Rest In Peace! RAW! In Remembrance – Feeling Very Sad Today! Reply

Rest in Peace – RAW!

Peace Be Upon Her!

In Remembrance – Feeling Very Sad Today!

Wednesday February 9th 2011.

Images just for illustration.

She had the most beautiful, enchanting and blossoming smile that you ever saw in such a pretty girl like RAW! Always cheerful and helpful – people flocked in and out of her Office just to visit and talk to her! Always a kind word and gesture to everyone – if it was the last sandwich which she had to keep for herself – she would offer it to you and she would go without!

The old man went up the stairs to the offices as he was afraid of using the lift! He was a very angry man – he had received a wrong electricity bill that went to over a Thousand Omani Rials! His electricity was also disconnected! He had travelled all the way to The Head Office from the Interior – because he did not receive any cheers from the Interior Branch.

He was shouting and addressing me – I had come in temporarily as The HR Consultant! How can my bill be so high? Last time I paid was less than OMR 20 (US Dollars 60)? I live with my wife and my two sons only in the small house!

Hearing the commotions, RAW stepped out from her Office. Abuuiiy! (Father!) Please come and sit down. She brought him water and coffee. Relaxed, the old man started crying! He was ashamed of himself – for shouting so loudly to so many others – and ‘making just a nuisance’ of himself! Do not cry Father she said to him. I will call the GM out of the meeting to see you just now!

Do not worry – she assured him – I will take care of you! And she did…. the old man got his electricity bill cancelled and the electricity returned – and a company car to take him home to his village 250 kilometers away. RAW also gave him Company Complimentary gifts – that is RAW for you – always caring and feeling for others! As a HR Management Consultant even for me – this was a great learning experience in kindness, care, feelings and in humanity – all RAW!


Wednesday February 9th 2011.

In Remembrance – Feeling Very Sad Today!

After watching this traumatic video of The Egyptian demonstrations and the crying Wael Ghoneim – the hero of The Egyptian Uprising this day – I was calling this good friend of mine a CEO of a National Company – and he gave me the ‘shock of my life’ to tell me that his Executive Secretary – and a First Class High Profile lady in my books had died as another casualty figure (statistics) just recently – after asking him how she was and having not received any emails from her for quite a while.

I had covered this poor lady in My Books ( as one great person who had always stood by me in offering me support, kind words and in encouragement in my books.

I had never expected to cry again! For me I try best to hold back my tears very much. But failed miserably this time! I still fail whenever I remember her. This poor lady was amongst one of the ‘casualty figures and statistics’ that we read in the newspapers every day and week – without abating an eyelid – as the ‘usual stories’ we read in the newspapers.

Or the usual pun – so what else is new?

I also did read this article by one Omani Columnist in the other newspaper titled Killer roundabout’ rings alarm bells in Mahdahby Fahad Al Mukrashi. Every week we see also in the newspapers about road casualty figures in the newspapers – but as usual in the coming story we never imagine or visualize that it could be someone we know  well or related to.

Images just for illustration.

It seemed that an Omani family of 5 adults and 5 children had decided to get into a saloon car and drive all the way to Abu Dhabi in UAE. They decided to have lunch there and then to return on the same day. At 21:30 hrs, the father of the family perhaps overlooked   the Mahdah round about and caught by surprise – he panicked and braked sharply – and the car rolled over several times. Six members of the family died immediately but the father escaped with minor injury because he was wearing a seat belt and was awake and alone behind the wheels.

This is one girl that I really liked and admired – and was always a great fan and supporter of me. She was always encouraging and supportive – of me personally – my books and my writings. The happiest time she was when I dedicated some of her comments in my books and giving her complimentary copies.

She was always sending me nice warm supportive messages – like cheering your day or to make you smile messages. These always used to cheer mea lot  – especially when I was feeling down and sad. She was always beaming with welcome, smiles and kindness. Pretty smiles full of blossom and enlightenment!

She told me – Mr. M – you have not lost – you have won! Keep your head high and let no one succeed in trying to bring you down at all. You wrote 5 books and 2 in Management – none of your adversaries could write – let alone to  write a book!

