Respects and Mutuality! At My Worplace! Reply

Respects and Mutuality! At My Worplace!

For The Oman Daily Observer Features of Wednesday

December 28, 2011

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Respects and Mutuality!

For people to respect you – you must respect yourself first!

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers. — Isaac Asimov

The desire to write grows with writing. — Desiderius Erasmus

If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it. — Tennessee Williams

In all my articles I keep hammering on the same point and focus always – It is in the Offices and in Offices Dealings – where people are at their worst forms – and how they actually behave, act and interface with one and each other!

A long time ago a ‘good friend’ of mine ‘had joked with me’ that if he had met Madam Wife (MW) in the Offices – as he was now doing – he would make sure that he ‘fought her’ for me – and that I was a (unprintable!) son of a gun! And I did not deserve ‘to politely put it’ to be so lucky! I wondered to myself aloud – if I had met his wife – and if I had told him the very same things he was telling me now – how he would behave and react?

But then his wife was at home cooking, washing, cleaning and raising his children – even though she was – as I had heard later – was an educated and qualified lady – but for him a woman’s place is only at home! No other place! The education and qualifications – according to him – was that she would be a ‘better mother and wife’ – and that is all that counts! The ironical and sad tragic part was that he considered himself as a ‘religious and pious’ person too – but can gravely insult one so easily!

A long time ago there is this ‘a sort of prominent and famous person’ – who had at one time wanted to buy my Consultancy business off me – and let his Indian GM run it for me – whilst I got a monthly dividend – but condition I had to stay at home! Look – he says to me – ‘This is real clean money with no headaches’ – What more do you need? I had refused – because I had wanted to be self-employed and do this thing myself only!

Some months later, when the business had just collapsed first with the drying up first of any further funds and support – a good friend of mine took me to his Offices with the W (Wastah – Influence) cap on to try to get his W for a job for me instead! That is why I am always cynical and sceptical of all these continued talks of being ‘self-employed’ per se!

He was quickly dialling and talking to someone on the loud speaker phone – Guess who is here in my Office now? Yes – it is him! He is looking for a job now! But I am not going to help him at all! Now he will see life in its reality!

The person at the other end was a woman whom I came to realise later was a family member – and that is how far betrayals and let-downs can go! I would have preferred him to say NO straight emphatically and directly to my face – rather than use this way of communications to me! For the rest of my life till they bury me deep in my grave – I have ‘forgiven – but will never forget’!

This is our problem in Oman – and still continuing and never ending! These people do not want any competition from any corners – even the small businesses – let alone SMEs! Actually they have already plates and plates of Biriyani and Pilauw – but they still want that sandwich on your small plate!

You will excuse me for the quote – but the East Africans have an expression that goes on like this – For a person to insult you – he does not have to choose his words carefully and wisely– anything lumped together and thrown to you quickly goes!

It makes all sorts to make this world – and if you want to maintain your health, sanity and faculties- then you must just go along and take the bitter pill – and in many cases just not sugared even!

Happy, Peaceful and Safe New Year 2012! Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany

Higher Education Versus Personal Behaviours! 1

Between Us Only!


Higher Education Versus Personal Behaviours!

 It Is Those That Are More Highly Educated That Unexpectedly Behave The Worst In Many Cases!


Honestly, some of my strongest adversaries were ‘those supposed to be highly educated and expected to behave also as appropriately’ – and perhaps it is the jealousy and envy thing that I dare want to join ‘their club’ – but I do not have the PhDs to go along like them! It makes all sorts to make this world – and if you want to maintain your sanity and faculties then you must just go along and take the bitter pill – and in many cases not sugared even!

 What do you say to a Doctor who has a heart made of rough stone? A Doctor that is so mean and cruel to levels unimaginable! Yet still dares to smile and show you a friendly face – whilst at the same time telling you bluntly so cutting and so painful things unimaginable to a patient or someone related to that patient? Like Your parent has to do this operation – but he will not survive the operation!

 If you insist for a percentage of success he says – I will give you zero percentage! If you ask for your options – he will tell you – Take your parent home – but he will die soon in a painful and tormenting way! Maybe this Doctor has seen so many deaths and injuries – and he feels having this stone heart is a good way of protecting himself – and how he deals with others – patients included!

Conversely, to my dying day I will always remember my First Class Lady Boss in Tanzania. She was of mixed blood – her mother was German and her father local. She was so educated professionally and with also 2 PhDs – but she behaved simply, quietly and approachably that you may be misled to believe that she was just a Secondary School leaver level. I mean in her behaviours and approaches – she never ventured out to show herself off – but was just simple and presentable in all aspects. Actually she felt embarrassed if you started questioning her about her education and attainments!


Then come to our own! Even the ladies too – can you imagine? Especially if she holds a position of power and authority – that seems to go more into her head! I had a boss (local) in one neighbouring country – she was divorced by two husbands – and her third marriage was on the rocks. She was a very pretty thing to look at – but not to be taken home – and be touched! Just like you see a scorpion in a glass box!

