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Author plans novel on real life stories of road accident victims

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Burmese Buddhists Extremeists Attrocities Against Minorities (Muslims)! Reply

Burmese Buddhists Extremeists Attrocities Against Minorities (Muslims)!

It is time that the Arab and Muslim countries wake up to the atrocities and crimes commited against Rohingyas Muslims!!

We have now holocaust solutions of limiting Muslims only to two children! Are we waiting until they initiate Final Solution like Hitler did to the Jews in the Holocaust?

Arab leaders and stakeholders especially will be asked by Allah on Judgement Day what did they do whilst Muslims were massacred in Burma?

Is it because they are Brown Dark Skinned and have no important resource of oil etc?

The Rohingyas – after the Palestinians – are the most persecuted people in the world!

Whatever a crime of few Muslims the majority should not suffer because of an act of a few!

The irony is after the Bumese President met Obama the atrocities only worsened! Not lessened. It is a slap on the face for Obama and the West – so much occupied for the despicable murder of one British soldiers – but the Rohingyas can go to Hell!

Whilst we looked the other way we lost Palestine. Are we now waiting for the annihilation of the whole Rohingyas race whilst we party and welcome tourists to our lands  – but do not care for the other Muslims because they are poor – and have nothing to give us?

The Burmese Junta are participating in these crimes behind the scenes because of their own hidden agendas. The Buddhists are peaceful loving people in reality but have been hijacked by bloody few Buddhist extremeists and the army.

Extreism and fundamentalism is only Muslims? Shame on the world!

Send home all the Myannamar Buddhists working in the GCC to teach them a lesson! No more trade and relations with them on all fronts!

Sittwe, BurmaRohingya children try to cross the Naf river in Teknaf by boatRohingya men are seen among houses set on fire during fightingburma-1[2]

Stop the oil, trade and relations all the Arab countries at least.

I cry for the Rohingyas!


Majid Al Suleimany

P.S; It is not only Syria – look at Burma! See these images!! SHAME!!!

Burma 1 Burma 2 Burma 3 Burma 4 Burma 5 Burma 6 burma 7 Burma 8 Burma A

New Road Safety Website. Reply

New Road Safety Website.

6 - Behind The Wheel

About The Website! – www.bethesafedriver.com

Specially created by Majid Al Suleimany with completion of his new book on Road Safety – Novel Type!

Being The Safe Driver! Behind The Wheel!

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Majid Al Suleimany

Why I am so sad! Reply

December 10, 2012

Majid Al Suleimany

A – My Earlier Articles.

A.01 – The First Article

  • A Fresh Perspective Outlook on Omanisation – March 1982.
  • Times of Oman.
  • PDO Al Fahal Magazine

A.02 – The Second Article

A.03 – The Third Article

B Started as a Columnist in The Oman Daily Observer

A.02 Above – A.03 Below.

Please note that the interview was conducted 12 years ago – and I still think relevant and valid to a larger extent!

Visit my www.majidbooks.com on my Arab Management books (2) and Between Us Only! series…

Feel free to download, copy and forward….

Take Care!

Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany


My Books – by Production Dates – www.myown-ebooks.com

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Above – Between Us Only Series!

Arab Management Books – Above.


The New Books (Three)

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The Road Safety Book – Novel Type – In Simple English. 3

April 5th 2012

 The Road Safety Book – Novel Type – In simple English.

 I am now writing my 6th book on Road Safety Stories.

 The Book Plan – To write Short Emotional Stories that have happened to people because of Road Accidents!

 The book will be a novice first time type ever written in Oman as in a reading novel type format – written in the simplest of English – as it is envisaged that many of the  Readers English is a second language (or third) after Arabic – and to make it easy for them to understand and comprehend – taking into account the importance of the subject to the increased number of road accidents and fatalities in Oman.

The New Book on Road Safety – Novel Type



Writing has always been in my blood and my hobby and passion.

