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Between Us Only!


It Is Time To Say Goodbyes!

  • A wise man once said: ‘The skill in attending a party is knowing when it is time to leave’. We built something extraordinary together… and all things must end, and we wanted to do it right, to do it our way – REM lead vocalist Michael Stipe announces the alternative rock band is splitting after 31 years and 15 albums.
  • A farewell is necessary before we can meet again, and meeting again, after moments or a lifetime is certain for those who are friends. Anon
  • True love doesn’t have a happy ending, because true love never ends. Letting go is one way of saying I love you – Anon
  • Sometimes you have to let go to see if there was anything worth holding on to – Anon
  • Set the bird free – if it flies away from you – it was not yours from the beginning! – East African Swahili saying.
  • Do not wake up sleeping dogs, they will wake up – and bite you! – Another East African Swahili expression.
  • This battle may have been lost – but the war is still on ahead – French General after France invaded by Nazi Hitler German army.
  • Sometimes you think you have won; when you have actually lost – and sometimes you think you have lost; when you have actually won! – Anon
  • The usual old games and tricks do not work anymore – because people have gone past the Fear Element now!
  • Do not bite the hand that feeds you – otherwise you will lick the boot that kicks you – Anon
  • If you have something growing for you – keep it, nurture it – let it grow and prosper – do not put sand in your rice cake (food) – (Swahili East African) or spit on your food (Indian). If you do – in the end you yourself cannot eat it anymore!
  • Do not kill the messenger of bad news! – Anon
  • Sincerity and being caring, feeling and genuine are never wasted in the front of God – Arabic

I am one of those fans who had really got hurt and disappointed when The ABBA Swedish music group had decided to close down. The same for the Comedy series Seinfeld and Friends. Also The Oprah shows.

The reason they gave was the same one – when you are still ‘up there’ then it is time to quit!

I watched the film of Titanic as it was being rushed to its utter destruction – as it was being moved towards the icebergs – and despite the protestations of the young captains on board!

I am a sick diabetic person 63 years old – with eyesight and glaucoma problems. I am now continuously feeling a lot of pressures – and getting my face always bloodied – and my head swollen – as I bang it against brick walls! Nobody is hearing me – and I always end as the victim – because people do not want to hear the truth – and find evil and devious ways and means to ‘get back at me’!

I simply cannot now continue to handle the pressures I used to be able to do in the past – especially being out all alone there – and abandoned without any support and backing!

Things that have seemed to have been settled are being revived just to put me in a corner – and to silence me!

I have been writing for the last 8 years – and on the same subjects and topics – and I keep writing – again and again! I am writing more as a hobby – something that I like to do! Nothing more or less! The money is peanuts – if and when it comes in!

The Romans had said – Those that the gods are out to destroy make them not see, hear or speak. Or as we Arabs say – There is no one so blind but with eyes but cannot see; no one so deaf but with ears but cannot hear; and no one so dumb but with a mouth but cannot speak!

Or as Napoleon had appropriately had said – Do not interfere with someone set to destroy himself (Let it be syndrome!).

Things I had said in 1980s came to pass – even in my working time and career too! I am tired of saying so many times – again and again – I TOLD YOU SO! The same things that I have said in my articles from 2003 onwards – 8 years ago – came to pass! Just imagine! From my first book Between Us Only! –

My First Arab Management Book – Psychology of Arab Management Thinking – Context and Perspectives – Arabian Magement Series. The book talked all about ‘the things going wrong in Arab Management’. See here how to order – or

I warned and cautioned on the cinder fires burning underneath – instead my books and I were targeted instead! The book A Cry For Help! Went even so far to prophesied and predict the Arab Spring Uprisings – but who cares? See Even the VIPs that I had sent my books did not have even the politeness and courtesy to acknowledge and thank me! As if I was embarrassing them instead to send them my books!

Why and What for are all these things?

My Second Arab Management Book – A Cry For Help! (The Real Cry!) – Context and Perspectives – Arabian Magement Series. The book talked all about ‘the things going more extreme and fundamental especially with The Youth and sort of predicted and propheised The Arab Spring Uprisings!. See here how to order – or

Anyway, I would like to thank all my fans and supporters from my heart with warmth, sincerity and genuine feelings and touch. And I ask your forgiveness for those who chose ‘not to be my friends’ – and those trying to get back at me – to shut me up and close my mouth!

This is Goodbye – and wishing you all the very best in your lives, your families and in your endeavours! I came – and now I am going. Leave me alone NOW in peace – please!

Goodbye and Maa Salaamah!


Majid Al Suleimany

November 19th 2011 – Muscat – Oman.

Need For Compassion From The Banks! 1

Article For Sunday November 20, 2011

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Between Us Only!

Need For Compassion! (This Is The Full Version)

The Holy Quraan – Surah Al Baqarah – Verse 280 – If the debtor is – In a difficulty – Grant him time – Till it is easy – For him to repay – But if ye remit it – By way of charity – That is best for you – If ye only knew

Abu Qatadah related that the Prophet had said: If anyone would like Allah to save him from the hardships of the Day of Resurrection, he should give more time to his debtor who is short of money, or remit his debt altogether. (Muslim)

With a heavy heart and sadness, I have noticed the new trend, fashion and in-style nowadays is to draw blood from stones! Or having your pound of flesh with blood drawn in!

The world we live in is only temporary (transit) – and on The Day of Judgment we will be held responsible for all our actions – and inactions. This applies especially more to The Leadership.

There are so many others verses of The Holy Quran and The Hadith (Religious Teachings) on being kind, considerate and compassionate to those especially heavy in debts – but cannot pay – even if they really wanted to.

It is well understandable that the Banks have no monies of their own but are mainly their depositors’ monies with them. They have therefore full rights to protect and preserve these deposits and investments with them – and the trust and confidence put on them.

There is no question and or dispute here for any reason.

One can also try to understand and appreciate the point and reasoning as to why they are ‘harshly chasing and pursuing so-called defaulters’ – if they themselves are now running in the red and losing money and profits.

In memory of BouAzizi of Tunisia who started The Arab Spring Uprisings!

Images – BouAziz In Remebrances, Supporters Demonstrating and Fadia Al Hamdi – The Policewoman who slapped BouAzizi!


It is also understandable that the banks have to operate under set rules and regulations of the Banking Sector an as per monetary and fiscal policies of the nation with the Central Bank as the as the Head of the Banking Authority in Oman – and as the Custodian of the Banking Laws set by Royal Decrees.

And then let us face realities and truth in life. Banks have indeed made great profits and returns as we see in the news every day. Many of them have built expensive top-of-the-art creative Head Offices and Branches, many top good pool cars and handsome bonuses and dividends too. Let alone the Top Management bonuses every year. Where does this money come from? It is like what we hear all being said on Wall Street all over again!

But it is also a statistical fact and reality too that especially in Self-Employment with the SMEs there are bound to be failures – and not because of not trying or one not being responsible, accountable and transparent – or because of wrong calculations, estimates and risk taking.

Those businesses that have not done this have remained small grocery shops for ages – but even here now there are unexpected eventualities, turns and outcomes.

We live in the global village. And what happens there has a direct and indirect bearing and affect to us too.

Tell that to Video Shops (remember Beta and VHS formats?) and now replaced by CDs – Bookshops selling physical hard copies by eBooks (remember Borders etc) and by Kindle iPads and others! Audio cassettes – what is that? Even in the small villages in the third world!

And then let us face realities and truth in life. Many Omanis are heavily in debt – even the younger coming in generations.

Then we have the usual jealousies and envies streak in society that are willing to pay foreign companies three or four times more that they are willing to pay local firms – ‘on take it or leave it basis’ as we were told. Or a lot of empty and dry promises made to you ‘to finish off the job – even if you are running at a big loss’ – and when you told them you cannot continue at this rate – and or need review for more money, support, assistance and cooperation.

Then we have the usual issues of ‘of getting entry, break and opportunity first of all to come in’ – the ‘Wastah element’ – ‘Corruption Fiascos’ – and the differences between rhetoric and reality!

Whatever the case the CBO, Ministry of Finance and the Commercial Banks need to do something quick – before we also start to have Wall Street demonstrations here – or someone does something untoward and unexpected at any time.

Pervez ex Pakistan President had said – it is all nice to have all kind of nice policies and coverage inside and outside – but it is what directly impacts and affects citizens’ lives that make the difference. Or metaphorically speaking, having a nice painted villa outside – and only in the Sitting Room where guests come in – but the rest is a mess!

It is the small things that count in the final analysis and calculations – and we are not there yet.

How does a customer feel when he sees the Banks getting so much profits and incomes – and is giving this and that prize – and is sponsoring this and that – but a citizen Pensioner salary is not safe – including his house too!