She said to me – Actually you did build a successful company until those your adversaries tried hard and succeeded in bringing it down – together with yourself – and it was not due to your lack of trying – but once evil willful such peoples have set their minds God Allows them to be successful – and if they only knew what is waiting for them in the grave and The Day of Reckoning!

Most important is this. They are jealous and envious of you – and wish in their very hearts to be like you – but know they can never be. On top of that everybody holds you with the greatest of like, esteem and respect – but not them. And they know it too! Keep your head high always Mr. Majid. Do not let them undermine or marginalise you – or to make you unhappy! Or feel insignificant and small!

She said to me – If you die today or anything bad untoward happened to you there will be definitely more people with you than they can ever imagine!

Today I am crying again of the sad news and the gap in my life now. I miss her terribly and I wished I had the courage and guts to tell her what I felt for her – but was afraid to do so – with the age differences and so many other things.

Once I asked her if she was interested to get married or what – or why not still. With her usual sense of humour and wit she replied – They are waiting for me to get a higher salary first before they proposed to me! My
salary is still small to them!

May Allah God SWT Rest her angelic kind soul in eternal peace in this world and the eternal – and open the highest heavens for her – Amin.

Inshallah I will always pray for her so long as I will live – Amin.

By Majid Al Suleimany

Arrogance, Pride, Conceit, Vanity and Haughtiness! 1

Arrogance, Pride, Conceit, Vanity and Haughtiness

There is nothing so untoward, unbecoming, dangerous and damaging in life than a person who is always very proud, conceited, arrogant, haughty and vain. Arrogance, Pride and Conceit are so dangerous that the Holy Quran says that if people acquire these foul traits, then these traits become a part of their nature and they become always rebellious and vain.

The Holy Quran says that even on the Day of Judgment these proud and conceited persons will behave the same way as they did in this world. They don’t see anything other than their own point of view. Those who are proud in this world will be the same in front of Allah. “Pride, conceit and boasting are deep seated illnesses. They are defined as a person viewing himself as greater and more important than others, while viewing others as inferior and mediocre.”

The Holy Quran further says that when these conceited, proud and vain persons are brought to the grounds of Judgment on Doomsday, they will learn that, in fact, they are destined for Hell. Then, they will object to Allah and accuse Him of making a mistake. They will swear that they are good people and will say that Allah is making a mistake by unjustly assigning them to Hell!

The Signs of Arrogance etc.

It manifests itself in the speech of a person when he habitually says, “I did this and I am that,” just as Satan did when he said, “I am better than him; You created me from fire, and You created him from clay.” (Qur’an 7:12). Its impact on gatherings (of knowledge and places of importance) is that one will try to push himself to go first, raise his voice over others, or seek to open the gathering.

In discussions, it manifests when a person refuses to listen to those who question his opinion and respond to their inquiries. An arrogant person, when he is reminded, responds harshly, and when he rebukes others, does so with extreme rigidity. Any person who sees himself better than others is an arrogant person.

References in The Holy Quran.

