His Majesty Exhorts Qualitative Shift 2

His Majesty Exhorts Qualitative Shift

Tue, 01 November 2011

Work relentlessly for success of national plans

 Stresses government-private sector co-ordination

– High priority to HR development and education 

Lays greater emphasis on opportunities for youth

By Fahmy bin Khalid al Harthy – The Oman Daily Observer – November 1st 2011

HIS Majesty Sultan Qaboos presided over the opening of the 5th term of the Majlis Oman yesterday. His Majesty the Sultan said in a historic Royal address to the nation that Oman’s Shura experiment has been developed in a manner of progress meant to lay firm foundations and stable pillars that will ensure its natural growth, while at the same time meeting the requirements of each phase of national action and responding to the community’s needs.

His Majesty the Sultan noted that many notable achievements were made along the path of this blessed experience, the Sultanate’s Renaissance. In this respect His Majesty said, “We express our thanks for the efforts exerted in this regard and we are looking forward to a qualitative shift in national work which will be carried out by the Majlis Oman during the upcoming period in the light of the expanded powers given to it in legislative and auditing fields.”

Voicing this confidence, His Majesty the Sultan said, “Omanis are well-qualified to be an example and a model for others to follow in this age of rapid development and progress, and they are also capable of coping with the challenges of the modern age, and adopting every new enlightened idea, benefiting from sciences and new technology.

“We have always affirmed our continued attention to the development of human resources and we said that these resources take top priority in our plans and programmes.

“The forthcoming stage will witness bigger attention and greater care to provide more opportunities for the youth.”

Comment – One of HM best speeches in my mind! Majid Al Suleimany I Love This Man!

Graft will be rooted out: HM

MANAH Corruption will be rooted out from the administrative system and the youth will be given greater attention with job opportunities and a role in contributing to the development march, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said told the Council of Oman at Hisn Al Shumoukh in the Wilayat of Manah in Al Dakhiliyah Governorate on Tuesday.

Delivering the Royal speech while opening the Council’s fifth term for 2011, His Majesty urged the Council to carry out its responsibilities efficiently with the expanded powers in the legislative and auditing fields.

“We are looking forward to a qualitative shift in national work, which will be carried out by the Council of Oman during the upcoming period in the light of the expanded powers given to it in the legislative and auditing fields. There is no doubt that the challenges are enormous, but we are quite confident that all members of the Council will play their role in leading the country to prosperity,” His Majesty said.

His Majesty said corruption will be rooted out from the administrative system.

“We instruct our government to take all necessary measures to prevent corruption and we direct all the audit authorities to fulfil their duties resolutely in this regard with the full force of the law,” His Majesty said.

His Majesty said the youth will be given greater attention. The government has created thousands of jobs in the state sector and was working with the private sector to increase employment opportunities.

His Majesty hoped the Shura Council will develop into a body, which will contribute to the decision-making process.

His Majesty urged the citizens to work tirelessly for a prosperous future.

The role of education in building a responsible and learned society was also stressed.

His Majesty invited the private sector to take greater role in developing human resources.

His Majesty assured all Omanis on freedom of expression but one should not force his opinion on others or suppress the rights of others to express their ideas freely.

The judicial and audit institutions will be upgraded with the aim of reinforcing the state institutions.

“Our support for the judiciary and its independence is a duty to which we have committed ourselves, and we recognise that it is imperative to respect its decisions without favoritism, as all are equal before the law.”

Ministers and heads of civil bodies lauded His Majesty’s speech.

HE Sheikh Mohammed Bin Sa’ayed Al Kalbani, Social Development Minister, said His Majesty stressed the importance of cooperation between public and private institutions and the citizens for the development of the country.

Her Excellency Rawiyah Bint Saud Al Busaidiah, Minister of Higher Education, said the speech asserts the strategic views to promote and update the universities.

HE Sheikh Khaled Bin Omar Bin Said Al Marhoun, Minister of Civil Services, said the speech encourages everyone to do his best in order to take part in the development march.

HE Dr Yahya Bin Mahfoudh Al Mantheri, Chairman of the State Council, expressed his thanks and appreciation for His Majesty for opening the Council of Oman. He said His Majesty’s speech will inspire the citizens to contribute to national development.

HE Khalid Bin Hilal Al Ma’awali, Chairman of the Shura Council, said the Shura Council and its members will do their best and proceed as per the message of the speech.

HE Khalil Bin Abdullah Al Khonji, Chairman of Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI), lauded the speech and assured the private sector’s support and cooperation to the government.

The session was attended by Their Highnesses, the chairmen of the State Council and Shura Council, ministers, advisers, commanders of the Sultan’s Armed Forces and Royal Oman Police, honourable members of the State Council and Shura Council, heads of diplomatic missions accredited to the Sultanate, sheikhs, dignitaries, editor-in-chiefs of Oman News Agency and local newspapers and representatives of the media from the sisterly and friendly countries.