And The Big Question – are we following the CSR – Corporate Social Responsibilities guidelines – or for that matter our Religion and Teachings too?

[Quran 4:58] Verily! Allah commands that you should render back the trusts to those, to whom they are due; and that when you judge between men, you judge with justice. Verily, how excellent is the teaching which He (Allah) gives you! Truly, Allah is Ever All-Hearer, All-Seer.

I REPEAT IT – Whatever the case the Central Bank of Oman CBO, Ministry of Finance and the Commercial Banks need to do something quick – before we also start to have Wall Street demonstrations here – or someone does something untoward and unexpected at any time.

 Frankly, I do not think that banks should worry about Islamic Banking coming in if they do treat with feelings, compassion and consideration their customers and clients now – before they start switching allegiances and loyalties. The time to do that is now – not tomorrow!

Allah SWT Will judge us by our deeds and actions – and also inactions – on The Punishment of The Grave and The Day of Reckoning!

May Allah SWT (God) Protect and Preserve us all from His full anger and fury – and Guide us all towards the right path and ways always – Amin..

By: Majid Al Suleimany


Are we watching and seeing things all around us now – even near home? Or happening in so-called Advanced Western World with the Arab Spring Fever?

The Romans had saidThose that the gods are out to destroy make them not see, hear or speak.

Or as we Arabs say – There is no one so blind but with eyes but cannot see; no one so deaf but with ears but cannot hear; and no one so dumb but with a mouth but cannot speak! Or as Napoleon had said – Do not interfere with someone set to destroy himself (let it be syndrome).

Narrated Hudhaifa: I heard the Prophet saying, “Once a man died and was asked, ‘What did you use to say (or do) (in your life time)?’ He replied, ‘I was a business-man and used to give time to the rich to repay his debt and (used to) deduct part of the debt of the poor.’ So he was forgiven (his sins.)”

Abu Masud said, “I heard the same (Hadith) from the Prophet.”

Al Bukhari – Volume 3, Book 41, Number 606: Narrated ‘Abdullah bin Ka’b bin Malik Al-Ansari from Ka’b bin Malik:That ‘Abdullah bin Abi Hadrad Al-Aslami owed him some debt. Ka’b met him and caught hold of him and they started talking and their voices grew loudest. The Prophet passed by them and addressed Ka’b, pointing out to him to reduce the debt to one half. So, Ka’b got one half of the debt and exempted the debtor from the other half.


It was narrated that Abu Hurayrah said: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The soul of the believer is suspended because of his debt until it is paid off.” Narrated by al-Tirmidhi (1078).

It was narrated that ‘Umar ibn al-Khattaab (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: Beware of debt, for it starts with worry and it ends with war. Narrated by Maalik in al-Muwatta’ (2/770).

May Allah SWT (God) Protect and Preserve us all from His full anger and fury – and Guide us all towards the right path and ways always – Amin..

By: Majid Al Suleimany

Let The Strong Man Win Always! Reply

 Let The Strong Man Win Always! 

Or difference between rhetoric and reality! Practising what you preach!

Difference of preaching and practice – rhetoric and reality – and hypocrisy and being sincere and genuine! Islam is not just talking – but doing it!

Drawing blood from a stone!

The other day I met this friend of mine who was in The Zanzibar boat disaster case a few months back. I would not put him as a ‘strong fan’ because he would normally go by the discussions around him on his stand and point of view. Our late Father had always cautioned us on those people who seem to get along with almost everybody – but that is another story for now!

So the good friend says to me – I have been reading your articles for a long time now – but the messages and themes just come in one ear and goes out from the other! But you will find this strange and morbid now – I should have remembered God but not you! This as everyone was panicking around as the boat was sinking – I remembered one of your articles being stuck in a rock without a paddle as the saying goes – and you just watch everything around you as you wait for the final end result and outcome – which is coming soon and there is simply nothing you can do about it! He says to me he remembers the metaphor I had quoted several times of this fast moving train as it starts to derail. Or the one more about the Titanic with the young captains on board – as they watch it in horror as it was moving towards the iceberg to its utter and final destruction!

A few years back I never knew I was a diabetic case until one day I found my head so heavy and that it looked like falling off my body! My family had to persuade me to go to hospital – a private one – but when they saw my case they had to send me to The Emergency Ward of Royal Hospital in Bowsher! When I reached there I found so many people fussing around me – because my glucose levels were so high imaginable. Even one of the doctors insisted to the nurse to bring a new machine – because they could not believe the readings!

The Doctor said to me – This is a first time case for me at least – because with these temperatures you must either be dead, paralysed or in a coma. Do you have steel in your veins?The joke was continuously repeated by other doctors – and frankly I was so frightened and scared stiff to see so many doctors paying me such attention – like I was guinea-pig case for them to study! Frankly too, I think money and other worries had contributed significantly to my sad state of affairs – if you will excuse me playing my fiddle here! It was not only discovering to be a diabetic case!

This nice caring lady doctor had seen me so emotional and distressed one night and she asked me what gives? Then we started talking. The shock was hers to hear my tales and that these things can happen to one when you have tried to be self-employed after opting for voluntary retirement – and the worst part of what can befall you if you try to challenge the system by going to business as an underdog – and then having the audacity and impudence of failing too! I do not want to repeat my story – I have said it so many times before – even trying again to be an Author, Writer and Columnist – and the story repeating itself all over again!

No one can give you money for free – even in your family too! But there is compassion, care and feelings too! In addition to being considerate and kind – being also ethical, professional and principled. If you are down there in the hole – do not expect kindness or mercy – or a helping hand out – but people will throw in more stones to hit you – and there is nothing you can do about it.

People are selfish, self-centered and cruel – no mercies extended – and a short memory too. There is need to be considerate and kind – being also ethical, professional and principled. And remembering the profits you have made – and to remember your old customers too in social responsibilities

I am watching the many cases now of Buddhist monks self-immolation cases – because they find it too much and have given up – as the situation only gets worst day by day – and there is simply nothing you can do about it if you are a weakling and an underdog! We have all conveniently forgotten the Tunisian Fruit Seller whose self-immolation started the Arab uprising! How a great Arab Leader otherwise before all these was left in a fish market being viewed and being mockingly photographed by not interested buyers too – and just like Alexander The Great had said – I came in this world with empty hands – and I leave with empty hands to my grave. But will we learn? No – we will not – all the wealth and power has been left behind!

Three days back I find my glucose levels rising again – and all because as a Pensioner with over 35 years solid, dedicated, committed, loyal and faithful service to the Nation – I cannot now touch my Pension (my only earnings left in my life now!) – and as it is all taken. And even those supposed to pay you have not done so for the last 7 months – or find an excuse not to pay you even though you did the works successfully for them. Yet they have the courage and bravado to smile at you as if nothing has happened – and have forgotten conveniently all the good things and sacrifices that you have done for them.

I am going on a fast diet to bring my glucose levels down. I say – as the East African say in Swahili – Mwenye Nguvu Mpishe – literally Let The Strong Man Pass (Win)! And there is simply nothing that you can do about it – as your fate is doomed and sealed – yet we pride ourselves to be in a Islamic and Arab country too!

What is the point? There is simply no point! Either you lose your money – and your health and sanity too! I have tried hard to go by the system and contacts – but it is simply not working! I wish I was Buddhist – then I could come back! But as a Believer it is Eternal Hell only! They do not even read my letters anymore – but delete as it comes in!

As my friend said to me – I tried to recollect myself fast and do something quick to abandon the sinking ship! The only way I can – is to leave things to Allah SWT God – because only He can save me now. I have tried with all peoples I could – even sending them free copies of my books – only to find the results more unexpected – because I had the audacity and impudence to raise my voice – and complain. Allah Is Great – In the name of God; The Most Gracious and The Merciful – Amin.

Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany

Realities of Life! – By Majid Al Suleimany. 3

Facing Realities In Life!

Before I start, you will forgive me in my usual style of quoting my own examples – or near cases – because first of all there is no better examples and comparisons to give – and more importantly you also do escape a lot of things  that Writers like us nowadays of have to be careful for – and some from least expected quarters!

Yesterday night a good fiend of mine an ex work peer told me the sad news that he was going abroad for medical treatment – because his cancer case had returned – and he thought he had beaten it after being treated first abroad a few years back. He said to me – forgive me if I have done anything against you – and in case I do not return!

I also want to quote this story to you as an opener.

1          The Post Office Man

There was a man who worked for the Post Office whose job it was to process all the mail that had illegible addresses. One day, a letter came addressed in a shaky handwriting to God. He thought he should open it to see what it was about.

The letter read:

Dear God,

I am an 83 year old widow, living on a very small pension. Yesterday someone stole my purse. It had $100.00 in it, which was all the money I had until my next pension check. Next Sunday is Christmas and I had invited two of my friends over for dinner.