 Road Safety Article – 1990s

 I wrote this article for Times of Oman in May 1994 titled – Stray Thoughts on Oman Traffic – and reproduced by PDO Al Fahal Magazine June 11 1994 titled – Drive Safely for the Sake of Family and Loved Ones! – See appended below

 A         Peoples’ Stories – All True Cases.

.The story must be about road accidents and had happened in Oman mainly.

  •  To write about Road Traffic Accidents in a book format and using simple English language for all to understand and appreciate.
  •  To put catching titles per story such as :-
  •  Newly wedded died on road accident
  •  Mother is still grieving!
  • Grandmother left alone in the house!
  • Utility bill syndrome
  •  Full Family lost in the accident!
  • Bad timing to travel after midnight!
  • Wrong Job Relief causes agony!
  • Fast trip ended shortly!
  • No more singing in the rain!
  • Mother – Do Not Cry For Me!
  • You should have been firm with me Mum – now I am gone!
  • To make it interesting and true. And things that we have seen in reality happening in front of our very eyes.
  •  To give accident account, possible causes and lessons learnt.
  •  As the writer will have the full rights to lay out the story according to the flow of information
  • Ask people who have No Objections to write their own true stories with photos and blogs.
  • Include photos of as many car accidents and lessons to learn! Preferably in colour format.
  • We need to write this book in view of the high road fatalities and accidents – and starting with schools.
  • The idea can be expanded with a picturesque book for Primary Schools (Arabic also) in the future – but it will have to be in corporation with others (Arabic not that god for writing up!)

 Any others

 B         How The Idea Originated!

 It came some time back from an Omani General Manager  (and a very good personal friend!) and whose Executive Secretary and the whole family perished in a road accident two years ago!

 I knew the late girl well – see sample story appended.

 This idea was given to me also by a good Indian Fan of mine as something worthwhile to consider to do with my Writing Skills and Experiences and taking it up from the Five Books already published by me.

 See sample story here

C         Issues

 There are many issues to handle first – like people willing to talk first with you and their willing for their stories to be told? But with the right approach and tactics this can be approached in the right way for success.

 Otherwise we will not use names but create our own names, initial, nome-de-plumes and pseudonyms

 D         Summary

 The book can take off very well. I have a strong feeling on this one!

 To be published in Oman as we may ask sponsors also from others like PDO, ROP, Newspapers etc – but the lesser the better! I want to own full rights and in publishing too.

 I am looking for financial support and in monetary help and in financial more sponsorship.

 Also if you know of any stories as above to share with me and other Readers

 Or if people willing to come forward to share their own stories – as lessons for others to learn!

 Or any views or suggestions that you may possibly have.

 Let us not forget life is not permanent or forever – but we will be remembered for what we have done and contributed in this world SADAKA JARIYAH

E          My Column Writings

  • My Two Columns in The Oman Daily Observer
  • Between Us Only! – Every Sunday!
  • At My Workplace! – Every Wednesday!
  • Please see here at www.majidall.com
  • Previous at www.betweenusonly.com  and www.alsuleimany.com
  • I also write a column Society Speaks! For Oman Knowledge Oasis Muscat KOM
  •  My Books Between Us Only! Series have hundreds of stories on accidents – starting with the first book published March 2003 – more than 8 years of the columns – and books!
  • Other websites – www.majidsn.com – other issues.
  • Allah Maakuum – Allah God Be With You All Amin Amen

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Best Regards,

 Majid Al Suleimany



 1          Road Safety Article – 1990s


2          Sample Story – Continued

2          Sample Story – Continued


Rest in Peace – RAW!

Peace Be Upon Her!

In Remembrance – Feeling Very Sad Today!

Wednesday February 9th 2011.

She had the most beautiful, enchanting and blossoming smile that you ever saw in such a pretty girl like RAW!

 Always cheerful and helpful – people flocked in and out of her Office just to visit and talk to her! Always a kind word and gesture to everyone – if it was the last sandwich which she had to keep for herself – she would offer it to you and she would go without!