  • “Arrogance is refusing to acknowledge what is right and considering others to be inferior.” – [Reported
    by AI-Hakim]
  • “No one with the slightest particle of arrogance in his heart will enter Paradise.” – [Reported by AI-Bukhari]
  • Allah, the Almighty, says in the Qudsi hadith, “Allah loveth not any arrogant boaster.” – [Luqman: 18]
  • Allah, the Almighty, says, “Pride is My garment and haughtiness My Mantle: whoever vies with Me for them I will throw into Hell.” – [Reported by Muslim]
  • The Messenger (pbuh) said, “A debate took place between heaven and hell. The latter said; in me shall enter tyrant and the arrogant people: while heaven said, “In me shall enter the weak and
    the lowly.”
  • Allah decided the issue by saying, You are heaven, My mercy, through you I shall have mercy on whomsoever I please; and you are hell, a place of punishment, through you I shall chastise whomsoever I like. It is incumbent upon me to fill both of you!” – [Reported by AI-Bukhari]
  • Allah, the Almighty, says, “Do not speak to the people with your face turned away, nor walk proudly on earth; for Allah does not love any arrogant boaster” – – [Luqman: 18]
  • Salama Ibn Al-Akwa’ recounted that a man was eating with his left hand in the presence of the Prophet (pbuh). The Prophet (pbuh) told him, “Eat with your right.” To which the man replied, “I
  • Though nothing stopped him but arrogance. The Prophet (pbuh) said,’ “May you not be able to” And the man could never lift his right hand to his mouth again.” – [Reported by Ahmad and AI-Hakim and it is an authentic hadith]
  • “Shall I tell you who the people of the Hell-Fire are? The cruel, the haughty and the arrogant” –  Reported before]
  • “There are three people whom Allah will not speak to, look at or exonerate on the Day of Judgement, and who will have a painful torment: he who wears the hem of his garment low (out of pride), he who
    reminds recipients of his charity to them and he who sells merchandise swearing that he paid more for it than he actually did” – [Reported by Muslim, An-Nisa’i and Ibn Majah]
  • “What comes down the anklebones of the caftan is in Hell” – [Reported by AI-Bukhari]
  • “Understand that a person will not be arrogant unless he believes that he has certain religious or worldly qualities which (he views) as being perfect and complete (in comparison to others).
  • The wickedest arrogance is that of someone who exalts himself over people of his learning and gloats to himself about his superiority. The knowledge of such person is of absolutely no benefit to him.
  • There is no power nor might save in Allah Most High, Most Glorious.
  • The Prophet (PBUH) said, “Quarreling and arguing is not the way of Muslims. I will not intercede on their behalf on the Day of Judgment if they indulge in such things.” He (s) added, “First Allah ordered me to stop people from idol worship and polytheism. The next thing he ordered me to do was to stop people from argument and quarrel!”
  • The Prophet of Allah (PBUH) said – Whoever exercises patience at the time of an argument, will be rewarded with three gardens in Paradise. Of these three gardens two are named Ridwan and Aden. The third garden has no particular name.

The Causes of Arrogance

Sheikh al-Jawi, in his commentary on al-Ghazzali’s text wrote,

  • The first is knowledge
  • The second is being active, and in worship
  • The third is lineage (ancestry)
  • The fourth is beauty
  • The fifth is wealth
  • The sixth is strength and power
  • The seventh is having a large following, students and close friends.”

Types of Pride and Conceit

  • One type of conceit results in argument and quarrel. This means that the person insists on getting his way and wants others to accept his point of view. This trait is more pronounced in some persons. They tend to force their opinions on others.
  • Another type of conceit manifests itself in stubbornness in behaviour with others. There are people who are so stubborn that they prefer to jump into a deep well rather than change their point of view. This is a very harmful and dangerous trait.
  • Another type of conceit results in excessive expectations on others.
  • One of the fruits of conceit is refusing to accept any criticism.
  • Criticising people is necessary but more important is to accept and take constructive criticisms in the right spirit. People face difficulties in this matter.
  • Amongst my brothers my favourite is one who informs me of my failings and defects. Bihar, Vol 74, Page 282
  • Money and wealth – especially those that got them quickly and unexpectedly – and FORGET to Thank Allah SWT.
  • Being highly opinionated, prejudiced, bias, stereotyping others – and ridiculing and belittling others in


Arrogance, Pride, Conceit, Vanity and Haughtiness

Major part of this article has been taken from the book ‘Kitabul Kabayer’ (Major Sin) – Written by : Imam Shamsu ed-Deen, Ad-Dhahabi.

Let us try our level best to avoid eternal Hell Fire and The Punishment of The Grave – AMIN


Majid Al Suleimany.

If You Do Not Change…? Changes and You! Reply

If You Do Not Change …..? – Changes and You!

Like I said so many times before, if you do not change with the on-going-times you have no one to blame but yourself only – and you will get what is due to you somehow by either your actions or inactions – or by default and inadvertently even!