Without that money, I have nothing to buy food with. I have no family to turn to and you are my only hope. Can you please help me?



The postal worker was touched. He showed the letter to all the other workers. Each one dug into his or her wallet and ca! m e up with a few dollars. By the time he made the rounds, he had collected $96, which they put into an envelope and sent to the woman. The rest of the day, all the workers felt a warm glow thinking of Edna and the dinner she would be able to share with her friends.

Christmas came and went. A few days later, another letter came from the old lady to God. All the workers gathered around while the letter was opened.

It read:

Dear God,

How can I ever thank you enough for what you did for me? Because of your gift of love, I was able to fix a glorious dinner for my friends. We had a very nice day and I told my friends of your wonderful gift. By the way, there was $4.00 missing. I think it must have been those thieving bastards at the Post Office.

2          Et tu, Brute (And you too, Brutus) : Origin and Meaning

What does Et tu Brute mean?

These words are said to have been Julius Caesars last words after being assassinated on the Ides of March

This by a group of  Senators, including Marcus Brutus, someone he had considered a close friend.

A number of translations exist:-

“And you, Brutus?”

“You too, Brutus?”

“Even you Brutus?”

“And you, (too) Brutus?”

Today, this quotation is mostly used to refer to an act of ultimate betrayal, usually from a trusted person.

The source of this quote appears to be from William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar: –

“Caesar: Doth not Brutus bootless kneel?

Casca: Speak, hands, for me! (They stab Caesar.)

Caesar: Et tu, Brute? Then fall, Caesar! (Dies.)

Cinna: Liberty! Freedom! Tyranny is dead!”

3          The Story of The Scorpion and The Frog

(From The Arab Short Stories and Tales – also from My Book Between Us Only!).

Have you heard this story?

A scorpion saw a frog.  So he told the frog – I have my relative who is sick on the other side of the river.  I want to go to visit him.  Can you carry me across?

The frog said – do you think I was born yesterday?  If I do that you will sting me on my back and I shall then die.  The scorpion said – How can I do that?  Did I not just now request you to carry me  across?  Do you take to be crazy or stupid?   The frog was convinced.  So it said to the scorpion – okay jump on my back!

As they were crossing the river, the scorpion said – see, you did not trust me – now do you believe me?  Did I sting you?  No – said the frog – I am sorry.  Ten minutes later half-way the river – the scorpion stung the frog.

‘Whatever are  you doing?  Do you know what you have just done?  I shall now die – and you will drown too.  Yes – replied the scorpion – I know!

But it is my nature – I just cannot change.

4          Human Species are The Worst Traitors.

It is acknowledged that Human beings are the worst in deception and in lying. The worst that will turn on their own. Next I am told are the monkeys (chimpanzees) as most near men – though other animals have been known to do it – like driving away the Old Lion King by younger lions to take over the colony!

Thus the old lion joke – I am too old to chase any preys now, I just sit under the tree and wait for leftovers – or weak animals that will stray to my path.

5           Our Religious Book (The Sunnah andThe Hadith) are Full of stories of deception and traitorship – and done against even our Great Prophets of God (Peace Be Upon Them)

6          Ghandi said it too!

You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean – if a few drops of the ocean are dirty – the ocean does not become dirty!

Also – I  claim to be a simple individual liable to err like any other fellow mortal. I own, however, that I have humility enough to confess my errors and retrace my steps ..Mahatma Ghandi.

You simply cannot change human nature!

The Realities of Life!

Did you know that life is a continuous Learner to us of all?. Sometimes one may tend to think that in death then that is the end of learning as it is, but is it really so? For us Believers when we do die (God Give us all long life and health – Amin!), we are made to lie on our right side facing Mecca. Now how many of us sleep that way in our daily lives? I do not know about you, but I surely do not do it that way!

I know you are asking yourself where is this leading to, after reading the topic? Well, Dear Reader, just give me some more space to explain myself, or those who may feel adversarial may comment – give him enough rope to hang himself!

I have never kidded myself that I have all friends out there, so I am practical and realistic too. There is this famous expression the  East Africans like to quote – That which bites your skin comes from the  same fabric that is being worn by you. Or as a relative likes to  satirically likes to comment – ‘Between Us Only’ whenever he has something (stupid!)  to say, especially when I am around to hear it! But then life will not be  complete and beautiful without all these kinds of peoples amongst our midst to  make our day more beautiful and make life worth living for!

They say in life there are two kinds of peoples. You  either fit in one or the other – you cannot sit on the fence and pretend you  belong to neither. As I had said in this column before, (Lady I think?)  Margaret Thatcher had said – Those who sit on the fence get pelted by  both sides – or words to that effect.

My Dear Reader, let me put it this way. You are very  thirsty. You go to an Office, and they are still after your business hoping  that you will still buy from them, then they ask you – What are you having? (Notice that as soon as you have bought the offers are not there anymore, or  have dwindled in frequencies?). Actually the sentence itself is a misnomer –  because it should mean nothing, and English is a strange language. So automatically  or by default you answer back – Can I have a glass of water please? The  water is delivered to you. You look at the glass, it is not full – so what is
your reaction? Either (you may think it all inside or even ask it loud too):-

(a)  The glass is half empty – what?

(b)  The glass is half full – thank you anyway!

Now, Dear Reader, which one are you?

That is the beauty of life, or the twists, turns and  ironies of life.

The same picture can be seen differently by different  peoples. Have you had these tests? They show you a picture and ask you what you  see? Depending on your sight and view of life, you either see a very pretty  young beautiful girl, or a very ugly old lady! They show you another picture  and ask you what you see now? And you either see a smiling cheerful man, or a  very sad looking man. I was once very embarrassed when I was asked to tell what  I saw, and there was a gasp in the class as to what my inclinations were, but I  will not bore you with details and keep the secret with me till I die anyway.  Point taken that from that date onwards I had never volunteered a quick answer  till others had their say first!

Anyway, coming back to the issue of the water in the  glass! Majority of peoples would normally say Thank you for the half full of  water glass. If they needed more water, they may well ask – can I have  another glass please?  These are the  positive out looking peoples, appreciative of kindness and some bread crumbs  thrown to their way, but there will be still some who will sarcastically remark  – how much did you pay for the water? Why are you giving mean a half empty  glass of water?

These are the kinds of peoples that are never appreciative  of kind gestures, kindness, good or mercy of any kind done to them. They are  always mean, ghastly dastardly cruel and always finding faults to a tune. Even  if others do not see it, for sure for them they will be able to! Whatever you  do for or to them is not enough – they never appreciate anything and are always  complaining and finding fault. Apportioning blame. No problem to make you the  ‘fall guy’ or the ‘scape goat’ and cause of all their misfortunes and troubles!  If you have a parent or boss of this kind, woe unto you Dear Friend!

They may remind you of incidences long past and best  left forgotten – but they will still do it. If you have wronged them, even  unintentionally and inadvertently, they will never let it go and never forgive  you. For the rest of their lives they will hound and pursue you, the slightest  mistake you make – they will jump on you with guns blazing. They never forgive  and forget, even if the shrewder ones may pretend to be forgiving and  forgetting, but it is still in the back of their minds.

These are very dangerous peoples, and they can easily  without any remorse or conscience destroy your life, career and future – and  kill and character assassinate you too – and put you in untold miseries,  hardships and difficulties.

These are peoples best to avoid and never annoy  and confronteven if you maybe right. They will make vicious  campaigns against you and try to harm and destroy you. It gives them great  sadistic immense great pleasure and happiness when they have succeeded in doing  so!

That is life for you, and the meaning of life – its  ups and downs.

Long time back when I was a kid there was this old  African lady, whom I respected and esteemed. I always greeted her nicely  whenever I had met her. She was staying by herself all alone, abandoned by her  family. I do not know if she was the lady who had complained in the past to her  relatives of being given ‘half empty glass of water’,

But with me she was always kind and treated me like her grandson. So this lady told me one day  – grandson, do you like chicken? I was wondering what to reply thinking  maybe she wanted to cook one for me? Seeing me surprised, she went on – If  you follow a chicken and see what it eats, you will never eat a chicken again  in your life, even if you like chicken! The message was clear – it is best  not to delve and look into details into things, and best leave some things best  as they are! All Alone!

An old fisherman friend to the family said of the same things – if you follow a crab or lobster – it is the same story!

My First  Column Article.

With my first article titled “More  Dangerous and Troubled Waters Ahead” that first appeared in this column on 23rd April 2003 (after the Iraq invasion)  – I had said – Quote – Now those of you  who know me well would recall that I am not by profession or even by design a  military analyst or military expert, or even a political expert one at that

However, I had warned of the dangerous spiraling of events into more  dangers, troubles, and malaise and decadence post-Iraq invasion. So far what I  had said there and predicted has come to pass. Than how come it that this ‘own  true son of the land’ is still unemployed and gone unnoticed, I ask you?

