Books by Majid Al Suleimany – The Omani Author, Writer, Columnist and Publisher. Reply

Books by Majid Al Suleimany – The Omani Author, Writer, Columnist and Publisher.

A The Arab Management Books (English)

Please visit my above websites for books in Arab Management issues and aspects – and as written in English.

There are few books as such written in English and published by the Arab locals themselves – and in this style and format from a personal perspective – and in deep self conscience, criticism, analysis and review.

The First Book – Psychology of Arab Management Thinking – was published in January 2009 Context and Perspectives – Arabian Management Series.

The Second Book – A Cry For Help! – published in September 2009 – Context and Perspectives – Arabian Management Series.

A Cry For Help! sort of foretold and prophesied The Arab Awakening and Uprisings – by highlighting the issues and aspects that were also revealed by The Arab Youth cries and grievances – mainly centred on jobs, their outlooks, their participation – and need for involvement – and their future – and for their destiny and legacy.

Psychology book critically reviewed shortfalls and out comings in Arab Management – and ways and means to improve and in changes required to overcome – and to be seen as successful and in winning!

The books are written from a personal perspective and context covering the Author’s over 35 years as a Management and Human Resources Professional, Expert, Advisor and Advisor in Oman and GCC.

Books published in USA by Trafford –

Both books available in eBooks format

B Between Us Only! Series Books.

You will also find Between Us Only! Series books from The Oman Daily Observer Columns for the last 11 years covering interesting wide varied and relevant subjects and topics – both local, Arab, GCC and International.

Books also in English.

Between Us Only! – The Sequel – Between Us Only! – and Short Takes – Between Us Only!

Books published in USA by Trafford –

The First book was published in Oman. Short Takes have emotional short stories with pictures and caricatures.

C Books Ordering

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In Oman books are available at Family Bookshop Medinat Al Qaboos and at WHSmith (The Wave).

In UAE at Magrudys and Jashanamal – by ordering only!

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Arab Management – Reality or Mirage? Reply


Arab Management – Reality or Mirage?


Arab Management – Reality or Mirage?

Despite all that has been happening so far – in the Arab Management arena – nothing has changed much – so far!

In the offices there are still red tapes, bureaucracies, bias, prejudices, subjectiveness, rigidness, no-change-outlooks, dogmas, fixed and rigid ideas, polarisation differences.

Decisions still take long to make – and they are always against the poor, weak and those in sufferance.

The Top Managers are aloof and indifferent – do-not-touch-me-or-come-near-me approaches and styles – with bigger incomes, benefits and fringe benefits. In others are no changes at all. People are suffering in silent protests and disquiet – like a cinder fire – until it burst out unexpectedly – as has already happened!

I cried – and wrote the book in 2009 and as published – one year BEFORE the Arab Spring Uprisings! I cautioned and warned – to no avail!

Only now things will get more worse! Than ever before!

Napoleon said – Do not interefere with someone set to destroy himself!’

Or the Romans said – Those that the gods want to destroy make them not see, hear or speak!

Or nearer at home – There is noone so blind but with eyes but cannot see – deaf with ears but cannot speak – and noone so dumbe but with a mouth – but cannot speak!

Or still – you cannot remove a tiger’s stripes pr a leopard’s dots (spots)!!

It is the more worse in public places – noone hears you!

Allag God Protect and Preserve us all – Amen Amin

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