She treated all of us staff like scum and dirt – and her communications to us were mere shouts and screams! She could insult you anytime in front of your visitors, peers, customers, clients and even subordinates – the later which she liked to do more! She never kept her promises to you at all – and you never dared to remind her! She destroyed the career and lives of many by her cruelty and meanness – and some even mental and phsychological cases to this day! People like these when they meet a nasty end – there is simply no remorse or feelings from those she had insulted and pained before!

 Both the ladies were my bosses – but guess which one I am ready to return to anytime! I have so many more other examples of so-called ‘higher educated so disappointing and sad cases’ to give – with live examples and stories – but my column is limited by words. You can get all more information from my books – especially the two Arab Management books here and at

 Yet our Great Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) was not that educated himself – and the Angel Gabriel had to ‘direct him to read!’ – And yet he was one of the greatest people and leaders in this world – and will remain so till the end of the world. He led by personal examples to be followed and to be emulated!

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012! Take Care!


 Majid Al Suleimany


People Need To Change Now! Before It Is Too Late!! Reply

At My Workplace!

People Need To Change Now!

Always Making Things Hard, Difficult, Complicated and Complex To Others – It Is Time For People To Take Notice And To Change Now!

This is the sad bitter truth. People are suffering and are so sad and unhappy – and fed up to the tilt!

  As I had said last week – I do not know if the situation has now gone that bad and desperate – or simply people have given up hopes or in desperation – but I now get regularly people coming to me to write about their issues and cases. This is at a rapid and alarming rate – even for me! Besides, I am not paid that much to fall under this category – or as an Investigative Researching Journalist!

Despite all the so-called much publicised and advertised ‘we now have’ advances like The Internet, Web Pages and direct on line applications – there are still some places in Oman – particularly in The Public Sector – where if you have a problem or issue – you will start looking for Wastah (Influence) before you go and take up your issue there!

Everybody there is a Big Boss and they make the rules as they see fit – and who is facing them! If they do not like your looks – or the way you speak – or the way you carry yourself – the things are made more hard and difficult to you and you feel like going without if you only could – or start desperately to get Wastah all over again!

The other day I had an appointment to see a Doctor in one Public Hospital. The Filipina Nurse was taking me to see him as he was waiting inside for me. Guess the rude remark from a young Official best translated into English – And you? Where do you think you are going? This even upset the Filipina nurse who retorted – Don’t you see he is with me? And you should learn to speak to people better than this – as I have told you before! Besides, this man can even be your father by age – if not grandfather!

You go to a public place with your request and almost plea and beg! All you meet are blank faces stares – as if you do not exist! Try to raise your voice in protest – that is great danger and calamity for you – if your situation will not get only worse and more difficult for you – and if your application will just disappear and vanish even!

Sometimes you deal with one person – and things seem to go well – only to be interfered and interrupted by someone else you are not talking to even – and why should he be left out to show he too is the Big Boss of that place! You wonder out aloud – if this person became equivalent to a Supervisor or Manager position – how he (or she!) would behave and act towards others?

It is so frightening and scary – to say the least! Yet we all know the troubles in all the Arab World today started with the self-immolation of Mohamed BuaAzizi in Tunisia when he could not earn his living selling fruits and vegetables – and being slapped in the process by a Police woman – the greatest insult for an Arab man – and failing to get re-address to his grievances. We cannot isolate ourselves from the rest of the world – as we too have seen events all around us even!

I think it is high time an Ombudsman Committee was set up for Good Governance to report – even anonymously ‘blow the whistle’ way of those few public officials who deal erratically and haphazardly with the General Public – and as a lesson to others to be removed from their posts also!

As a first step we should remove this element of refusing letters and certificates from Private Hospitals and Clinics – and if their Doctors are corrupt and tell lies – then all the Private Hospitals and Clinics in Oman should be shut down – and leave only The Public Hospital Doctors – because only they speak the truth – and do not tell lies – or are not corrupt! If I am being treated in a Private Hospital – why do you need me to go again to go to a Public Hospital to get certificates from them? It makes neither sense nor logic!

And Public Institutions and State Apparatuses like the Central Bank and some Ministries like Manpower and others should review critically and pragmatically all such issues and aspects – and make things more easier and convenient – and ensure in removing all those things and aspects that are red tape and bureaucracy – and that make things hard, difficult, complicated and complex for the citizens and residents alike. Only we cannot change the Holy Quraan – because it is God’s words – but the rest we surely can. 

 I hope and pray sanity, pragmatism, sense and dynaism would prevail!

We need to wake up from this slumber – before it is too late for everyone! PLEASE! Take Care!

 By: Majid Al Suleimany

Things Have Turned Sour! Why Do We Do All These Things To Each Other Now?? 1

Why Do We Do All These Things To Each Other Now??

 Why Do We Do All These Things To Each Other Now??

I stopped smiling now!

Dear All;

People may say anything that they want about me – including that I am ‘eccentric. crazy or mad even’ – and that I get angry quickly even though I am diabetic and my Eye Doctor has warned me to ‘be extra careful’ because I am one of the few in millions that has pressures going to my eyes instead of my body. My left eye has left 55% vision left only and 65% of the right eye. When I am extra angry I even bleed from my eyes!

The point I want to make is this.

I have noticed that people have changed for the worse now! The situation has gone even worse then before! It has gone ……. bad!

There is too much meanness, viciousness, vindictiveness, divisions, bad hearts, polarisations, bad intentions and wills – and some think they are more important than others – and have more rights too! Despite all things we see in real life happening in front of our eyes – and not far from us either!

Frankly, I am not a vengeful and vindictive person – I think I am confident and convinced in saying this!

I respect and esteem everyone – whatever religion, race or creed – and I expect the same from everyone in turn. Bottom line I know I try best to be kind, nice and helpful – because I am afraid of My God – the Punishment of The Grave – and Eternal Hell Fire as a Believer! Even that ant you trample on viciously will have you punished in your grave and Day of Judgment – let alone doing it to a fellow human being – believer or not.

And as Muslims we believe Judaism and Christianity amongst the Believers – and Islam is the only Religion after Christianity that believes in Jesus Christ (Prophet Issa), Mother Miriam and the miracle birth!

I have been writing for the last 8 years – and on the same subjects and topics – and I keep writing – again and again! I am writing more as a hobby – something that I like to do! Nothing more or less! The money is peanuts – if and when it comes in!

The Romans had said – Those that the gods are out to destroy make them not see, hear or speak. Or as we Arabs say – There is no one so blind but with eyes but cannot see; no one so deaf but with ears but cannot hear; and no one so dumb but with a mouth but cannot speak!

Or as Napoleon had appropriately have said – Do not interfere with someone set to destroy himself (let it be syndrome).

Things I had said in 1980s came to pass – even in my working time and career too! I am tired of saying – I TOLD YOU SO! The same things that I have said in my articles from 2003 onwards – 8 years ago! Just imagine! I warned and cautioned on the cinder fires burning underneath – instead my books and me were targeted instead! Even the VIPs I sent my books did not have even the courtesy to acknowledge and thank me!

What are all these things for?

Anyway, I would like to thank all my fans and supporters from my heart with warmth, sincerity and genuine feelings and touch. And I ask your forgiveness for those who chose ‘not to be my friends’ – and those trying to get back at me – to shut me up and close my mouth!

Allah God Protect and Preserve us all from His Anger and Fury – Amin

Best Wishes and Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany

Between Us Only! THE FINAL ARTICLE! 2

Between Us Only!


It Is Time To Say Goodbyes!

  • A wise man once said: ‘The skill in attending a party is knowing when it is time to leave’. We built something extraordinary together… and all things must end, and we wanted to do it right, to do it our way – REM lead vocalist Michael Stipe announces the alternative rock band is splitting after 31 years and 15 albums.
  • A farewell is necessary before we can meet again, and meeting again, after moments or a lifetime is certain for those who are friends. Anon
  • True love doesn’t have a happy ending, because true love never ends. Letting go is one way of saying I love you – Anon
  • Sometimes you have to let go to see if there was anything worth holding on to – Anon
  • Set the bird free – if it flies away from you – it was not yours from the beginning! – East African Swahili saying.
  • Do not wake up sleeping dogs, they will wake up – and bite you! – Another East African Swahili expression.
  • This battle may have been lost – but the war is still on ahead – French General after France invaded by Nazi Hitler German army.
  • Sometimes you think you have won; when you have actually lost – and sometimes you think you have lost; when you have actually won! – Anon
  • The usual old games and tricks do not work anymore – because people have gone past the Fear Element now!
  • Do not bite the hand that feeds you – otherwise you will lick the boot that kicks you – Anon
  • If you have something growing for you – keep it, nurture it – let it grow and prosper – do not put sand in your rice cake (food) – (Swahili East African) or spit on your food (Indian). If you do – in the end you yourself cannot eat it anymore!
  • Do not kill the messenger of bad news! – Anon
  • Sincerity and being caring, feeling and genuine are never wasted in the front of God – Arabic

I am one of those fans who had really got hurt and disappointed when The ABBA Swedish music group had decided to close down. The same for the Comedy series Seinfeld and Friends. Also The Oprah shows.

The reason they gave was the same one – when you are still ‘up there’ then it is time to quit!

I watched the film of Titanic as it was being rushed to its utter destruction – as it was being moved towards the icebergs – and despite the protestations of the young captains on board!

I am a sick diabetic person 63 years old – with eyesight and glaucoma problems. I am now continuously feeling a lot of pressures – and getting my face always bloodied – and my head swollen – as I bang it against brick walls! Nobody is hearing me – and I always end as the victim – because people do not want to hear the truth – and find evil and devious ways and means to ‘get back at me’!

I simply cannot now continue to handle the pressures I used to be able to do in the past – especially being out all alone there – and abandoned without any support and backing!

Things that have seemed to have been settled are being revived just to put me in a corner – and to silence me!

I have been writing for the last 8 years – and on the same subjects and topics – and I keep writing – again and again! I am writing more as a hobby – something that I like to do! Nothing more or less! The money is peanuts – if and when it comes in!

The Romans had said – Those that the gods are out to destroy make them not see, hear or speak. Or as we Arabs say – There is no one so blind but with eyes but cannot see; no one so deaf but with ears but cannot hear; and no one so dumb but with a mouth but cannot speak!

Or as Napoleon had appropriately had said – Do not interfere with someone set to destroy himself (Let it be syndrome!).

Things I had said in 1980s came to pass – even in my working time and career too! I am tired of saying so many times – again and again – I TOLD YOU SO! The same things that I have said in my articles from 2003 onwards – 8 years ago – came to pass! Just imagine! From my first book Between Us Only! –

My First Arab Management Book – Psychology of Arab Management Thinking – Context and Perspectives – Arabian Magement Series. The book talked all about ‘the things going wrong in Arab Management’. See here how to order – or

I warned and cautioned on the cinder fires burning underneath – instead my books and I were targeted instead! The book A Cry For Help! Went even so far to prophesied and predict the Arab Spring Uprisings – but who cares? See Even the VIPs that I had sent my books did not have even the politeness and courtesy to acknowledge and thank me! As if I was embarrassing them instead to send them my books!

Why and What for are all these things?

My Second Arab Management Book – A Cry For Help! (The Real Cry!) – Context and Perspectives – Arabian Magement Series. The book talked all about ‘the things going more extreme and fundamental especially with The Youth and sort of predicted and propheised The Arab Spring Uprisings!. See here how to order – or

Anyway, I would like to thank all my fans and supporters from my heart with warmth, sincerity and genuine feelings and touch. And I ask your forgiveness for those who chose ‘not to be my friends’ – and those trying to get back at me – to shut me up and close my mouth!

This is Goodbye – and wishing you all the very best in your lives, your families and in your endeavours! I came – and now I am going. Leave me alone NOW in peace – please!

Goodbye and Maa Salaamah!


Majid Al Suleimany

November 19th 2011 – Muscat – Oman.

Need For Compassion From The Banks! 1

Article For Sunday November 20, 2011

My Website –

Between Us Only!

Need For Compassion! (This Is The Full Version)

The Holy Quraan – Surah Al Baqarah – Verse 280 – If the debtor is – In a difficulty – Grant him time – Till it is easy – For him to repay – But if ye remit it – By way of charity – That is best for you – If ye only knew

Abu Qatadah related that the Prophet had said: If anyone would like Allah to save him from the hardships of the Day of Resurrection, he should give more time to his debtor who is short of money, or remit his debt altogether. (Muslim)

With a heavy heart and sadness, I have noticed the new trend, fashion and in-style nowadays is to draw blood from stones! Or having your pound of flesh with blood drawn in!

The world we live in is only temporary (transit) – and on The Day of Judgment we will be held responsible for all our actions – and inactions. This applies especially more to The Leadership.

There are so many others verses of The Holy Quran and The Hadith (Religious Teachings) on being kind, considerate and compassionate to those especially heavy in debts – but cannot pay – even if they really wanted to.

It is well understandable that the Banks have no monies of their own but are mainly their depositors’ monies with them. They have therefore full rights to protect and preserve these deposits and investments with them – and the trust and confidence put on them.

There is no question and or dispute here for any reason.

One can also try to understand and appreciate the point and reasoning as to why they are ‘harshly chasing and pursuing so-called defaulters’ – if they themselves are now running in the red and losing money and profits.

In memory of BouAzizi of Tunisia who started The Arab Spring Uprisings!

Images – BouAziz In Remebrances, Supporters Demonstrating and Fadia Al Hamdi – The Policewoman who slapped BouAzizi!


It is also understandable that the banks have to operate under set rules and regulations of the Banking Sector an as per monetary and fiscal policies of the nation with the Central Bank as the as the Head of the Banking Authority in Oman – and as the Custodian of the Banking Laws set by Royal Decrees.

And then let us face realities and truth in life. Banks have indeed made great profits and returns as we see in the news every day. Many of them have built expensive top-of-the-art creative Head Offices and Branches, many top good pool cars and handsome bonuses and dividends too. Let alone the Top Management bonuses every year. Where does this money come from? It is like what we hear all being said on Wall Street all over again!

But it is also a statistical fact and reality too that especially in Self-Employment with the SMEs there are bound to be failures – and not because of not trying or one not being responsible, accountable and transparent – or because of wrong calculations, estimates and risk taking.

Those businesses that have not done this have remained small grocery shops for ages – but even here now there are unexpected eventualities, turns and outcomes.

We live in the global village. And what happens there has a direct and indirect bearing and affect to us too.

Tell that to Video Shops (remember Beta and VHS formats?) and now replaced by CDs – Bookshops selling physical hard copies by eBooks (remember Borders etc) and by Kindle iPads and others! Audio cassettes – what is that? Even in the small villages in the third world!

