arms, and with her other children  following her.

Where are those great Arab leaders that we have read about in Arab History? We are simple peoples; we do not fire rockets at anyone. Why are we being shot at? Another had said – Our
countries have always been divided – so what is happening is nothing new? Lady – so many questions – but I have no answers to give you now. But I promise you this one – I will forward your questions – and ask the rest of the world to know – and perhaps may have answers for you? Hopefully – and let us pray together lady.

Also see these – Children as young as 2 being shot at the back at close range, and yet are smiling after her operation. A UN Security Resolution completely ignored. A UN Building and
Officials being bombed at shot at And food shelters? Even The UN General Secretary was visibly upset. Targeting and shooting at Journalists

Like I have said so many times before, and I will say it one more time. It is all so easy to join the silent majority – and not show care, feelings or the need to say it or speak out – and
join the silent majority and in turning off or switching off too. Without any further expressed emotions – and let it all burn quietly inside like the cinder fire – burning slowly till it burst out and explode – as it is bound to do – eventually!

Like I have said also before also – everyone is responsible for each one’s action, or inaction. Everyone is also responsible for the people under you, and who have put trust, faith and hopes on you – that is for sure, That is whoever you are – and in whatever role that you are in – Unquote.

F –       Rising Islamophobia – especially in The West and ‘Changing Friends Alliances’ – A Worsing Phenomenon!

 I was attending this party ran at home by an Indian Company CEO that I did some Project work with them. There were two sets of tables – One was for Vegetarian food (as many there were Hindus – and some still practicing!)  And the other was Non Vegetarian food. As I likes Dhaal (curry type) I thought I would visit too the Vegetarian one! Everyone looked at me as if I was a ‘fish out of water’ though I had made a point not to take any meat potions on my plate!

It surprised me to see from what I presumed to be more expensive porcelain and utensils at this table – rather than the one I just came from!  I made a big booboo later on when I passed to look into the kitchen – I had never before seen such disdain and hostile looks from The Host in my life before – yet this same man calls Oman as his second home! Some of his associates were even Omani citizens too! Then I noticed the bias and the prejudices – though I had suspected existed before for a long time too!

Rising Islamophobia

According to Wikipedia and although the term is widely recognized and used, it has not been without much controversy in itself and the use of the word.

Islamophobia is prejudice against, hatred or fear of Islam or Muslims. The term seems to date back to the late 1980s but came into common usage after the September 11 2001 attacks in the United States

Islamophobia as the “dread or hatred of Islam and therefore, to the fear and dislike of all Muslims,” stating that it also refers to the practice of discriminating against Muslims by excluding them from the economic, social, and public life of the nation. It includes the perception that Islam has no values in common with other cultures, is inferior to the West and is a violent political ideology rather than a religion

A perceived trend of increasing “Islamophobia” during the 2000s has been attributed by some
commentators to the September 11 attacks, while others associate it with the rapidly growing Muslims populations in the Western world, especially in Western Europe, due to both mmigration and high fertility rate In May 2002, the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC), a European Union watchdog, released a report entitled “Summary report on Islamophobia in the EU after 11 September 2001”, which described an increase in Islamophobia-related incidents in European member states post-9/11.

USA Republican Presidential Hopefuls – see what they say!

 1          Newt Gingrich compares NYC Islamic community centre to “Nazis” putting a “sign next to the Holocaust museum”

2          Herman Cain: If I’m President I Won’t Appoint Muslim Judges or Cabinet Members

When asked if he would be comfortable appointing a Muslim to be a federal judge or a member of his cabinet, Cain confidently replied: “No, I will not. And here’s why. There is this creeping attempt, there is this attempt to gradually ease Sharia law and the Muslim faith into our government. It does not belong in our government. This is what happened in Europe. And little by little, to try and be politically correct, they made this little change, they made this little change. And now they’ve got a social problem that they don’t know what to do with hardly.”

Although he’s unlikely to apologize, since he said “I feel the way I feel,” might a clarification of this statement be in order? Later Cain also said, “I get upset when the Muslims in this country, some of them, try to force their Sharia law onto the rest of us.” Yet if Cain understands the distinction here, that most Muslims are not forcing Sharia law, then why does he still insist on banning all Muslims from his administration?

3          USA Right Wing Watch reports that US Christian bigot Pat Robertson has once again attacked Muslims, by comparing them to Nazis. “Why is it bigoted to resist Adolf Hitler and the Nazis and to say we don’t want to live under Nazi Germany?” Robertson asked.”But oh it’s bigoted if we speak out against a force that is slowly but surely trying to exercise domination over the world.”

4       UK warned against Rising Islamophobia

 Islamophobia is on the rise in Britain with a total of 762 confirmed Islamophobic offences reported in London alone since April 2009, says a British Muslim council.

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) told the council’s Annual General Assembly (AGB) in Birmingham on Sunday that “robust action” is needed to counter Islamophobic attacks including assaults on Muslims, vandalizing mosques and desecrating graves, the daily The Independent reported.

Britain’s largest Muslim organization is urging “robust action” against Islamophobic attacks as more violence and hate crimes remain unreported in the country.

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) is worried over the “ethnic profiling” of Muslims as they are 42 times more likely to be stopped and detained by the police under the Terrorism Act.

In an address to the council’s AGM in Birmingham, MCB secretary general Farooq Murad will say crimes targeted at Muslims including violent assaults, death threats and desecration of graves need to be tackled.

MCB secretary-general Farooq Murad said that minorities in the UK are 42 times more likely to be targeted under the Terrorism Act.

He challenged the “ethnic profiling” of British Muslim community, calling for anti-Muslim crimes to be monitored more evidently to encourage communities to report crimes to the police.

The calls, supported by leading academics, a counter-terrorist think-tank and Muslim groups, come as the Metropolitan Police confirmed a total of 762 Islamophobic offences in London since April 2009, including 333 in 2010/11 and 57 since this April.

A spokesman said the Met was aware of “significant” under-reporting of hate crime, and acknowledged “missed opportunities” to keep victims safe.

“Islamophobic attacks, on persons and properties, are committed by a tiny minority, but the number of incidents is increasing. Robust action is necessary and this means we must have a systematic manner of recording, monitoring and analysing such attacks. Only a small number of police forces record anti-Muslim hate crimes”, said Murad.

 I rest my case. Live and Let Live – before it is too late for everyone! Please reread
my all article once again – just so you have the messages being sent with this
article today of mine!

 By – Majid Al Suleimany






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