Arab Management – Reality or Mirage? Reply


Arab Management – Reality or Mirage?


Arab Management – Reality or Mirage?

Despite all that has been happening so far – in the Arab Management arena – nothing has changed much – so far!

In the offices there are still red tapes, bureaucracies, bias, prejudices, subjectiveness, rigidness, no-change-outlooks, dogmas, fixed and rigid ideas, polarisation differences.

Decisions still take long to make – and they are always against the poor, weak and those in sufferance.

The Top Managers are aloof and indifferent – do-not-touch-me-or-come-near-me approaches and styles – with bigger incomes, benefits and fringe benefits. In others are no changes at all. People are suffering in silent protests and disquiet – like a cinder fire – until it burst out unexpectedly – as has already happened!

I cried – and wrote the book in 2009 and as published – one year BEFORE the Arab Spring Uprisings! I cautioned and warned – to no avail!

Only now things will get more worse! Than ever before!

Napoleon said – Do not interefere with someone set to destroy himself!’

Or the Romans said – Those that the gods want to destroy make them not see, hear or speak!

Or nearer at home – There is noone so blind but with eyes but cannot see – deaf with ears but cannot speak – and noone so dumbe but with a mouth – but cannot speak!

Or still – you cannot remove a tiger’s stripes pr a leopard’s dots (spots)!!

It is the more worse in public places – noone hears you!

Allag God Protect and Preserve us all – Amen Amin

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