Learning To Let Go! Reply

July 1, 2011

Learning To Let Go!

Yesterday June 30th Wednesday on the Holiday of Ascension I received this sad news of the death of my cousin Saleh Masoud Nasser (Al Suleimany) in Tanzania. May Allah rest his soul in eternal peace in this world and the next Amin – and open the highest of Heavens for him Amin.

Those who believe in such things may say he went on to meet his late father and mother – and the 14 year old son he missed so much after the boy was hospitalized for months and finally left for his heavenly abode a few months back Since the boy had died the father was not the same again. He blamed himself for the death of his son and not being in a good financial position to help his son.

Like the East Africans like to say ‘kuchonga uso’ – literally meaning carving up one’s face – he went around asking help from all friends, relatives and people he knew – to not much avail and comfort. The treatment of his son was eating his heart out – to see your son suffering in the hospital and in so much pain and hurt – and there was hardly anything he could do to help his son and to alleviate his situation and predicament.

There is this expression – only the wearer of the shoes knows where it pinches! I wrote about his case in my column – dated May 2nd 2011 – Remember The Poor(er) Relatives! – I said – Quote – Last two weeks back; I got a frantic and desperate call from my relative living in Tanzania asking from me financial help and assistance for medical bills (talk of the blind leading the blind!) – Because his 14 year old son was dying in hospital due to both failed kidneys.

Not lucky like us Omanis (Thank God!) for getting free medical services and treatment! In the Eastern African lingo there is an expression – with its literal translation in English – that goes on like this – ‘To carve up your face’ – that is meant to go out to ask for help (financially and materially!) from others – which I too was bound to do for the sake of the boy at least!

The Full Article Is Here – http://www.betweenusonly.com/?paged=12

Actually, the amount was almost negligible and just amounted to Omani Rials One Hundred – (US Dollars 300). I went around frantically looking to help him – but all I met from those I had approached were open stares and indifference – as if nobody was hearing me – as I knew I was talking rather emotionally and highly charged too!

By the time I was able to get some money to send to him – the news came next day that the poor boy had died in great pain. And the poor family’s great traumatic stress and desperation – because they could not afford the medicines – and to ‘let the child go away’ in peace and in comfort! – Unquote.

One of the Indian fans decided to insult me instead that – I a great writer did not have US Dollars 300 to send to my relative. My first impulse and gut feeling was to give him ‘a piece of my mind’ that he will never forget for the rest of his life – but I resisted the urge!

 Lately, I have learnt that there is no point in saying anything further – like in my last article – Learning to be Silent Now – and let things take their natural designated routes – and my head hurts a lot banging it against brick walls and people determined not to hear me – or give me the chances and opportunities I deserve.

I leave all these to Allah (God) SWT only now! Like the Titanic ship heading to icebergs – nothing you can do to stop its designated doom and fate! But the death of my cousin though is God’s Will has made me realise that people can never change – you cannot remove spots from a leopard – or stripes from a tiger either. Admittedly there are good fish (apples) in each basket – but so far I have been pulling out bad eggs (fish).

May Allah (God) be with you and your family – Amin.

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany