End of The Element of Fear! Reply

With some time on my hands I was browsing the Internet and went to this site


It really provides interesting readings.

The Tunisian Hero To The Arab Uprisings and Revolutions.

Mohamed Bouaziz (aka Basboosa) set himself on fire (self-immolation) on 17th December 2010

According to Bouazizi’s mother – Rania Abouzeid – Mohamed Bouazizi undertook his desperate drastic action because he had been humiliated, not because of the family’s poverty. “It got to him deep inside, it hurt his pride,” she said, referring to the police harassment. – and being slapped by a woman Police Officer Fadia Hamdi!

Portrait of Mohamed Bouaziz

Tunisian Protestors – Below in France Supporters


The Slapping Woman Police Officer Fadia Hamdi!

I think we in the Arab World especially have short memories of The End of The Element of Fear and Harrassments – and need to be reminded now and again – and especially just few days ago of The Richest Arab Ruler of The World Ghaddaffi kept for sale like a frozen fish in the fish market!

But will we learn? No – that is the Arab Tragedy for you! People will never learn until they suffer personally for what they have done – or allowed to run and in inaction.

Simply put – People are no longer afraid anymore! The Losers will be EVERYBODY!

Allah (God) Protect and Preserve us all – Amin.


Majid Al Suleimany