Reactions Received – Learning To Let Go! Reply

Reactions Received – Learning To Let Go!

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1      Brother Majed – May Allah bless your cousin and take him to paradise. Amin

 I did once curve up my face! My brother did a failure hip operation in University Hospital which led to a hip replacement. After everything my mother asked me to collect donations from her very rich brothers and other surrounded rich and very rich relatives to take him to Germany… I urged her that the time you lived in has passed!! But I will give it the shot, so I started approaching those very close rich relatives…

 Majed, they said no problem we will donate, so they keep calling me daily asking me this question ‘ How much you collected till today??!!’ then I decided to stop picking up the phone when they call, so it was the chance… They disappeared!!’ ,, few of those very rich relative sent to my mom 380 Rials !!! Collected from 4 persons!!! I returned them back after awhile!!!

 My wife noticed me angry and worried that I don’t have sufficient money to take my brother to do the very urgent operation .. She approached her friends and collected more than 3000 Rials , but still I need to top up the budget with additional 6 thousands in addition to my 3000 thousands ..!! I failed collecting the money from very very close rich relatives!!

Alhamdulillah Allah sent to me a doctor friend who arranged for him a great consultant Orthopaedic who did the operation successfully in Khoulah .. Then I returned all the money
collected which curved my face and my wife’s face too!!

 Thank you brother for keeping me up to date with your new wisdoms …Omani Engineer

 2      Salaams! Sorry for the loss of your cousin.

It is sad to hear that tragic story. This has happened to many people who were seriously ill and still have relatives who were financially sound but were reluctant to help

 But we sometimes are good in blaming relatives and branding them as heartless but we really don’t know anything about their financial conditions.

Many people here live beyond their means. They take loans to show off while in fact they are full of debts and problems. So we shouldn’t be negative all times.

What is written as you said, we have no control over it. Let it be as it is. God knows what is best for us all. Best Wishes – Omani Lady Fan.

 3      Salaams!- This is a good teaching Majid.

 If everyone reads and relates to their lives, the would be a better place to live.  It’s shame
to see many people are very greedy and think those who donate have money. They don’t know that giving is not that one  is wealthy but it has a heart of compassion.

Keep on spreading the message. It might touch someone’s heart and change  for the better. The credit will always be yours!

Keep It Up!  – Another Omani Lady Fan.

 4      Dear Majid, Good Morning and Wishing you a peaceful Friday.

 It was very sad to know about the demise of your cousin and his son.  Insha Allah they will rest in heaven.

 I have nothing to comment on people behaviors’ when it comes to financial assistance, I can only pray to Allah to ease the situation of those who are less fortunate than us – Omani GM (Lady)

 5      I fully agree with you – but it is very sad really.

 I was surprised to see the reactions from people like you said. It seems to be is a Common Big Problem now in Oman and from many peoples too. Omani HR Professional

 6      What can one say ALR….

Thank you – Love everything you said J — Omani Lady Engineer

 7      Thanks for the article

I know and feel what you say here. Frankly you worry too much about others – but no one worries about you! But I guess you will always remain as Majid. Allah Kareem. Sad though! – Omani Friend.

 8       I fully agree with you!

Family and close ones are the most stingy ones as if it cannot happen to them. Your
example is the best one.

 One very rich friend said he will help me in my case too. I went to his office expecting so much money he gave me 20 OMR! I was so much embarrassed. He put in an envelope otherwise I would have given him back as I had left his Office He has so much money – but heart is all dark and empty! Allah Kareem – Keep in touch! – A Relative.

9      Dear Majid – Please be happy as much as you can!

Here we are in the world in transit only – and being happy is a great cure! We human beings all make mistakes – there is no one who is perfect.

Let us pray for each other for blessings and good tidings only! Al Israj Greeting – Family Member (Lady)

 10      Some too Confidential to reproduce… END.