People Need To Change Now! Before It Is Too Late!! Reply

At My Workplace!

People Need To Change Now!

Always Making Things Hard, Difficult, Complicated and Complex To Others – It Is Time For People To Take Notice And To Change Now!

This is the sad bitter truth. People are suffering and are so sad and unhappy – and fed up to the tilt!

  As I had said last week – I do not know if the situation has now gone that bad and desperate – or simply people have given up hopes or in desperation – but I now get regularly people coming to me to write about their issues and cases. This is at a rapid and alarming rate – even for me! Besides, I am not paid that much to fall under this category – or as an Investigative Researching Journalist!

Despite all the so-called much publicised and advertised ‘we now have’ advances like The Internet, Web Pages and direct on line applications – there are still some places in Oman – particularly in The Public Sector – where if you have a problem or issue – you will start looking for Wastah (Influence) before you go and take up your issue there!

Everybody there is a Big Boss and they make the rules as they see fit – and who is facing them! If they do not like your looks – or the way you speak – or the way you carry yourself – the things are made more hard and difficult to you and you feel like going without if you only could – or start desperately to get Wastah all over again!

The other day I had an appointment to see a Doctor in one Public Hospital. The Filipina Nurse was taking me to see him as he was waiting inside for me. Guess the rude remark from a young Official best translated into English – And you? Where do you think you are going? This even upset the Filipina nurse who retorted – Don’t you see he is with me? And you should learn to speak to people better than this – as I have told you before! Besides, this man can even be your father by age – if not grandfather!

You go to a public place with your request and almost plea and beg! All you meet are blank faces stares – as if you do not exist! Try to raise your voice in protest – that is great danger and calamity for you – if your situation will not get only worse and more difficult for you – and if your application will just disappear and vanish even!

Sometimes you deal with one person – and things seem to go well – only to be interfered and interrupted by someone else you are not talking to even – and why should he be left out to show he too is the Big Boss of that place! You wonder out aloud – if this person became equivalent to a Supervisor or Manager position – how he (or she!) would behave and act towards others?

It is so frightening and scary – to say the least! Yet we all know the troubles in all the Arab World today started with the self-immolation of Mohamed BuaAzizi in Tunisia when he could not earn his living selling fruits and vegetables – and being slapped in the process by a Police woman – the greatest insult for an Arab man – and failing to get re-address to his grievances. We cannot isolate ourselves from the rest of the world – as we too have seen events all around us even!

I think it is high time an Ombudsman Committee was set up for Good Governance to report – even anonymously ‘blow the whistle’ way of those few public officials who deal erratically and haphazardly with the General Public – and as a lesson to others to be removed from their posts also!

As a first step we should remove this element of refusing letters and certificates from Private Hospitals and Clinics – and if their Doctors are corrupt and tell lies – then all the Private Hospitals and Clinics in Oman should be shut down – and leave only The Public Hospital Doctors – because only they speak the truth – and do not tell lies – or are not corrupt! If I am being treated in a Private Hospital – why do you need me to go again to go to a Public Hospital to get certificates from them? It makes neither sense nor logic!

And Public Institutions and State Apparatuses like the Central Bank and some Ministries like Manpower and others should review critically and pragmatically all such issues and aspects – and make things more easier and convenient – and ensure in removing all those things and aspects that are red tape and bureaucracy – and that make things hard, difficult, complicated and complex for the citizens and residents alike. Only we cannot change the Holy Quraan – because it is God’s words – but the rest we surely can. 

 I hope and pray sanity, pragmatism, sense and dynaism would prevail!

We need to wake up from this slumber – before it is too late for everyone! PLEASE! Take Care!

 By: Majid Al Suleimany

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