Oman News Agency

How To Get My Books In Oman! Reply

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Introduction To The Author.

Majid Al Suleimany is an Author. Majid is also a columnist for The Oman Daily Observer. He is a management and human resources expert, consultant, and professional. Married with four children, retired – he lives in Oman.

He was congratulated for his first article, My Most Vivid Dream, by The Aga Khan in 1960s in Tanzania. He wrote for Petroleum Development Oman – PDO Al Fahal Magazine. Two articles, A New Outlook On Omanisation and Stray Thoughts On Traffic, were reproduced by The Times of Oman, where he used to be a contributor.

He returned to The Oman Daily Observer as a weekly columnist writing Between Us Only! and At My Workplace! He is also a Columnist with KOM – Knowledge Oman – Society Speaks! He is now writing a book titled Sinking Deeper – No Money? No Honey!

Books Published (Five)

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From Dr. Richard Pettinger (UCLA) – London Global University 1

From Dr. Richard Pettinger (UCLA) – London Global University

August 25th 2011.

Omani Arab Author of Five Books – Two in Arab Management! –   www.majidbooks.com

Dear Majid,

The University expresses its many thanks for being in touch – and is a huge pleasure and privilege and a great honour. You have a brilliant and star colossal range of achievements – and must be congratulated.

We will order your books here and it will be a very great pleasure to read them.

We have here a very heavily Western/UK/USA perspective on management and we have to address this because it is very limiting for us and for our students and for our companies and organisations also.

We will get your works in here and add them to our Reference Reading lists – it will be very good for us to have such authoritative very good stuff like this from elsewhere in the world to add to our Management fields and references –
and not just from UK and USA.

Dr. Richard Pettinger (UCLA) – Professor – Management Studies – London Global University UK.


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– Dr. Richard is himself the Author of many books in Management at Global University UK (UCLA).


The Life and Death of Sheikh Nasser al Bualy Reply

The Life and Death of Sheikh Nasser al Bualy 

Features – The Oman Daily Observer – Mon, 01 August 2011


Sheikh Nasser Seif Ali al Bualy was born on January 9, 1925 in Tanzania (Dar-es-Salaam). He lived in
Dar-es-Salaam and Zanzibar until the age of fifteen, then he was sent to Baghdad, Iraq to complete his scondary school and university education. He graduated from Baghdad University in 1954, with a degree in Economics.

Nasser al Bualy worked in Baghdad Broadcasting for one year. In 1955 he returned to Zanzibar where he worked as the Director of the Ministry of Information until 1967. After the revolution of 1964 in Zanzibar, Nasser al Bualy had to move to Dar-es-Salaam in 1967 due to hardship of life

In Dar-es-Salaam, he worked for a short period of time. He went to Abu Dhabi, UAE, in early 1969, where he worked as the Director-General of the Ministry of Finance. In 1970, with the starting of the blessed Renaissance in Oman and His Majesty’s Ascension to the throne, Nasser al Bualy returned to his homeland, Oman, to serve his country despite having to take a substantial pay cut. Upon his return, he worked as the Director-General of the Ministry of Information.

Nasser al Bualy played a vital role in helping Omanis who were born in East Africa return to their motherland. In 1973 he was appointed as the first Omani Ambassador to the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, additionally, he was the non-resident Ambassador to some other European countries, and the Dean of the Arab Ambassadors in London. In 1980 he returned to work in Oman at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where he was appointed as the head of the Asian Affairs Department. In 1985 he was appointed as an Adviser at the Diwan of the Royal Court.

On the 8th of August of the same year Nasser al Bualy was relieved of his duties due to health concerns. In  exchange for his servitude to his country, His Majesty the Sultan gifted Shaikh Nasser al Bualy with an official guarantee of financial entitlement for life.

Shaikh Nasser al Bualy is the eldest son of the Pasha Shaikh Seif Ali al Bualy, who as the Prime Minister of the “Mekelle” government (Yemen) 1940. He is also the brother of the late professor Dr Moselem al Bualy who is
renowned in Oman as the “First Man of Immunization”.

On February 25, 1957 Nasser al Bualy got married to Sharifa Mohammed Nasser al Lamki and they have been happily married for over half a century.

They have three children, Ali al Bualy, former Attorney General, Aziza al Bualy a University Graduate and a housewife, and Dr Asyah al Bualy, the current Adviser for Culture and Humanities at the Research Council.

Shaikh Nasser al Bualy passed away on Saturday, July 30, 2011 at 8 am at his private residence in Qurum Heights and he was buried in Al Amerat Cemetery, Muscat. May Allah rest his soul in eternal peace and give his family the strength to bear this great loss.



A Cry For Help! Book Converted To eBook! Reply

A Cry For Help! Book Converted To eBook!

A Cry For Help! Book Converted To eBook!

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