Helping To Build Masjids (Mosques) in Tanzania! Reply

Helping To Build Masjids (Mosques) in Tanzania!

Not only in mosques but others also like in digging water wells, social centres and to assist in programmes for The Needy, Helpless, Hungry and The Desperate.

See my article in www.majidall.com

Others there too!

Our family are proud to have contributed – amongst others – to build this Masjid – Mosque – in the village of Kirongwe in Mafia Island in Tanzania.

This is the place that we grew up with and as mentioned in my books – and in my columns as above.

Please see the Photos – and the happy proud people inside. Hopefully we can all learn from all these to be better human beings – see my previous Post here too.

Masjid is now in use in this Holy Month of Fasting!


Masjid Images.

Best Wishes and Regards – Ramadhan Kareem!

Majid Al Suleimany

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