And then let us face realities and truth in life. Many Omanis are heavily in debt – even the younger coming in generations.

Then we have the usual jealousies and envies streak in society that are willing to pay foreign companies three or four times more that they are willing to pay local firms – ‘on take it or leave it basis’ as we were told. Or a lot of empty and dry promises made to you ‘to finish off the job – even if you are running at a big loss’ – and when you told them you cannot continue at this rate – and or need review for more money, support, assistance and cooperation.

Then we have the usual issues of ‘of getting entry, break and opportunity first of all to come in’ – the ‘Wastah element’ – ‘Corruption Fiascos’ – and the differences between rhetoric and reality!

Whatever the case the CBO, Ministry of Finance and the Commercial Banks need to do something quick – before we also start to have Wall Street demonstrations here – or someone does something untoward and unexpected at any time.

Pervez ex Pakistan President had said – it is all nice to have all kind of nice policies and coverage inside and outside – but it is what directly impacts and affects citizens’ lives that make the difference. Or metaphorically speaking, having a nice painted villa outside – and only in the Sitting Room where guests come in – but the rest is a mess!

It is the small things that count in the final analysis and calculations – and we are not there yet.

How does a customer feel when he sees the Banks getting so much profits and incomes – and is giving this and that prize – and is sponsoring this and that – but a citizen Pensioner salary is not safe – including his house too!

And The Big Question – are we following the CSR – Corporate Social Responsibilities guidelines – or for that matter our Religion and Teachings too?

[Quran 4:58] Verily! Allah commands that you should render back the trusts to those, to whom they are due; and that when you judge between men, you judge with justice. Verily, how excellent is the teaching which He (Allah) gives you! Truly, Allah is Ever All-Hearer, All-Seer.

I REPEAT IT – Whatever the case the Central Bank of Oman CBO, Ministry of Finance and the Commercial Banks need to do something quick – before we also start to have Wall Street demonstrations here – or someone does something untoward and unexpected at any time.

 Frankly, I do not think that banks should worry about Islamic Banking coming in if they do treat with feelings, compassion and consideration their customers and clients now – before they start switching allegiances and loyalties. The time to do that is now – not tomorrow!

Allah SWT Will judge us by our deeds and actions – and also inactions – on The Punishment of The Grave and The Day of Reckoning!

May Allah SWT (God) Protect and Preserve us all from His full anger and fury – and Guide us all towards the right path and ways always – Amin..

By: Majid Al Suleimany


Are we watching and seeing things all around us now – even near home? Or happening in so-called Advanced Western World with the Arab Spring Fever?

The Romans had saidThose that the gods are out to destroy make them not see, hear or speak.

Or as we Arabs say – There is no one so blind but with eyes but cannot see; no one so deaf but with ears but cannot hear; and no one so dumb but with a mouth but cannot speak! Or as Napoleon had said – Do not interfere with someone set to destroy himself (let it be syndrome).

Narrated Hudhaifa: I heard the Prophet saying, “Once a man died and was asked, ‘What did you use to say (or do) (in your life time)?’ He replied, ‘I was a business-man and used to give time to the rich to repay his debt and (used to) deduct part of the debt of the poor.’ So he was forgiven (his sins.)”

Abu Masud said, “I heard the same (Hadith) from the Prophet.”

Al Bukhari – Volume 3, Book 41, Number 606: Narrated ‘Abdullah bin Ka’b bin Malik Al-Ansari from Ka’b bin Malik:That ‘Abdullah bin Abi Hadrad Al-Aslami owed him some debt. Ka’b met him and caught hold of him and they started talking and their voices grew loudest. The Prophet passed by them and addressed Ka’b, pointing out to him to reduce the debt to one half. So, Ka’b got one half of the debt and exempted the debtor from the other half.


It was narrated that Abu Hurayrah said: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The soul of the believer is suspended because of his debt until it is paid off.” Narrated by al-Tirmidhi (1078).

It was narrated that ‘Umar ibn al-Khattaab (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: Beware of debt, for it starts with worry and it ends with war. Narrated by Maalik in al-Muwatta’ (2/770).

May Allah SWT (God) Protect and Preserve us all from His full anger and fury – and Guide us all towards the right path and ways always – Amin..

By: Majid Al Suleimany

We Need To Be Serious! 1

Between Us Only!

We Need To Be Serious!

Practising more of what is being preached and in reality!

 Or difference between rhetoric and reality!

The other day I had gone to this Medical Centre in Town. As I entered the place there was this Western lady who was at the Reception Desk. She was wearing a white nurse dress – so I presume she was a real nurse acting out the duties and function as The Receptionist cum Administrator at the counter.

She was trying hard to be friendly – and you could tell it was all an act and charade – until she realized that we spoke Queens English to be more receptive! Or perhaps the place encourages only the Rich and Famous Omanis – not like us!

I was wondering to myself whether she was really doing the job as such full time – or would not surprise me being just off Eid – if there was an Omani boy or girl doing the ‘real’ job – but as usual – and not surprising again – the fear of the rain and the wadis – or just Shuwa and Mishkaak (Meat Meals!) at the home village had decided not to turn up – like the rest of the Private Sector did!

Frankly I was perturbed as I was sitting there and though smiling comes in this person (Patient – Western) who sits facing me but my smile is wasted on him – as if we are in Europe – and not in Oman where it is customary too to at least smile and say Hi! as you enter – but that is another story for now! This despite all the things that have happened here before – and my last book published 2009 on the same issues – A Cry For Help! –

Do not blame me by going with appearances – because I simply have no way of knowing! It then dawned to me that if she (Receptionist) was really doing this job full time – then she must have come in on a Labour Clearance and Visa of a Nurse (or even Doctor – nothing is surprising anymore to me now!). And that must be a very expensive exercise of the establishment – and needed to be done anyway because she came with the ‘investment package’ from home – or through other connections, contacts and reasons.

If that was the case, for sure this job (like many others too!) could easily have been done by a local – given the right touch, encouragement, push, mentoring, guidance and coaching! But then who really cares? If you can circumvent the rules and regulations for your benefit – and the others are looking the other way – why not I ask you? Not only here but in so many other places in Town! We Need To Be Serious!

If even all these jobs ‘sort of reserved for Omanis only’ can now be done by expatriates under fanciful names and titles – why not? Could perhaps explain why this expatriate lady was doing a Receptionist Admin job – supposed to be reserved for Omanis.

But if even more senior jobs like Admin, PRO, Secretaries and Human Resources Managers are being done now openly by expatriates under fanciful names – why not? Incidentally and coincidentally if you go to the Professional Sites liked LinkedIn, you will see them brave enough to call themselves as just plain HR Managers – and nothing to be scared or to be afraid about! But perhaps more scare the guy who writes such things instead!

Frankly too – and the other side of the coin – if you as a local and are not really serious about your job aspects, accountabilities and responsibilities – and give them an excuse to bring in a friend or contact from home – or is already here looking for a job or something better – whom do you blame – them or just plain you? After all they have come here to invest with Returns (Profits) On Investments – ROI! And if the office atmosphere can be cheered the more by having home faces – or more friendlier faces – why not!

If the excuse was that she was acting because it being Thursday and the Youth insist on a five-day week as per the new regulations– the two days off could be made on shift-basis – and recruiting more Omanis for the position. This instead of wanting to give bad name to Omanis as being ‘not cooperative – even with overtime offers – instead of these short cuts!

The same story starts to repeat itself with the introduction of the basic minimum salaries – and what followed next! Here we go again!

There is something that I must also say and repeat here for the benefit of everyone – and I hope common sense, dynamism, realism, pragmatism and vision will come in!

First there is no more this element of fear still running or even scantily – and secondly everybody is just fed up to the till!

And if you think still the old games and gimmicks will still work in winning always – you have got it all wrong – and are just deluding no one but yourself only – and those near you! In desperation and last attempt and effort – last week I had written in the same column – Let The Strong Man Win! Do not tempt to scare me anymore – because in the end we will all lose – some sooner than the others!

 I think I may need to quit now writing anymore for ever – because I always get hurt and pained in the end – and I end with a bloodied face – and swollen head banging it against brick walls!

Like I have said so many times in the columns – The Romans had said – Those that the gods are out to destroy make them not see, hear or speak. Or as we Arabs say – There is no one so blind but with eyes but cannot see; no one so deaf but with ears but cannot hear; and no one so dumb but with a mouth but cannot speak!

Or as Napoleon had said – Do not interfere with someone set to destroy himself (let it be syndrome).

And finally – Those that bite the hand that feeds them – end in licking the boat that kicks them! – proved so many times before!

Take Care!

By: Majid Al Suleimany

End of The Element of Fear! Reply

With some time on my hands I was browsing the Internet and went to this site

It really provides interesting readings.

The Tunisian Hero To The Arab Uprisings and Revolutions.

Mohamed Bouaziz (aka Basboosa) set himself on fire (self-immolation) on 17th December 2010

According to Bouazizi’s mother – Rania Abouzeid – Mohamed Bouazizi undertook his desperate drastic action because he had been humiliated, not because of the family’s poverty. “It got to him deep inside, it hurt his pride,” she said, referring to the police harassment. – and being slapped by a woman Police Officer Fadia Hamdi!

Portrait of Mohamed Bouaziz

Tunisian Protestors – Below in France Supporters


The Slapping Woman Police Officer Fadia Hamdi!

I think we in the Arab World especially have short memories of The End of The Element of Fear and Harrassments – and need to be reminded now and again – and especially just few days ago of The Richest Arab Ruler of The World Ghaddaffi kept for sale like a frozen fish in the fish market!

But will we learn? No – that is the Arab Tragedy for you! People will never learn until they suffer personally for what they have done – or allowed to run and in inaction.

Simply put – People are no longer afraid anymore! The Losers will be EVERYBODY!

Allah (God) Protect and Preserve us all – Amin.


Majid Al Suleimany

Let The Strong Man Win Always! Reply

 Let The Strong Man Win Always! 

Or difference between rhetoric and reality! Practising what you preach!

Difference of preaching and practice – rhetoric and reality – and hypocrisy and being sincere and genuine! Islam is not just talking – but doing it!

Drawing blood from a stone!

The other day I met this friend of mine who was in The Zanzibar boat disaster case a few months back. I would not put him as a ‘strong fan’ because he would normally go by the discussions around him on his stand and point of view. Our late Father had always cautioned us on those people who seem to get along with almost everybody – but that is another story for now!

So the good friend says to me – I have been reading your articles for a long time now – but the messages and themes just come in one ear and goes out from the other! But you will find this strange and morbid now – I should have remembered God but not you! This as everyone was panicking around as the boat was sinking – I remembered one of your articles being stuck in a rock without a paddle as the saying goes – and you just watch everything around you as you wait for the final end result and outcome – which is coming soon and there is simply nothing you can do about it! He says to me he remembers the metaphor I had quoted several times of this fast moving train as it starts to derail. Or the one more about the Titanic with the young captains on board – as they watch it in horror as it was moving towards the iceberg to its utter and final destruction!

A few years back I never knew I was a diabetic case until one day I found my head so heavy and that it looked like falling off my body! My family had to persuade me to go to hospital – a private one – but when they saw my case they had to send me to The Emergency Ward of Royal Hospital in Bowsher! When I reached there I found so many people fussing around me – because my glucose levels were so high imaginable. Even one of the doctors insisted to the nurse to bring a new machine – because they could not believe the readings!

The Doctor said to me – This is a first time case for me at least – because with these temperatures you must either be dead, paralysed or in a coma. Do you have steel in your veins?The joke was continuously repeated by other doctors – and frankly I was so frightened and scared stiff to see so many doctors paying me such attention – like I was guinea-pig case for them to study! Frankly too, I think money and other worries had contributed significantly to my sad state of affairs – if you will excuse me playing my fiddle here! It was not only discovering to be a diabetic case!

This nice caring lady doctor had seen me so emotional and distressed one night and she asked me what gives? Then we started talking. The shock was hers to hear my tales and that these things can happen to one when you have tried to be self-employed after opting for voluntary retirement – and the worst part of what can befall you if you try to challenge the system by going to business as an underdog – and then having the audacity and impudence of failing too! I do not want to repeat my story – I have said it so many times before – even trying again to be an Author, Writer and Columnist – and the story repeating itself all over again!

No one can give you money for free – even in your family too! But there is compassion, care and feelings too! In addition to being considerate and kind – being also ethical, professional and principled. If you are down there in the hole – do not expect kindness or mercy – or a helping hand out – but people will throw in more stones to hit you – and there is nothing you can do about it.

People are selfish, self-centered and cruel – no mercies extended – and a short memory too. There is need to be considerate and kind – being also ethical, professional and principled. And remembering the profits you have made – and to remember your old customers too in social responsibilities

I am watching the many cases now of Buddhist monks self-immolation cases – because they find it too much and have given up – as the situation only gets worst day by day – and there is simply nothing you can do about it if you are a weakling and an underdog! We have all conveniently forgotten the Tunisian Fruit Seller whose self-immolation started the Arab uprising! How a great Arab Leader otherwise before all these was left in a fish market being viewed and being mockingly photographed by not interested buyers too – and just like Alexander The Great had said – I came in this world with empty hands – and I leave with empty hands to my grave. But will we learn? No – we will not – all the wealth and power has been left behind!

Three days back I find my glucose levels rising again – and all because as a Pensioner with over 35 years solid, dedicated, committed, loyal and faithful service to the Nation – I cannot now touch my Pension (my only earnings left in my life now!) – and as it is all taken. And even those supposed to pay you have not done so for the last 7 months – or find an excuse not to pay you even though you did the works successfully for them. Yet they have the courage and bravado to smile at you as if nothing has happened – and have forgotten conveniently all the good things and sacrifices that you have done for them.

I am going on a fast diet to bring my glucose levels down. I say – as the East African say in Swahili – Mwenye Nguvu Mpishe – literally Let The Strong Man Pass (Win)! And there is simply nothing that you can do about it – as your fate is doomed and sealed – yet we pride ourselves to be in a Islamic and Arab country too!

What is the point? There is simply no point! Either you lose your money – and your health and sanity too! I have tried hard to go by the system and contacts – but it is simply not working! I wish I was Buddhist – then I could come back! But as a Believer it is Eternal Hell only! They do not even read my letters anymore – but delete as it comes in!

As my friend said to me – I tried to recollect myself fast and do something quick to abandon the sinking ship! The only way I can – is to leave things to Allah SWT God – because only He can save me now. I have tried with all peoples I could – even sending them free copies of my books – only to find the results more unexpected – because I had the audacity and impudence to raise my voice – and complain. Allah Is Great – In the name of God; The Most Gracious and The Merciful – Amin.

Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany

Respect Our Arab Leaders! Reply

Respect The Arab Leaders!

A deep soul search analysis of what we have become now!

You will excuse me for this – but in writing I will not talk about things on what is going on and construed as the norm. Like bombing children queuing for sweets; for jobs or in the market places buying food for the family – or praying alongside you in the mosques (Masjids)! And so many other sagas and things of the same sort. If I start doing that it will take pages and pages to complete! The Key word here is The Leadership! And how we interact and interface with them!

A long time ago I watched this war epic film of The Second World War where this British Captain is seen saluting the graves of the just buried by them German soldiers! A disgruntled voice is heard to say – They are Germans – and they would not even bury us if the tables were turned! To which he receives a retort from his Commander – They are just the same like us – just carrying out orders given to them by their commanders (and country) – so let it rest! I forgot the name of the film – but it made me shed a tear or two at ‘humanity at its best’!

In my first articles in my column Between Us Only! In The Oman Daily Observer (April 30 2003 – after the Iraqi invasion) I wrote – Quote – The Other Face (Humane) of   War! Or – The Milk of Human Kindness Amidst War – There is this picture of a Corporal Claire O’Connor (26) of Fulham, South West London, of the British Forces in Iraq as she is holding an Iraqi baby boy (about 3 years).  The Corporal is seen smiling, and like all held babies seeing smiling faces, he smiles back.  The mother (Iraqi) is entwined and watching in ‘awe’ is smiling also. A photograph of ‘two mums’ looking up and holding a baby – A picture of milk of human kindness, feelings and touch.  There is no war going on-as far as the picture goes. They are both mums to a baby – no invader or being invaded! – Unquote. 

It is said that during The Black September episodes, rebelling Palestinian soldiers preferred to surrender to The Israelis than fellow Arabs – because they would receive ‘better and fairer treatment’ than their fellow Arabs (Muslims)! And also the notion that more Palestinians (Arabs) have died from Arab bullets rather than from the Israelis! 

If you go by our Religious Hadith (history) our Great Prophet Muhammad PBUH forbade any reprisals of any sort to the people of Mecca after defeating them in the wars – despite the very bad records of they did to the converting Muslims – to the extent that they had to leave for Medina and even to Ethiopia – a Christian land with a Christian King! So many other stories depicting humanity and kindness to the same people – like those who threw stones at him and causing him to bleed! When asked if he wanted the villages destroyed he instead went as far as to ask them to be forgiven. The same villages later on became Muslims! And they even went to the Far East to spread Islam! 

Why do we not follow the best and the greatest example shown to us by this Great Prophet (PBUH)? What other example do we want?

You can follow here my other articles that I have written about Muammar Ghaddafi. The point I want to make are these:- 

A – Saddam Hussein of Iraq.

  • I have never been a Saddam Hussein supporter – but I acknowledge that still he was an Arab Leader!
  • We have seen how young Iraqis taunted Saddam Hussein as he was saying to even receive a taunt from the man as he was being hanged. They did not even allow him to finish to say The Shahada – the last words but pulled the rope to hang him as he was saying the ‘last words!
  • The man was visibly more terrified as he was being handed to ‘fellow Iraqis’ than when he was with the Americans!
  • These things should really shame and disgrace us of what we have now become!

B – Hosni Mubarak of Egypt.

  • Why bring such a sick old man sick and in bed to court – whatever he has done? Have we seen any other example of any other case in the world?
  • And then all the poking fun and insulting videos, cartoons and caricatures of him, Ben Ali and others!
  • Following things just blindly without thinking and reasoning – against the very ethics, principles and teachings of our own religion – despite whatever they have done (and that is another angle also to look into – as required by A Leader in Islam!)

C –Muammar Ghaddafi – The Latest Live Example!


  •  I was shocked to the core – I actually cried! – To see how such young Libyans have treated him – despite everything that he has done! Whatever tyranny and brutality!
  • Today we hear from ‘Christian Quarters’ (not even from our own voices) for a full investigation of the circumstances and how he was killed (in cold blood)!
  • Either because people were scared stiff of what he might say in revealing secrets – or and just bad unalike our Religious Teachings on how to behave and act in such circumstances!
  • There is also this general expression in Arabic – Those who come up by the sword – will also go by the sword!

D – George Bernard Shaw!

It is purported to have been said by this great writer and poet that – Islam was the best religion in the world – but its worst peoples! 

So sorry to say it – but I have sympathy with his views!

 Then there is this expression – we shall want to copy and emulate to such an extent that when we see them crawling into a crevice – we would want to do the same!

Yet we have so many so-called Leaders there Non-Arabs and Non-Muslims who too should be in jail – or even hang! Why is nothing happening to them???


Stay with your own peoples only! Outside friends are only temporary, artificial and for their own self interests as it suits them!

May Allah SWT (God) Forgive us our sins and Protect and Preserve from His anger and fury – Amin (Amen)!

Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany