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Learning From Each Other!

It may really surprise, shock and awe – and amaze many people to realise that you can learn so many things from each other’s society and backgrounds if you just do take the keen initiative and interest to do so! Sometimes we just copy and emulate from ‘certain quarters and circles’ that we think and analyse as already being ‘more advanced and developed – more modern’ – and by the same conclusion and gesture we consider others ‘as still developing and behind’ – even in comparisons to our own – and feel and think that there is nothing there to learn or gain! And how wrong we can be in such comparisons and conclusions!

1 – The Monkeys (Baboons) Story – Have you heard of the monkeys’ (baboons’) story? There is this monkey (baboon) climbing up the tree – and he hears great laughter emanating from below. It turns its head around to notice fellow baboons (monkeys) on the floor laughing hysterically and uncontrollably. So it comes down and asks – what gives – and is met with more mirth and laughter. Then one of the monkey (baboon) whispers something to its ears – and it shouts back – No! I am not! So the elder and more wiser of the lot tells it – Ok – you go again and climb the tree. It does – and meets more than ever uncontrollable and hysterical laughter – this time with clapping and ever more mirth and gestures! The climbing monkey shies away – and hides its head in great shame and embarrassment! *** What was this monkey told?  Tip – Those in glass houses should not throw stones! Anyway – Please read on

2 – The Ali Baba Story – We have all heard of the story of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves! But have you thought and considered this point? Now that Ali Baba has all the money and gold and can assume some respect and hero ship at last – because though he has all the money and wealth now – bottom line he got all the money and wealth by stealing from others! Those of you who have watched The Godfather movies series will grasp at the point that I want to make – how the Godfather is all so respected, esteemed and adhered to because of the stolen money and wealth – and murdering others too even! You must have heard also of ‘Protection Payments’ to the Godfathers and The Mafias – if you do not pay, fall in line and be submissive to have your ‘properties and belongings’ protected – they will come down hard on you – and destroy not only it but can even hurt, damage and even kill you and your family in the process!

Though there are not that many films like The Godfathers – Ali Baba can even be more ruthless and cruel to especially new entrants or challengers to his sphere and area of influence and operation – and like the Mafias too can have ‘The Laws’ look at the other way whilst the victims are harassed and butchered. We have seen these films of ‘rogue elements’ even supporting The Mafias (and Ali Baba) from the inside!

3 – The Trouble-Maker Story – I was watching this Religious sermon by one great Islamic Scholar – a Dr. Mohammed Salah in Al Huda Television. He was narrating this story of our Great Prophet – PBUH. The  Great Prophet (PBUH) saw this very old woman carrying a heavy load all by herself. So he went to her and helped carry it for her for her for quite a distance to her home.

When she reached there – she told the Great Prophet – I am a poor person – I do not have any money or present to give you. Despite protestations that it was all right and it was his duty to do so – the old woman went on – You are such a nice well-behaved son – you came to help me whilst everyone else was ignoring me! But all I can give you is some ‘good advice to help you in your life. She went on – Again thank you now, young man. You have really been so kind. That generosity and smile is very rare to find now a days. Let me give you some advice, since you’ve been so very nice to me. Stay away from Muhammad. Don’t heed his word or emulate his way. If you do, you will never have true peace, and all you will find is trouble.”

The Great Prophet PBUH turned around to the old lady and said – I am very sorry My Mother – but I am  that Muhammad that you are just talking about now. To this it was said she later converted to become a Muslim – and accepted the faith. Now if it was any other one of our Youth nowadays – the old woman would be insulted – and even be beaten up too – that is – if anyone will come forward to help her carry the load in the first place!

My Last Week ArticleBeing Arrogant In Life!ISee it here –  repeat the theme and message .

Just to paraphrase a few lines – There is nothing so dangerous and damaging in life – than a person who is always very proud, conceited, arrogant, ‘too much know’, haughty and vain. Arrogance, Pride and Conceit are so dangerous that in the Holy Quran it says that if people acquire these foul traits – then these traits they become a part of their nature – and they become always proud, conceited, rebellious and vain. The ironical and sad part is that not all such people are in positions of power and in authority – could be even in reality be in the ‘lower levels in society’ themselves – but they still think their opposite is ‘a lower person’ – or ‘untouchable’ even! Speaking down to others from a higher pedestal – or high horse!.

Take Care!

***  The Monkeys Story – It Said – ‘You are all open behind’ – and the other monkeys think and do not see it in themselves too!

By Majid Al Suleimany

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