In my jobs life, I have always believed  in respectable esteeming treatment of my Staff. My door has always been open to  them. Some even call me at home, raising ‘jealousy levels’ at home when it is  the ladies who will call. I listen to my Staff; I hear them too (didn’t you  know there is a difference between the two?). The Staff who stands up to me is  never judged as a ‘Personal danger or threat’ – I respect that. I hate  ‘Yes-Sir’ Staff. I also hate ‘Tell-Tales’ Staff in trying to please me.

You can  ask any of my Staff who worked with me, I am sure they will affirm to what I am  saying here. When I worked for one small firm, I had arranged for a  welcome-party-after-delivery-thing for one of my lady Staff.

The day I left the  place, she cried. This had never happened in that company’s plus twenty years  existence. I can never forget you – and now you are going…

When I had any issue with a Staff, I believed in calling in the  person and trash out the issue vis-à-vis (face to face), and no other way. The  last thing I would do is write that Staff an Official letter, and then discuss  with him. I would discuss with the Staff, and then put it in writing as ‘A  Gentleman’s Agreement’ of where we had reached! As a matter of record and for  future reference only, and for nothing else! Not for punishment; nor for  vengeance!

You know in all my life, I have been a  ‘Pusher’. I always and firmly believe in ‘Live and Let Live’. I am  always a great believer and always after a ‘win-win thing’ (remember my  last 2 weeks’ back article? Win Some; Lose Some!).

I stand my grounds and  issues. I let no one scare me to make me change what I strongly believe in! Yet  if I make a mistake, I am not stubborn – I shall accept it and apologise!

Do you know what people really want? You turn the other cheek when they slap you – or poke fingers in your eyes – you do not raise your hand to protect yourself – even if they wiull take the eyes out!

Do not squarm – or complain! Who are you to have such audacity? It is this reason why everything is burning around us now!

Making Employees always happy was all I had wanted!

Frankly and  honestly, I am always against unfairness and  injustice, favouritism and unethical unprofessional behaviour. If some peoples think that is aggressiveness, then let them continue  to think so!. In the Management classes, I was always classified by the Lecturers ‘As the ‘Leader who cares, feels and stands with his Staff. 

Polite, kind and decent and tactful too’ Leadership style!. Besides one  should not judge a person by what others paint him from what he is not really  (by the cover of the book). Don’t you agree?

Thanks to the MBA course and  post-my company (after early retirement) experiences, I have now learnt  that the best way to transform changes and systems are from within, rather than  confront from outside. I am fully aware that some companies tend to prefer softer approach.

Criticisms can be healthy when only considered positively. In  life they say – You can never know how far out you can go, until you have  tried. Or birds can fly because they know they can! Did you hear about Murphy’s Law? That  things will only get worse, before they can get any better!

The  Africans have this * expression – sometimes just a kind word or compliment can  do wonders (* you can even draw that snake out of a rock, praise its  beautiful eyes, and ask ‘just to see it’). I think this is the reason that many  have misunderstood and misjudged me in my last jobs.

It is not that I do not  say NO too like the others – I too do it and am a Team Player – but it is the  question of how I say it – with care and feelings touch, and also to explain
why too!

I  never broke any rules or regulations, possibly bend them a bit in really acute  and taxing situations – letting humanity set in, with no distinction in any  way!

When  the chips are down and things are at its lowest ebb – it is not easy to face  someone with your problem, and that needs intervention, help and assistance.  You have to swallow your pride, esteem and honour.

Not for yourself, but for  those who depend on you to look after them! The Swahilis call it ‘Kuchonga  Uso’ which literally means ‘to carve up one’s face’ – that is how hard and difficult  it is to some – but than what other alternatives do they have?

Sometinmes the people that can hurt and pain you the most are those supposed to be close and near you – like your wife, family and children – friends and relatives – when they become (unexpectedly?) mean, selfish, self-centred and even evil against you! So what do you do? Sulk in – and go in deep distress and self destruction – or hold up your head high?

Eve did it to Adam – so what else is new?

Actually  I am indebted to the person who really ‘SAVED’ me is this esteemed paper –  offered me a Free Lance Column Writer job! And you know what – they say in the  Management spheres, if they can pay you whilst still doing your hobby and  interests, you have made it!

Certainly I do not feel so. Though the money is  not that much and always delayed, but at least I get paid for a hobby and interest in writing per  se! Besides, my salary (pension) just evaporates into the Bank’s Accounts as  soon as they receive it from that old good company of mine!

What else can I do,  I ask you? It is as if I am not getting any pension after working for more than  25 years of dedicated and loyal services to The Company – and to The Nation.

Ironically, sadly and tragically the same Bank that takes away all a Pensioner’s salary – is the same bank introducing a Pension Savings Scheme – but yet in an Arab and Muslim country – the same bank is ‘screwing up’ Pensioners by taking all a Pensioner (mine!) salary. The lessons of Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria is easily and conveniently forgotten – and all too soon too!

How despicable and pathetic one can get?

In my life, I have helped so many others in my prime before, but this is now all easily and  conveniently forgotten now! No one remembers, or wants to! I have personal  references in good men CEOs who will stand by me, because they have seen ‘The  real me’ and I in action too. One has become even a very close personal friend  too. When he says – I wish I had met you long time back, but I have still  time to change my Management styles. Surely that must mean something?

I had great opportunities to ‘get quick  rich thing’ – but in all my life I have NEVER taken anything that did  not belong to me. Nor do I intend to start now at this age either! Not everyone  can be an accursed and bad peoples.

Some of us are quite different.  Born different and in outlook, perspectives and in behaviours.

Being at the top does not mean being  always unscrupulous, evil, shrewd, mean, bad and ugly!

Or being shunned and  cursed at!

So next time you feel like being judgemental, criticizing and to be opinionated  – think of what I have just said!

E-Mails In Hindsight.

It is immaterial and of no consequence of the fact that I had already  opted out from a sinking ship by going for an Early Enhanced (Voluntary)  Retirement. It is immaterial of the fact that my pension should have taken care  of me and my family for that matter had I the smartness, foresight, vision and  brains not to try to be an entrepreneur and get myself involved into such  business at late stage of my life, into a Consultancy business of Human  Resources Development that was supposed to take off naturedly as being the talk  and craze in town to encourage development and entrepreneurship – especially  this sector – but instead ended with a big thud and crash.

It is immaterial and of no  consequence that the ‘big attractive contract’ that my Consultancy was bidding  for and had won would cause the fall and demise of the company for a lower  bidding, though successful to get it though. Even though they had promised us  ‘Take this now, we will give you more in the future’ – but none came!

It is immaterial and of no consequence also of the fact that the  International Consultant with us were paid three times (if not more) to the  same job scope and aspects that we too as a local fully Omani owned Consultancy  were to do – and yet for a large National Company too.

It is immaterial and of no consequences now either that at the interviews  there were younger Omani Candidates (some of them educationally even higher  educated than me.

But with little or minimal work experiences and exposures –  25 years in that big oil company in all Human Resources aspects and on top of 6  years as a HR Expert and Consultant. And they were ‘surprised’ to see ‘Uncle’  in the competition too!

Immaterial and of no consequence that too that there were Expatriates who  were retired and older than me too in the same place – but of course being from  different ethnic backgrounds (overseas) were opened doors to come in!

Whilst  for me the citizen of the land the doors were closed in front of my face –  including windows too that were barred shut from inside.

Immaterial too and of no consequence whatsoever that jobs supposed to be  reserved for the likes of us Nationals of the land, were given instead to  Expatriates based on personality basis (whom you know!), and that too  International Companies supposed to be of high repute and fame and their  Corporate and Social culture, values and missions cum vision to develop and  encourage local available talents, experts and competences.

Finally, it is immaterial and of no consequence either when ‘some of  those’ doing these jobs are not even experienced and professional peoples in  this line of business at all, but their being pretty things and of different  ethnicity (or other attractions) allows them in?

What do you do? Complain and write in your book and column? Nobody hears  or listens to you anymore now. Yet they brand you a colour you do not have nor  ever aim to have in your life. They stereotype you. Prototype you.

You are  trouble. Your name is not glory but just headache and trouble. You are to be  avoided, ignored and to be discarded.

Even from the filthy rich who had made it in life, from humble poor  levels and beginnings that you were in together, and shared the same corridors  in the Offices before at one time. From the big profile peoples whom you had  looked after and handled their cases more personally than official requirements  when they were just students with many sick and other family situation.

Would they remember you? Bet your life they have conveniently forgotten,  and just do not want anything coming from you. Just nothing!

What The Bosses Had  Said – Saying Goodbyes…

1          Majid is a very caring, kind and  spiritual person – a shame and pity that many do not give him the time and the
efforts to understand him better – American CEO

2          His coming here was like A Fresh Blow  of Wind – now that he has gone the air is more stale than ever before!” – British  GM

3          Some time back I met this old European  boss of mine who came to visit Oman.  He  is now working for a very powerful conglomerate and in a very high  position.  He nearly made me cry when he  said to me – I knew M the day I had left that you will not go far in your  career because of what you are as a person and in outlook.

But  I still have the highest  respects, esteem and like for you, in actual case the few I had always  remembered.  Because you are a real  professional ethical (and courageous) person who had the courage (audacity?) to  stand up to me and tell me what I was doing then was actually wrong – not like  the others who pretended to go along with me, but behind my back were saying  something different to those they ‘really trusted and had confidence with’.

4          I have a good boss friend of  mine.  He tells me this point blank ‘of  what is wrong with you’.

Stop caring and  feeling – it just does not pay (or at least increase your salary!).  Be rough – hit your heart strongly and just  say – I just do not care or feel anymore.  You said your bit – nobody cared to hear or listen, so move along.  Just take care of yourself and your direct  family members only.  The others and rest  are not important.

5          I had an expatriate  CEO once – he told me what? You are giving me just your hand to say goodbye? I cannot have that. Come here! And the poor man hugged me kissing me on both  cheeks. That I had to bend my face (he being short!) is another issue, and his  hands could not get around me (remember that diet!).

The same had happened to  me with a British lady boss, who I had thought not cared but she did the same wiping  her face. I gave her my handkerchief – it was clean anyway! She tells me she  still has it – for remembrance sake (do not worry, madam does not read my  articles!).

6          This  Indian Peer Manager says to me – Are you really leaving us now? I cannot  believe it! But I can appreciate your position – even I am looking for a  position outside – have not got it yet! But I will leave – as soon as I get a  good offer elsewhere (he left later on!).

He caught my hand  and kissed it in goodbye. I had never been so embarrassed in my life before –  till then!

7          Always  it had been those in the lower rungs that cared more as I left. It was the  Indian Tea Maker in Abu Dhabi – the old man cried! Who is going to say Thank  You now to me (as he served me tea – a thing that really upset my Emirati  National Boss. Do you want me to say thank you, every time you did something  for me? What is wrong with you – he screamed to me!

8          If the machines closed down, it triggered an Emergency code to The  USA CEO in Dubai. So he called The Production Manager – what is going on? He  gets the reply – all the Staff have switched off the machines – they are saying  Goodbyes to Majid – and escorting him to the gate! Some are visibly upset and  angry – some are sad! That includes the Non Omani Staff too. Yet I had come in  7 months back to take over The Human Resources Manager job from an Indian peer  – who had been in the position for the last 12 years – till the position was  Omanised by me.

One of the Indian  Technicians pleads – Why sir? Who will look after us now?

9    I always believe this. If there is unfairness and injustice – Allah God takes away blessings from anything. It can perhaps explain all the chaos and commotions – and why everything is burning now around us! And the reduced everyday incomes, profits and sustainibilities – and the increased chaos, confusions and corruptions – and so much sadness and unhappiness!

Allah God Protect and Preserve us all from His Anger and Fury – Amin Amen!

By Majid Al Suleimany

The End of The Road! 1

Between Us Only!

The End of The Road!

You simply cannot change a person’s behaviour, traits and character – just as you cannot remove dots (spots) from a leopard – or stripes from a tiger.

Images – End of The Road!

This too comes from the theme of our then ex farm (plantation) in Mafia Island (aka Chole). Our place was famous as ‘Wayaani’ – that is the place that has been wired. You take the road from town – and there directly facing you is the farm.

Wayani Farm – Wired Fence!

There is no usable road after that but other farms! The locals – and especially the bullies – used to say to us – Leave them alone – they are children of ‘The End of the Road’! Besides, they used to fear our late grandparents and father too as ‘those Arabs with magical powers’ – so in a way it worked out well for us too for that matter!

Last week, I was in this wedding social gathering and a good old fan of mine walks up to me and asks if I could send him one of my articles he liked very much. He had saved it in his PC but it had crushed and he had lost all his documents including this one which he had not saved especially outside his PC. I asked him if he remembered the title or what was the subject about? He says to me – The one you wrote about people ‘acting but not being really sincere and genuine in reality and in intentions’! I replied to him that many of my articles carry such themes – but he could find it in my books at – or in my previous sites before this at  and first one at . Then he commented to me – I also liked your last column – That Is The Way It Is! All real and practical – he added in.

At one time, when I was working in one famous town in Oman and where they gave me real taxing hard time ‘because of jobs’ and I do not know who told them that I was a ‘softie and a helpful type of guy’ – I was leaving next day back to Muscat Head Offices when some girls came to my flat to take whatever they wanted from my things as I was not taking them to Muscat. In that morning, I had cooked a lot of eggs as planned for my dinner too – but I did not know they  had arranged a surprise party for me. So these two girls asked if they could have the eggs and as usual me most welcoming.

The shock was more mine – they had never tasted such nice eggs before and what did I put in my eggs. At first I thought they were teasing and joking me – but only then later I realized they were dead serious. They said to me – you have a good cooking hand too!

Those of you who know me well will recall that I had never ever planned in my life to become a writer, columnist or author whether by design and or by intention – but ended inadvertently and by default. That takes me to another point that I want to make here once again – without sounding redundant, mundane and repetitive!

Just as I had said last two weeks back in my article – That Is The Way It Is! – it is a belated realization that sometimes in life it is better to let go and ‘walk like that dog with its tail between its legs’ because everyone is not hearing you, avoiding you and not wanting to come to near you either! That you have banged your head against brick walls and it is all swollen, bloodied and painful – and there is simply nothing you can do about it.

The Titanic hitting the Icebergs before it sank!

The 4WD stuck in the sand!

To spare you this – I will not repeat my usual Roman saying – or who is really deaf, dumb and blind in life. Because the truth is this – it is like that 4-wheel-drive vehicle stuck in the sand – and the more you try to make ‘The pull and push’ out – the more it gets stuck in! Or those younger captains on deck as they watched in horror and shock as the Titanic speeded towards the icebergs and towards its utter destruction and demise. History and books had both recorded their protestations to no avail.

Or what my late Father had said to us – Even if you have two eyes still – please close one eye if you are in a ‘group (ship) of one eyed can see only people’ before they take one out. You end the loser – not them!

Being One-Eyed – and The Blind Men with The Elephant!

Frankly and honestly too, I am a simple unassuming person and not a vain and proud conceited person that likes to boast – again and again – like ‘I told you so’!

My books, writings and articles will only be my only defence in supporting and substantiating this – and all that I have said before! Now please leave me alone – I will now go quiet and just watch what will just develop in time!

Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany

Muscat – Oman.

Extras …….

The famous Roman saying of the times – Those that the gods want to destroy make them not see, hear or able to speak!

Or the one near home and better one too – Do not bang your head against brick walls. You only make your head swollen and bleed! More importantly there is no one so blind as with eyes but cannot see; one so deaf with ears but cannot see; one with mouth but cannot speak!

Besides you cannot change a person’s behaviour, traits and character – just as you cannot remove dots (spots) from a leopard – or stripes from a tiger.

Just as the younger captains could not stop The Titanic from hitting the icebergs and to sink!

My Articles in The Oman Daily Observer. Reply

My Articles in The Oman Daily Observer.

Go above or here – or go to – New Articles  Old Articles – Very Old Articles. – My Five Books and Two in Arab management. – Family Site. – Views, Opinions etc.

Best Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany

Learning From Each Other! Reply

The Previous Link  –

Between Us Only!

Learning From Each Other!

It may really surprise, shock and awe – and amaze many people to realise that you can learn so many things from each other’s society and backgrounds if you just do take the keen initiative and interest to do so! Sometimes we just copy and emulate from ‘certain quarters and circles’ that we think and analyse as already being ‘more advanced and developed – more modern’ – and by the same conclusion and gesture we consider others ‘as still developing and behind’ – even in comparisons to our own – and feel and think that there is nothing there to learn or gain! And how wrong we can be in such comparisons and conclusions!

1 – The Monkeys (Baboons) Story – Have you heard of the monkeys’ (baboons’) story? There is this monkey (baboon) climbing up the tree – and he hears great laughter emanating from below. It turns its head around to notice fellow baboons (monkeys) on the floor laughing hysterically and uncontrollably. So it comes down and asks – what gives – and is met with more mirth and laughter. Then one of the monkey (baboon) whispers something to its ears – and it shouts back – No! I am not! So the elder and more wiser of the lot tells it – Ok – you go again and climb the tree. It does – and meets more than ever uncontrollable and hysterical laughter – this time with clapping and ever more mirth and gestures! The climbing monkey shies away – and hides its head in great shame and embarrassment! *** What was this monkey told?  Tip – Those in glass houses should not throw stones! Anyway – Please read on

2 – The Ali Baba Story – We have all heard of the story of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves! But have you thought and considered this point? Now that Ali Baba has all the money and gold and can assume some respect and hero ship at last – because though he has all the money and wealth now – bottom line he got all the money and wealth by stealing from others! Those of you who have watched The Godfather movies series will grasp at the point that I want to make – how the Godfather is all so respected, esteemed and adhered to because of the stolen money and wealth – and murdering others too even! You must have heard also of ‘Protection Payments’ to the Godfathers and The Mafias – if you do not pay, fall in line and be submissive to have your ‘properties and belongings’ protected – they will come down hard on you – and destroy not only it but can even hurt, damage and even kill you and your family in the process!

Though there are not that many films like The Godfathers – Ali Baba can even be more ruthless and cruel to especially new entrants or challengers to his sphere and area of influence and operation – and like the Mafias too can have ‘The Laws’ look at the other way whilst the victims are harassed and butchered. We have seen these films of ‘rogue elements’ even supporting The Mafias (and Ali Baba) from the inside!

3 – The Trouble-Maker Story – I was watching this Religious sermon by one great Islamic Scholar – a Dr. Mohammed Salah in Al Huda Television. He was narrating this story of our Great Prophet – PBUH. The  Great Prophet (PBUH) saw this very old woman carrying a heavy load all by herself. So he went to her and helped carry it for her for her for quite a distance to her home.

When she reached there – she told the Great Prophet – I am a poor person – I do not have any money or present to give you. Despite protestations that it was all right and it was his duty to do so – the old woman went on – You are such a nice well-behaved son – you came to help me whilst everyone else was ignoring me! But all I can give you is some ‘good advice to help you in your life. She went on – Again thank you now, young man. You have really been so kind. That generosity and smile is very rare to find now a days. Let me give you some advice, since you’ve been so very nice to me. Stay away from Muhammad. Don’t heed his word or emulate his way. If you do, you will never have true peace, and all you will find is trouble.”

The Great Prophet PBUH turned around to the old lady and said – I am very sorry My Mother – but I am  that Muhammad that you are just talking about now. To this it was said she later converted to become a Muslim – and accepted the faith. Now if it was any other one of our Youth nowadays – the old woman would be insulted – and even be beaten up too – that is – if anyone will come forward to help her carry the load in the first place!

My Last Week ArticleBeing Arrogant In Life!ISee it here –  repeat the theme and message .

Just to paraphrase a few lines – There is nothing so dangerous and damaging in life – than a person who is always very proud, conceited, arrogant, ‘too much know’, haughty and vain. Arrogance, Pride and Conceit are so dangerous that in the Holy Quran it says that if people acquire these foul traits – then these traits they become a part of their nature – and they become always proud, conceited, rebellious and vain. The ironical and sad part is that not all such people are in positions of power and in authority – could be even in reality be in the ‘lower levels in society’ themselves – but they still think their opposite is ‘a lower person’ – or ‘untouchable’ even! Speaking down to others from a higher pedestal – or high horse!.

Take Care!

***  The Monkeys Story – It Said – ‘You are all open behind’ – and the other monkeys think and do not see it in themselves too!

By Majid Al Suleimany

The Final Episode – Learning To Go Silent Now! 2

June 24th 2011

The Final Episode – Learning To Go Silent Now!

A       Levels of  Faith for Changes

In our Religion we are given three levels of what one can  do in action change and in faith too – of what one must do. There are several  Hadith (Religious Narrations) that too confirm on this – and I could give many  references and quotations – but I am trying to give this universal message appeal  to all people generally –

  • Highest Level One
    Change things if it is in your power to do so! It is left to you and your God  only if you know about this and do nothing to make the move and change.
  • Level Two– Cause change to happen by  speaking it out about this or drawing attention to it. Similarly here – It is  left to you and your God only if you know about this and do nothing to make the  move and change.
  • Lowest Level  Three – You say it in your heart only that you are against this but are too afraid to speak about it as it may cause harm, danger and damage to you if you go to Level Two. This is considered as the weakest of all  the faith one has – but is designed and designated to protect yourself more (or  also those near you).
  • Level Three can also be there is no added profit nor advantage to speak about it because you have tried several times before to go to Level Two with no  results nor advantage – but only you are exposing yourself to harm and damage  if you continue – or you look more ridiculous, stupid annoying and losing  standing, personality and character if you continue in this practice.

Now those of you who know me well will appreciate and  understand that something has happened to want me to write about this – and you  are absolutely right too!

If you have few  minutes to spare please Read All – otherwise go straight to F. Page 7 – Family,  Friends and Relatives are urged to READ ALL

I also note this – people have very strong comments, rigid  views, outlooks, perceptions and opinions on many things – but the worst part  is that they think they are always right, ethical and correct – and want to  impose them on others.

The more unfortunate  part is also once they have judged someone or given him a certain colour and  shade – they stick to it and do not want to change their views and opinions
because they are ‘riding the high horse’ and speaking down to you! They do not  want to give you the benefit of doubt that they may be are mistaken and there  is a possibility of change in a person too – as we all human change too from  time to time – but not you!

I now understand  why some people outside our societies (or even within) hate and despise us so  much. I now also understand fully what it means to say ‘opening a can of worms’
really means.

There is also no  respect and esteem for those older and senior to us – especially in such
affairs. I want to bring the subject out in the open – so we can discuss it  rationally, unemotionally, pragmatically and with hopeful signs of  reconciliations, remedy, peace, harmony, understandings, live-and-let-live  outlooks and scenarios.

Time and time  again, History has proved this point. The days when you could scare people away  by words and acts of threats, aggression, bullying etc are now over. Even if  you go to the basics at home. What my grandfather could do to my father – to  what my father could do to me – and what I can do to my son (and hopefully his  son too) – have been reduced from time to time. My late father could scold me  in front of my wife – his father could beat him my father in front of his wife  – but I will think twice before I even contemplate to scold my son – especially  in front of his wife.

Times have  changed. But opinions and views have not – and people have still not learnt  even if the truth is facing them right into their faces!

 B       The Triple Filter Test.  

Have you heard  of The Triple Filter Test? 

During the  Golden Abbasid period, one of the Scholars in Baghdad, the capital of the  Muslim Caliphate at that time, was reputed to hold the highest of knowledge and  education in esteem. One day an acquaintance met the Great Scholar and said –  Do you know what I just heard about your friend? The Scholar replies – Hold  on a minute, before telling me anything I would like you to pass a little Test.  It is called The Triple Filter Test. The Man asks – Triple Filter Test?

The Scholar  continues – That is right. Before you talk to me about my friend it might be  a good idea to take a moment and filter what you are going to say. That is why  I call it the Triple Filter Test. The first filter is TRUTH.  Have you made absolutely sure that what you  are about to tell me is true? The Man replies – No, on the contrary! The  Scholar – All right, so you do not really know if it is true or not. Now let  us try the second Filter Test of GOODNESS.  Is what you are about to tell me about my  friend something good? The Man – No, on the contrary! The Scholar goes  on – So, you want to tell me something bad about him, but you are not  certain it is true.

You may still  pass the test though, because there is one Filter Test left. That Filter is of
USEFULLNESS. Is what you want to tell me about my friend going to be useful to  me?
Man replies – No, not really. The Scholar – Well, if what you want to  tell me is neither true or good nor even useful, why tell me all about it at  all? (Good Question I guess!)

In our Holy  Quraan it says – Surah  49, Al-Hujarat, Ayah 12 – Quote – O ye who believe! Avoid much  suspicions, indeed some suspicions are sins. And spy not, neither backbite one  another. Would one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? You would  hate it (so hate backbiting) And fear Allah. Verily, Allah is the One Who  Accepts repentance, Most Merciful – Unquote.

Like the East Africans like to say – Uutu  ni bora kuliko Vitu – Humanity is better than (material) things! We all make  mistakes and errors in judgment in life – but forgiveness is divine – as is  going for the high road too!

C       The Great Alexander Story

The Great King Alexander’s Three Death Wishes.

The Great King Alexander – after conquering many kingdoms – was returning home. On the way, he  fell ill and he was bedridden for months. With death drawing close, Alexander
realized how his conquests – his great army – his sharp sword and all his  wealth were of no use to him now.

He called all his generals and said – I will depart  from the world soon. But I have three wishes. Please fulfill my wishes without  fail. With tears flowing down their cheeks, the generals agreed to abide  by their King’s last wishes

My First Desire is that – said Alexander – my Physicians alone must carry my coffin. Secondly  – when my coffin is being carried to the grave – the path leading to the  graveyard should be strewn with gold, silver and precious stones which I have  collected in my treasury. My Third and Last wish is that both my hands  should be kept dangling out of my coffin.

The people that had gathered there wondered at the  King’s strange wishes. But no one dared to question;

Alexander’s favorite general kissed his hand and  pressed them to his heart. O King – we assure you that your wishes will all be  fulfilled. But tell us why do you make such strange wishes?

At this Alexander took a deep breath and said – I  would like the World to know of Three Lessons I have just learnt. I want my  Physicians to carry my coffin because people should realize that no Doctor can  really cure anybody. They are powerless and cannot save a person from the clutches  of Death. So let not people take life for granted.

The Second Wish of strewing gold, silver and other  riches on the way to the graveyard is to tell people that that not even a  fraction of gold can be taken by me. Let people realize that it is a sheer  waste of time to chase wealth.

And about my Third Wish of having my hands dangling  out of the coffin – I want people to know that I came empty handed into this  world – and empty handed I go out of this world.

Alexander’s last words – Bury my body – do not build  any monument for me – keep my hands outside so that the world knows the person  who conquered the world had nothing in his hands when dying…… A REAL GREAT  ADVICE!

D       From My Article – What the Old Man Had Said!  and at


During  these difficult times, I thought it is essential, imperative and fundamentally
important to share this one with you today on My Late Father (PBUH).  Hopefully all of us and The Younger  Generation can learn from it all – Inshallah! Though admittedly I feel still so
empty, vacuum, desolate and despondent that all I had tried to caution, counsel  and warn in my books went to waste – and it seemed nobody had read my books at  all. Especially the book – A Cry For Help!

I had talked about the increasing expectations  – and the lack of tolerances and patience – especially amongst the youngsters –  and how some few misbehaving expatriates would cause a great deal of trouble  and havoc here

My  Late Father was not that educated – nor did he speak any good English – but my  late Father was the most educated, intelligent, smart, wise and pragmatic  person that I ever saw in my life!

Whilst  there are many problems usual Father to Son Relationships – My Father and I  were the Best Friends to say the least. We could communicate and touch base at  the highest levels. I try to do the very same with my children too.

This is an  extract about My Late Father (Peace Be Upon Him) and from My Book A Cry For
Help! – A.15 – The Oman FM Radio Interview – in June 2007. The Announcer is  Mrs. Judith Razaq (JR) and me (MS)

JR       – Majid – Who has the greatest  influence in your life than anybody else?

MS      – I think it is my Father more than  anybody else because my Father was straight forward.

He made a lot of  friends and he also made a lot of enemies too. Because if somebody had upset  him- he never went about a long way to tell him so. My Father sometimes when we
invite guests to our house – he is dead now- so Father – Father please Father –  Please put the brakes on! He would say – the food is for you – eat it – I am  not going to tell you more than once! You are the guests – the food is for you  – please eat it. I tell Father – you do not have to tell them these things! You  know he is straight forward. And he has been telling us – that you should not  be scared nor to be afraid!

Always tell the  truth even if it may cost you – you must do the right correct same thing. But  please do not go for lies and deceptions.

My late Father  was particularly against taking loans (interests!) and living beyond our means
– or trying to brag and show off in life. He also told us – Do not be deceived  you have a rich powerful family member, relative or friend – because nobody is  going to help you – except yourself and your Lord only! To Him you go for help  and salvation – and nobody else – if you want to be happy and live comfortably  in this world! Live within your means – and do not overspent – or be stingy in  life either! Also earn your living honestly and sincerely!

And yes – Do not  be jealous and envious of others – because God does not like this in men. He is  The Giver and The Provider – and He decides whom to give (more or less) or not
at all. When you become jealous and envious – it means in other words that you  are challenging The Lord himself!

Do not ask for  kindness, mercies and favours from anyone in this life – except the Lord only!
But if somebody came to you for help and assistance – help him – because The  Lord favours those who are kind and compassionate to their fellow human beings  – and The Lord is particularly angry on those who can help but do not – it is  the same Lord who gave you that is denying him – and the Lord is just testing  you now!

Do not be  obstinate and difficult in life – and listen to the advices of your parents and  elders. Respect others and their belongings – just as you are doing yours and  would not want others to harm yours either. A good Muslim is the one who wants  the same good things for himself that he wants for others to have too! Work  hard and diligently for yourself and for your family – and never put all your  faith and trust in people – because they can let you down badly and unexpectedly!

On Family he  said – PBUH – Family  is like your running nose having a very bad smell – but it is still your nose. You  cannot cut and remove it – because if you do – you end as The Bigger Loser than  anybody else!

My Father ended  being just a Grocery Shopkeeper in his life – though he rode the same donkey to  school with people who were his peers in becoming great public figures and very
rich and powerful elites – from his home village in Hail Al Ghaaf – Quriyaat –  and after his parents had moved from Manah in Nizwa.

If we only had  listened – To what the Old Man had said!! A great man lived – and went! Peace  Be Upon Him! May Allah God Protect and Preserve us all – Amin…

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Our Late Mother  (Mama Bi.) Jokha Hamed Zahor Al Suleimaniya (Peace Be Upon Her) – Left us for  her heavenly abode on Monday 4 a.m. October 26th 2009 – From Allah  (God) we come – and To Allah (God) we all return … Amin… A great greatness that  had come to us with our Mother to us in this world – and now had gone forever –  just like the dust and candle into the wind! (Elton John to Lady Diana Song!)….

There is this  saying that if you see a grave and see a person being buried, then you  will come to your senses of our Temporary existence in this world. And all that  we pursue, focus, strive, drive and compete for have ambitions for – and want  to have and attain are all superficial and a charade. Only what you leave  behind is your good deeds, standing, reputation, behaviour and characteristics  only.

There is also  this point that sometimes you think you know everything or from your
subconscious that they exist – until someone tells you or reminds you – and in  many cases end up as being missed chances and opportunities – and if only  becomes the norm and too late a reminder! All the money, power and riches you  have you will leave behind, and you will go with that, they put on you before  they lower you to the ground and bury you!

Our late Mother  above had expired early morning Monday morning 26th of October 2009
after a failed and aborted surgerical operation at Royal Hospital for Dialysis  Implant. She was 78 years old – and her kidneys, lungs and also her heart  (heartbeats) had failed her. She was too weak for surgery, but the Doctors told  us that her lungs had accumulated too much water – and their attempts to drain  her had failed.

They had aborted  and stopped the operation whilst still in process – and instead they had to
resuscitate her and insert oxygen instead. These things are well best left for  the Medical Professionals – after all, they are supposed to be more experts, knowledgeable and experienced. In any case, it is Allah’s Will – and we have to  accept that it was her time due to return to Allah SWT.

But having seen  that back 10 years ago, my late father went the same way – something has to be  done for cases where the patient is aged and weak, and yet the operation  becomes necessary as they say. But if one ponders on the critical paramount and  fundamental point for a minute that the patient certainly cannot take it – then  the Medical Professionals must find alternative ways, means and routes to treat  such cases. I do not think surgery for the sake of surgery or an easy way out  is an easy option remembering the Medical oath, ethics, professionalism,  principles – and Hippocrates Oath I think?

Also if you as  Head of The Medical Team have already reached a decision with one member of the  family (in this case me as the eldest) you should stick to that agreement –  otherwise it causes distrust and divisions in the family – especially when  death etc comes in (as it did!)!

Allah Kareem –  God Is Great – Praise be to Allah –The Cherisher and Sustainer of The Worlds –  Most Gracious – Most Merciful – Master of the Day of Judgment – You do we
worship – And Your aid we seek – Show us the straight (right) way – The way of  those on whom You have bestowed Your Grace – Those whose (portion) is not Wrath  – And who not go astray (Amin).

In this column  and in my books (see  I have written about my late Mother – from an article titled The Glass Is Bent  – and several others. She is covered in all my books too – the Between Us Only  series. Also in the introduction part of my book Psychology of Arab Management  Thinking.

My late Mother’s funeral received one of the  biggest gatherings that I have seen  for a very long time. One resident of the place asked one of my friends – who  is the great person who has died today (by the number of peoples attending). My  friend replied – She was not from that very rich and famous powerful lady group – but certainly she was a Great Lady.

She had built  relationships to those high unbelievable levels – especially to neighbours –  proved by how many of them were at the funeral – even from Hamriya days 35  years ago – and even our neighbours from Zanzibar Mafia etc. sent in condolences!  The friend told me – I lost my Mother again after my own Mother had died two  years ago. Now I have No Mother!

One of the old ladies in Hamriya 35 years ago  had said – all I wish is to be buried near you – and she was three days later –  a premonition and wish that came true. She was also very sick – and had also  lost her husband – and a son too!

My late Mother was one of the gentlest and  kindest ladies that had ever existed in this world. She always respected and  esteemed everybody equally whether you were from the rich or poor, the powerful  or not, the famous or not.

She was especially kind and generous to the poor,  the needy, the desperate, the sick, the aged and elderly, the small children,  those that had given up hope and those that had ‘been lost; and wanted to be  ‘found and to be discovered’ and had come to her. She was especially against  disrespect, rudeness abruptness and contempt to those in ages older to one –
and especially also to those in leadership roles.

She stood out against unfairness and lack of  ethics and principles in life, and unalike many of us, found it in her own  subtle ways and means of communicating what was or should have been obvious to  that person – or the person talking to her and asking for her views, ideas and

She meant not to hurt anyone’s feelings and  outlook, even if she wanted to scream out the opposite in what she was feeling  or was in her heart. This especially to her sometimes misbehaving and truant  children – as far as I know she never took a stick to beat you (unalike our  late Father Peace Be Upon Him) but she would look at you and stare at you – and
you will get the signals and conform yourself – if not the first time – then  surely the second time around!

From the time she was married to one of the richest  and famous man in that distant island place – to the time we were poor  ourselves and in need – she remained unchanged as the same person. There was  always extra food in our house, and the those worse off than ourselves at the  worst of times were welcomed in to partake whatever was cooked in that house –  especially the locals. That is where I had received more calls and messages  than even from here – they all cried saying – a great lady has come – and  now has gone. We are with you at this particular time – your loss is ours too.  That in a summary sums her all up.

It is all so  very traumatic, hurtful and painful – but we must all now only accept Allah’s
Will – Amin. There is this hurt and pain that you simply cannot define when our  parents leave us, and leave us the children behind. The rest have then to mend  and change their ways, behaviours and attitudes to the one left behind who is  the parent figure – so those the parents that had departed do not turn in their  graves – and for the sake of the family and future generations – even if that  person is not rich and powerful. One owes that to the departed especially – and  one only can hope and pray!

 May Allah Bless our Great Mother for the  Greatest of The Heavens and Remove her  from the punishment of the grave – Amin  – Take Care!

F       Why Go Silent Now?

Remember this in A above? Now those of you who know me  well will appreciate and understand that something has happened to want me to  write about this – and you are absolutely right too!

I got this Email (and SMS) message from  several people including from The Company itself.

Talent2, A Global HR solutions company with an office  in Muscat, has been asked by Oman Oil Company to assist in a flag ship HR  project in Sohar.


• We need HR professionals for 9 days in Sohar

• To play a critical role in a companywide HR  assessment project

• Attractive contract rates will be offered

Interested or can you refer HR professionals?

CONTACT: +968 9985 8525

We are asking for your help in finding HR  professionals to help in this client based HR project.

We need HR professionals for a short period –  Saturday 18th and Sunday 26th of June. The project would  require HR professionals to assist the panel  interviews to assess internal applicants for key positions throughout the newly  formed company.

We require HR professionals with:

More than three years professional HR experience in interviewing/recruitment/assessing

Residents of Oman

These HR professionals would play a critical role in  interviewing and assessing internal applicants and helping add value to these  candidates internal career mobility within the Oman Oil Company subsidiaries in  Sohar.

Oman Oil Company has three subsidiary companies  in the Port of Sohar which being amalgamated:.

The companies are;




The new name for this company has been named:


After trying to contact him several times and  failing I decided to mail him – including one Omani Lady Maha Sultan. After  several days and the project had already started, I received this Email –

On 23 June 2011 09:59, Dermot OMahony <>

Hello Majid

Apologies for my delayed response.

Presently the HR consulting project which we were  asked to find HR professionals for, has been downscaled (After I had applied?).

The management team at our client site have stated  that they are managing with the existing six HR consultants which they have  resourced.

Originally requiring 21 personnel they have adjusted  their timescales to execute the project with these six senior HR consultants.

I really appreciate the time you take into follow-up  with me.

Perhaps in the future we will be able to work with  each other again.



So I replied to him –

Frankly it is not a  question of sour grapes as it may sound but I invite you and Maha to buy my two  Arab Management books A Cry For Help! (predicted all came into Oman etc) and
Psychology of Arab Management –  – and unless they remove some of the current CEOs and few top Brass all your  exercise will be wasted too – but why worry they will pay you anyway to show  ‘we did something’ – 🙂

On 23 June 2011 11:01, Majid Al  Suleimany <>  wrote:

Dear Dermot;

Thanks for letting me know! It is okay – I  wished I could have helped because I know the problems they have there and  there are few Omanis with guts and courage to face them what they need to hear  but do not want to hear!

In confidence when I left Sohar Refinery I  knew it would end in failure and to be merged up – and if you read my weekly  columns in The Oman Daily Observer Strangulation From The Inside you will note  what I am saying here.

Please remove my name from your list because I  have something already with me which will take at least 15 months to complete  at my own pace and speed.

Best Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany

I have, therefore decided to go now  completely quiet and let things take their natural cause – because my head is  bleeding banging it against brick walls and people that do not want to hear  anything from me as a person! I have already said so many times before – I told  you so! It is like winning many Derby races – one more will add nothing on to  what is already red lines crossed and saturation points!

With sincere and genuine apologies – Allah  Maakuum – God Be With You All – Amin.

Majid Al Suleimany.


The Schemers and The Plotters! Reply

Between Us Only! – This Week Article!

The Schemers and The Plotters!

Plot Against Julius Caesar

Joining Hands

Between Us Only!

The Schemers and The Plotters!

For The Schemers, The Plotters, The Conspirators, The Connivers, The Old Guards, The Renegades, The Rogue Elements and The ‘Mafias’ – Time Is All Just Up Now! Change Now!

I was reading this letter sent in by can you imagine a well-intentioned sincere Western Expatriate to a local magazine (The Week) – and it really touched me that here was a really caring and feeling expatriate – who perhaps may even care more for the country than us some so-called citizens even! He was talking of bottlenecks – and where there was the greatest ‘challengers for change’ was in the middle levels and echelons – and these are the usual peoples that are supposed to implement the changes in society – but whether intentionally, by default and or inadvertently do not cause change to happen. He cautioned that this had lead and would lead to greater problems to the country. I salute you Mr. RR for being so bold and courageous – and coming forward to say your bit! We need more people like you in our country – who have seen a good thing going here – and want it to be protected – to let it grow and be nurtured too!

There are a lot of people in this country – and some even in positions of management, leadership and frontline positions and responsibilities that have still not realised that change has come – and they need to change too – reform and adopt but they still go on unimpeded as nothing has happened – and to their usual tricks, games and ploys. They are smart enough to cover their tracks by trying to use formality – delays and inadequacies and lack of talents and competencies as their main ruse and excuse. Seeing mountains from molehills and exaggerations of the worst kind too!

There is nothing like ‘rogue elements’ that work in the system – pretending to go along and be part and parcel of the system and change – whilst all the time plotting and scheming inside covered and well protected to work against all from the inside.

They may even throw in grand words, encouragement and compliments – but the reality and true actions and intentions betray them! Just like the traitor who wears the army uniform – and giving all the secrets to the facing enemy! Or a set-up force to fight drugs, money-laundering, other fraudulent crimes – whilst they are part and parcel of the opposing force and the system – or lend support and assistance from inside hidden and incognito! I have always warned and cautioned in all my books about such characters and personalities as the people who can do most harm, damages and calamities all around!

I do not personally believe in witch-hunting and head-hunts – but I think now the time for continuing to be docile, nice and pleasant are now all over – and time for exposures and putting a quick and rapid end to such schemes and plots – because of the damages already done and continued to be done!

It is a sickness and disease – and has to be taken out – before the whole body becomes more diseased and damaged!

JFK Kennedy had also said – You cannot fool all the people all the time!

Prince Talal (brother of late King Hussein of Jordan) in an interview with Sir Robert Frost on March 12 2011 said – We all have to put our words in action – and everyone is responsible for one’s own actions (and inactions). He added – There is a vacuum of hope now in the young 19 to 35 (in the Arab world) and many of them unemployed.

 There is also – The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing – by Edmund Burke.

 Also similar – The world is a dangerous place not because of the people who are evil but because of the people who do not do anything about it – by Albert Einstein.

And from Thomas Jefferson ex USA President – All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is people of good conscience to remain silent.

And then from Ghandi – It has always been a mystery to me how men can feel themselves honoured by the humiliation of their fellow beings. And also – In prayer it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart. And finally – You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty; the ocean does not become dirty!

 Silence is a war crime – Arab Protestor placard.

We need to take proper action now before it is too late for everyone – and we allow such people to sink us all! Such people at whatever levels should be exposed and be removed – now! Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

June 3rd 2011