 The old man went up the stairs to the offices as he was afraid of using the lift! He was a very angry man – he had received a wrong electricity bill that went to over a Thousand Omani Rials! His electricity was also disconnected! He had travelled all the way to The Head Office from the Interior – because he did not receive any cheers from the Branch.

He was shouting and addressing me – I had come in temporarily as The HR Consultant! How can my bill be so high? Last time I paid was less than OMR 20 (US Dollars 60)? I live with my wife and my two sons only in the small house!

 Hearing the commotions, RAW stepped out from her Office. Abuuiiy! (Father!) Please come and sit down. She brought him water and coffee. Relaxed, the old man started crying! He was ashamed of himself – for shouting so loudly to so many others – and ‘making just a nuisance’ of himself! Do not cry Father she said to him. I will call the GM out of the meeting to see you just now!

 Do not worry – she assured him – I will take care of you! And she did…. the old man got his electricity bill cancelled and the electricity returned – and a company car to take him home to his village 250 kilometers away. RAW also gave him Company Complimentary gifts – that is RAW for you – always caring and feeling for others! As a Consultant even for me – this was a great learning experience in kindness, care, feelings and in humanity – all RAW!



Wednesday February 9th 2011.

 I was calling this good friend of mine a CEO of a National Company – and he gave me the ‘shock of my life’ to tell me that his Executive Secretary – and a First Class High Profile lady in my books had died as another casualty figure (statistics) just recently – after asking him how she was and having not received any emails from her for quite a while. I had covered this poor lady in My Books as one great person who had always stood by me in offering me support, kind words and in encouragement in my books.

 I had never expected to cry again! For me I try best to hold back my tears very much. But failed miserably this time! I still fail whenever I remember her. This poor lady was amongst one of the ‘casualty figures and statistics’ that we read in the newspapers every day and week – without abating an eyelid – as the ‘usual stories’ we read in the newspapers. Or the usual pun – so what else is new?

 I also did read this article by one Omani Columnist in the other newspaper titled Killer roundabout’ rings alarm bells in Mahdahby Fahad Al Mukrashi. Every week we see also in the newspapers about road casualty figures in the newspapers – but as usual in the coming story we never imagine or visualize that it could be someone we know well or related to.

 It seemed that an Omani family of 5 adults and 5 children had decided to get into a saloon car and drive all the way to Abu Dhabi in UAE. They decided to have lunch there and then to return on the same day. At 21:30 hrs, the father of the family perhaps overlooked   the Mahdah round about and caught by surprise – he panicked and braked sharply – and the car rolled over several times. Six members of the family died immediately but the father escaped with minor injury because he was wearing a seat belt and was awake and alone behind the wheels.

This is one girl that I really liked and admired – and was always a great fan and supporter of me. She was always encouraging and supportive – of me personally – my books and my writings. The happiest time she was when I dedicated some of her comments in my books and giving her complimentary copies.

She was always sending me nice warm supportive messages – like cheering your day or to make you smile messages. These always used to cheer me a lot – especially when I was feeling down and sad. She was always beaming with smiles and kindness. Pretty smiles full of blossom and enlightenment!

Today I am crying again of the sad news and the gap in my life now. She was a great lady and I miss her terribly!

She had a great sense of humour and tease! Once I asked her if she was interested to get married or what – or why not still. With her usual sense of humour and wit she replied – They are waiting for me to get a higher salary first before they proposed to me! My salary is still small to them!

May Allah SWT Rest her angelic kind soul in eternal peace in this world and the eternal – and open the highest heavens for her – Amin.

Inshallah I will always pray for her so long as I will live – Amin.

By Majid Al Suleimany


Book Review – An Intelligent Man’s Guide To Arab Management.! (Two Books) Reply

Book Review – An Intelligent Man’s Guide To Arab Management.

Oman Vistas Magazine – Essential Reading on Business & Economic Development – February 2010.

Psychology of Arab Management Thinking deals with everything you need to know about the Arab Management process and nuances of the workplace in Oman. The Author quotes mainly from personal experiences and draws on his observations of human behavior at the workplace.

The book provides a perspective from the Author’s personal experiences in dealing with expatriates and locals. It is an outmost candid representation and objective evaluation of behavioral and management issues, organization values and work ethics at the workplace in Oman.

In his book, he puts forth hard hitting facts in a sincere attempt to speak the truth about the realities in Arab Management. The attempt is not to be construed as an attempt to jeopardize people, instead it is written with an objective to make people aware, help them learn and make amends to the current management system.

This process of realization and change are being laid out in order to help the management in their development and success and raise the bar in terms of achievement and learning and increase value added employee contributions at the workplace.

In the preface of the book, he reveals “Arab Managers have a low opinion and rating of his own people and values and esteems outsiders to his own”. This book is definitely not a surreptitious (secret) account of workplace facts, but introspective (thoughtful) writing well meant to assess and evaluate facts with objectivity at its best.

In Chapter 14 “Is there any hope for the Arab Manager? Or what should the Arab Manager do?” he puts forth the fundamental and most critical question of whether such a management is able to evoke a sense of morale, motivation and ownership of tasks from employees at the workplace.

This book is a reference point for a better understanding between people and organizations, especially in the unprecedented business scenario where employees need to stay together as a team. He speaks about incumbent issues of working with certain managers where he was asked to over deliver as he was presumably paid more than the directors back in their country. He speaks about pertinent issues of preferential treatment, lack of transparency and dilution of organizational values of integrity and team work at the workplace in order to further the personal interests of the management.

Citing case studies and quotes especially from organization inputs, he provides plausible instances for clash of old autocratic and new management concepts, importance of interpersonal and communication skills, training and implementing new practices. He puts forth principles that will have a greater role to play in challenging the current practices in Arab Management for the better.

This book is a revelation of the realities of the Arab workplace and is recommended to be read as the Writer is drawing from his own personal experiences and exposures and narrated with live demonstrations, examples and illustrations with the aim of improvement in the Arab Management practices

Majid Al Suleimany is a prolific writer who is an Arab (GCC – Omani) Management and Human Resources Consultant, Expert and Professional who has authored various (management) books. Known for his sharp wit and honest portrayal of the culture of the Arab workplace, the Author has no qualms in calling ‘a spade a spade’.

He has worked for over 25 years as a Human Resources Professional and Expert mainly in Oil Companies. He has also worked for over 8 years as a Management and Human Resources Consultant, Expert and Advisor. He has also been widely exposed to young Omani graduates’ intake programmes, their mentoring, coaching and counseling and for National Staff in general. He holds an MBA in International Management (UK). The Author has four other books to his credit – the second Management New Book A Cry For Help! Between Us Only; The Sequel – Between Us Only! And Short Takes – Between Us Only!

The book is now available in Family Bookshops in Oman, Borders and WHSMith – Magrudy’s and Jashanamal in UAE.

It can be ordered online at www.trafford.com/08-0889 or email orders@trafford.com

(For more books reviews, details and particulars, please visit www.majidbooks.com or www.mymajidbooks.wordpress.com or  www.alsuleimany.com

Email majidalsuleimanybooks@gmail.com or majid@majidsuleimany.com



Disappointing Results For Women! 4

Disappointing result for women
Saleh Al Shaibany
Mon Oct 17 2011 08:33:40 GMT+0400 (Arabian Standard Time) Oman Time
MUSCAT:Oman today celebrates the Woman’s Day, which coincides with a major disappointment for the 77 women candidates, from which only one emerged victorious, in an election dominated by men voting within their own tribes.Nuamah bint Jamayel bin Farhan bin Mubarak Al Busaidiyah, a school teacher from Seeb, is the only female candidate to win a seat in the 84-member Majlis Al Shura assembly and the first one to be elected since 2004. No woman is serving in the outgoing council.A woman candidate at Muscat came close – with over 2,000 votes – as a runner up but failed to secure the first spot.“It would have been great to celebrate Omani Woman’s Day with four or five women elected. I really thought this was going to be a historical election in terms of women, but sadly it was not,”
Fahima Al Rawahi, a school teacher at Al Azaiba, told Times of Oman.Not more than two women have been elected at any Majlis Al Shura Council since voting started in 1991. Other women too were disappointed, blaming men for voting for their tribal members.

“Many people across the country say that they saw groups of tribes of candidates in their home towns voting for their men. Most of these candidates who have been elected are not qualified to serve but they are in there because they belong to large tribes,” Fadhila Al Hosni, a receptionist at the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, said.

The Ministry of Social Development marks Omani Woman’s Day today with an event at the Ministry of Education’s theatre at Wattayah.
Leading corporate houses in the country are also marking the day with celebrations and colorful events.

His Highness Sayyid Shihab bin Tariq Al Said, personal adviser of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, said that women deserved to take part in the democratic aspirations of Oman and without their participation, the nation would not be complete.

“Women are our partners in progress and their role in the Majlis Al Shura is much needed. They are as much educated and dedicated as men and we need them to make important decisions alongside men,” Sayyid Shihab said.


It’s a victory for Oman’s women,

says Naama

Mohamed Al Balushi

17/10/2011 10:02 am

Naama Jameel Farhan al Busaidi, the only woman candidate to win in the Majlis A’Shura polls, has dedicated her victory to all women in Oman. Naama won from Seeb by securing 626 votes in the elections held on Saturday.

“With this victory, all the women in the sultanate have won,” Naama, an activities specialist at the Mabela A’Shamaliya School, told Muscat Daily. “I am happy for every Omani woman, who will now be represented in the Shura Council. I won because people, especially women, trusted me and showed their faith in me.”

Naama said that she has been working in the education sector for 23 years, and added that she plans to fulfill the wishes of the residents of Seeb.

Some of the residents in the area expressed happiness at having elected the only woman in the Majlis A’Shura. “I have known her for many years, and she deserves this victory,” said Khalfan al Amri from Mabela. “She is very popular in the area as a good teacher.”

“It is great to see a woman win a seat,” said Ghahim al Amri, another resident of the area. “It is a big achievement that she is the only woman to have won from the 77 who contested across Oman.”

 My Comments

The same story – or The story of half-empty glass and half-full glass – you never win!

Today is Women’s Day Celebrations!

It is important that women had participated – winning or not winning! They need to be better organised next time. And that is where modernity clashes with traditions – because in great parts of society the women have to follow what their men say – still is a great start!

By Majid Al Suleimany

P.S. Women want equal rights? Welcome to Equal Rights – and no pun intended! I am a father of 3 daughters – and 1 son!

Nobody cares what I say here – but it would not be a bad idea if the three women with the highest number of votes (or percentages) were to be nominated to represent Omani Women in Majlis Ash’hura!

Okay you will say what about the men who did not win with equal votes and percentages? Are you not creating a precedent here. I do not know – maybe you have a point too!

Take Care!


Learning From Each Other! Reply

The Previous Link  – www.betweenusonly.com

Between Us Only!

Learning From Each Other!

It may really surprise, shock and awe – and amaze many people to realise that you can learn so many things from each other’s society and backgrounds if you just do take the keen initiative and interest to do so! Sometimes we just copy and emulate from ‘certain quarters and circles’ that we think and analyse as already being ‘more advanced and developed – more modern’ – and by the same conclusion and gesture we consider others ‘as still developing and behind’ – even in comparisons to our own – and feel and think that there is nothing there to learn or gain! And how wrong we can be in such comparisons and conclusions!

1 – The Monkeys (Baboons) Story – Have you heard of the monkeys’ (baboons’) story? There is this monkey (baboon) climbing up the tree – and he hears great laughter emanating from below. It turns its head around to notice fellow baboons (monkeys) on the floor laughing hysterically and uncontrollably. So it comes down and asks – what gives – and is met with more mirth and laughter. Then one of the monkey (baboon) whispers something to its ears – and it shouts back – No! I am not! So the elder and more wiser of the lot tells it – Ok – you go again and climb the tree. It does – and meets more than ever uncontrollable and hysterical laughter – this time with clapping and ever more mirth and gestures! The climbing monkey shies away – and hides its head in great shame and embarrassment! *** What was this monkey told?  Tip – Those in glass houses should not throw stones! Anyway – Please read on

2 – The Ali Baba Story – We have all heard of the story of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves! But have you thought and considered this point? Now that Ali Baba has all the money and gold and can assume some respect and hero ship at last – because though he has all the money and wealth now – bottom line he got all the money and wealth by stealing from others! Those of you who have watched The Godfather movies series will grasp at the point that I want to make – how the Godfather is all so respected, esteemed and adhered to because of the stolen money and wealth – and murdering others too even! You must have heard also of ‘Protection Payments’ to the Godfathers and The Mafias – if you do not pay, fall in line and be submissive to have your ‘properties and belongings’ protected – they will come down hard on you – and destroy not only it but can even hurt, damage and even kill you and your family in the process!

Though there are not that many films like The Godfathers – Ali Baba can even be more ruthless and cruel to especially new entrants or challengers to his sphere and area of influence and operation – and like the Mafias too can have ‘The Laws’ look at the other way whilst the victims are harassed and butchered. We have seen these films of ‘rogue elements’ even supporting The Mafias (and Ali Baba) from the inside!

3 – The Trouble-Maker Story – I was watching this Religious sermon by one great Islamic Scholar – a Dr. Mohammed Salah in Al Huda Television. He was narrating this story of our Great Prophet – PBUH. The  Great Prophet (PBUH) saw this very old woman carrying a heavy load all by herself. So he went to her and helped carry it for her for her for quite a distance to her home.

When she reached there – she told the Great Prophet – I am a poor person – I do not have any money or present to give you. Despite protestations that it was all right and it was his duty to do so – the old woman went on – You are such a nice well-behaved son – you came to help me whilst everyone else was ignoring me! But all I can give you is some ‘good advice to help you in your life. She went on – Again thank you now, young man. You have really been so kind. That generosity and smile is very rare to find now a days. Let me give you some advice, since you’ve been so very nice to me. Stay away from Muhammad. Don’t heed his word or emulate his way. If you do, you will never have true peace, and all you will find is trouble.”

The Great Prophet PBUH turned around to the old lady and said – I am very sorry My Mother – but I am  that Muhammad that you are just talking about now. To this it was said she later converted to become a Muslim – and accepted the faith. Now if it was any other one of our Youth nowadays – the old woman would be insulted – and even be beaten up too – that is – if anyone will come forward to help her carry the load in the first place!

My Last Week ArticleBeing Arrogant In Life!ISee it here –  repeat the theme and message .

Just to paraphrase a few lines – There is nothing so dangerous and damaging in life – than a person who is always very proud, conceited, arrogant, ‘too much know’, haughty and vain. Arrogance, Pride and Conceit are so dangerous that in the Holy Quran it says that if people acquire these foul traits – then these traits they become a part of their nature – and they become always proud, conceited, rebellious and vain. The ironical and sad part is that not all such people are in positions of power and in authority – could be even in reality be in the ‘lower levels in society’ themselves – but they still think their opposite is ‘a lower person’ – or ‘untouchable’ even! Speaking down to others from a higher pedestal – or high horse!.

Take Care!

***  The Monkeys Story – It Said – ‘You are all open behind’ – and the other monkeys think and do not see it in themselves too!

By Majid Al Suleimany