**** See Below What I Had Said!

Change Before Change Changes You!

Iranians Celebrating Overthrow of The Shah

Nobody ever thought The Shah would be overthrown – and he was by Khomeini!

Some for Ferdinand Marcos of Phillipines!

Some for Augusto Pinochet of Chile! Chileans ‘celebrating’ him being in Court!

Nobody ever thought Saddam Hussein would be hanged by the same soldier who would shit in his pants if he saw Saddam in better times – but he was hanged by the same soldier cursing him to ‘go to hell’ in the same process.

Nobody ever thought Hosni Mubarak would be brought to Court by his own previous saluting Commanders and Soldiers – but he was! Nobody knows what his fate will be – if not Saddam way! And cheering citizens of Egypt where their families were killed in The Spring Uprising!

Then you have Ben Ali of Tunisia etc… Now Syria, Before Libya and Yemen.

And like some of us in Zanzibar then in the 1960s – we thought nothing will happen to us – or touch us – and we had  verything and under British Protectorate – yet it did – and thousands were butchered and massacred!

The scene above is of a mass killing of Arabs in a cemetery following the 1964 bloody Zanzibar Revolution. This shot is taken by video camera from a helicopter and featured in the 1966 film  Africa Addio.

This sequence of film is believed to be the only known visual documentation of the killings which followed the bloody Zanzibar Revolution of January 1964. First Ethnic cleansing in Africa!

This applies to all of us – even at the Individual Levels. And many of us have still not learnt the open lessons shown!!

Some individuals think Nothing can touch them – or happen to them! Time to wake up!

No one is blinder than one with eyes – but cannot see!

No one is deafer than one with ears – but cannot hear!

No one is more mute than one with a mouth – but cannot speak!

The Romans have also said – Those that the gods are out to destroy – they make them not see, hear –
or speak!

 **** Live and Let Live!

A – My Earlier Articles – Keeping Up With The Changes – July 23rd – 2003 – 8 years ago!In this article  I had written –

Quote – One of the traits of ever successful, smart, pragmatic and proactive peoples is their ‘ability to be able to vision and predict changes’, and to be able to adjust, accommodate and even make these changes work for their advantage! They are able to even predict when these changes will come, in what format and their consequences and repercussions too! They are able to make the changes become as ‘a friend and as a Support’, rather than as an adversary and blockage cum detrimental to them per se! Proactive and pre-empt to be exact!

  • I have also said – if you have something working for you – keep it, preserve it, protect and defend it – and do not spoil things for yourself and those near you and you love! Do not spit on your food – and do not put sand in your coconut pudding – as The Swahilis of East Africa like to say!
  • Or have you heard of the expression – ‘Bite the hand that feeds you, and lick the boot that kicks you!? If not I am telling you now – has happened so many times – but people still keep repeating the same approaches, techniques and dealings with others – especially thinking they are scattered, docile and weak! But the Arab Spring Uprisings should wake up a lot of us people still slumbering and sleeping! – Unquote.

B – The Need To Change Article – November 19th 2009 – In this article I had said – Quote – People who have accepted changes have come are always going for the higher road in accepting and in bringing in changes – to be a better person – to think outside the box – and to be able to see the forest from the trees! You do not need to be a nuclear physicist to realize and know that change has come – and to be ready for changes to come in.-

Some of the changes need not be that big or universal. It could even be at the individual level – and even small and insignificant at first glance and analysis – but it is still change all the same in all spheres and aspects – and cannot be discounted, ignored or marginalized even. In all my books there are cautionary tales and articles on Changes – and their coming in – Unquote.

 Today I want to go on the bigger picture – I watch the news and see what is unfolding before us. I have noticed what is unfolding is this – people have very strong comments, rigid views, outlooks, perceptions and opinions on many things – but the worst part is that they think they are always right, ethical and correct – and want to impose them on others. I now understand why some people outside our societies (or even within) hate and despise us so much. I now also understand fully what it means to say ‘opening a can of worms’ really means.

There is also no respect and esteem for those older and senior to us – especially in such affairs. I want to bring the subject out in the open – so we can discuss it rationally, unemotionally, pragmatically and with hopeful signs of reconciliations, remedy, peace, harmony, understandings, live-and-let-live outlooks and scenarios.

Time and time again, History has proved this point. The days when you could scare people away by words and acts  of threats, aggression, bullying etc are now over. Even if you go to the basics at home. What my grandfather could do to my father – to what my father could do to me – and what I can do to my son (and hopefully his son too) – have been  reduced from time to time. My late father could scold me in front of my wife – his father could beat him my father in front of his wife – but I will think twice before I even contemplate to scold my son – especially in front of his  wife.

Times have changed.

Take Care!

Ramadhan Kareem!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Mubarak Stands Trial In Egypt. Reply


Dictator In A Cage!

83-year-old Hosni Mubarak is pictured laying on a bed.

Mubarak Stands Trial In Egypt

By  Alexander Marquardt

August 3, 2011

The reports started trickling out around seven o’ clock in the morning. Former Egyptian President  Hosni Mubarak was on the move. A motorcade was taking him from the hospital in the resort town of the Sharm el-Sheikh to a plane waiting to ferry him to Cairo.

It wasn’t until just after 9 a.m., when a white helicopter started its descent towards the police academy on the outskirts of Cairo that used to bear his name, that everyone in  Egypt realized they would in fact get the first glimpse of Mubarak since a defiant speech on February 10.

Cameras for Egyptian state television panned Lecture Hall No. 1, now a courtroom with a custom-made black iron cage as its centerpiece. It is here that Mubarak is facing charges of corruption and complicity the in killings of almost 900 protesters during the 18-day revolution that has shaken the rest of the Arab world to its core.

For almost three weeks in January and February, millions of Egyptians gathered to protest Mubarak’s heavy-handed 30-year rule. Cairo’s central Tahrir — Liberation — Square became home to the budding revolution and then the site of bloody attacks by Mubarak’s police and plainclothes thugs. Some rode horses and camels in the infamous “Battle of the Camels.”

Mubarak Wheeled In On Gurney

Around 9:30, the defendants started to enter the cage, 11 in all. But unlike the others, Mubarak was wheeled in on a gurney and placed at the far end of the cage.

Outside, hundreds gathered around a big television screen, many clearly stunned they were witnessing the trial of a man who was essentially the country’s dictator for three decades.

// // “I didn’t believe he will come here,” said Samer Kamel. “I didn’t believe.”

A short distance away, Muhammed al Aqad wandered the academy’s parking lot under the blazing sun with a poster of his son Mustafa. The 18-year-old high school senior was shot and killed on the fourth day of the January uprising while protesting in his Cairo neighborhood of Mataria.

“[Today] we feel that the blood of my son and of the martyrs was not spilled in vain,” said al Aqad. “Today justice was served…”

Mubarak’s two sons, Gamal and Alaa, both held Korans during the proceedings. They appeared to attempt to  block the television cameras from zooming on their father’s face.

Then he spoke.

“I am here, your honor,” Mubarak responded into a microphone when the judge called on him.

Asked how he responded to the charges against him, Mubarak replied, “I categorically deny them all,” and then passed the microphone back to Gamal.

Reports of ill health have persisted since Mubarak was arrested in early April. He had a heart attack, he has cancer, he’s not eating and is depressed. Many Egyptians were convinced a health excuse would be used to escape today’s appearance.

But despite the hospital bed, Mubarak didn’t look as frail as many expected. He was seemingly alert, his hair still dyed jet black. Leading to speculation, of course, that he was playing the sympathy card with the bed.

The day was not without its violence, however, as pro-Mubarak supporters clashed with anti-Mubarak protesters. Rocks and bottles were thrown as riot police — rarely seen since February — tried to keep the peace.

Egyptians not at the police academy huddled around television sets across the country to watch the goings on. At a coffee shop in Cairo’s upscale neighborhood of Zamalek, it was difficult to find anyone who feels Mubarak’s
trial is constructive.

“This is a crime, an international crime, it has never happened before!” shouted travel agent Essam El Gammal.

“He’s got enough punishment,” said another man perched on a stool. “What happened to him now is enough.”

The trial adjourned in the early afternoon after several recesses. The judge announced Mubarak would be transferred to a hospital facility outside Cairo until the court re-convenes on August 15.


Though watched all this with mixed troubled emotions and goose bumps too – I felt sorry for Mubarak. He was already 82 years old, sick and ailing – and ruled already over 30 years. He could have left still respected and a hero he was!

But Arab Leaders never learn – you are as good as you can get. Once you become a liability you are dropped like a hot cake.

They should have learnt with the hanging of Saddam Hussein who was once even considered by Rumsfields as even better and reliable partner of USA than even Israel was! Can You imagine? He was also Man of The Year 1982 Time Magazine!

The key words – be and stay with your people – and listen to them!

Feel so sad and despodent …. Poor Mubarak … you had your chance and blew it!

Hope others will learn from this – Amin

Allah Kareem – Allah Akbar – God Is Great – Amin!

Majid Al Suleimany

The Life and Death of Sheikh Nasser al Bualy Reply

The Life and Death of Sheikh Nasser al Bualy 

Features – The Oman Daily Observer – Mon, 01 August 2011

Sheikh Nasser Seif Ali al Bualy was born on January 9, 1925 in Tanzania (Dar-es-Salaam). He lived in
Dar-es-Salaam and Zanzibar until the age of fifteen, then he was sent to Baghdad, Iraq to complete his scondary school and university education. He graduated from Baghdad University in 1954, with a degree in Economics.

Nasser al Bualy worked in Baghdad Broadcasting for one year. In 1955 he returned to Zanzibar where he worked as the Director of the Ministry of Information until 1967. After the revolution of 1964 in Zanzibar, Nasser al Bualy had to move to Dar-es-Salaam in 1967 due to hardship of life

In Dar-es-Salaam, he worked for a short period of time. He went to Abu Dhabi, UAE, in early 1969, where he worked as the Director-General of the Ministry of Finance. In 1970, with the starting of the blessed Renaissance in Oman and His Majesty’s Ascension to the throne, Nasser al Bualy returned to his homeland, Oman, to serve his country despite having to take a substantial pay cut. Upon his return, he worked as the Director-General of the Ministry of Information.

Nasser al Bualy played a vital role in helping Omanis who were born in East Africa return to their motherland. In 1973 he was appointed as the first Omani Ambassador to the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, additionally, he was the non-resident Ambassador to some other European countries, and the Dean of the Arab Ambassadors in London. In 1980 he returned to work in Oman at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where he was appointed as the head of the Asian Affairs Department. In 1985 he was appointed as an Adviser at the Diwan of the Royal Court.

On the 8th of August of the same year Nasser al Bualy was relieved of his duties due to health concerns. In  exchange for his servitude to his country, His Majesty the Sultan gifted Shaikh Nasser al Bualy with an official guarantee of financial entitlement for life.

Shaikh Nasser al Bualy is the eldest son of the Pasha Shaikh Seif Ali al Bualy, who as the Prime Minister of the “Mekelle” government (Yemen) 1940. He is also the brother of the late professor Dr Moselem al Bualy who is
renowned in Oman as the “First Man of Immunization”.

On February 25, 1957 Nasser al Bualy got married to Sharifa Mohammed Nasser al Lamki and they have been happily married for over half a century.

They have three children, Ali al Bualy, former Attorney General, Aziza al Bualy a University Graduate and a housewife, and Dr Asyah al Bualy, the current Adviser for Culture and Humanities at the Research Council.

Shaikh Nasser al Bualy passed away on Saturday, July 30, 2011 at 8 am at his private residence in Qurum Heights and he was buried in Al Amerat Cemetery, Muscat. May Allah rest his soul in eternal peace and give his family the strength to bear this great loss.



A Cry For Help! Book Converted To eBook! Reply

A Cry For Help! Book Converted To eBook!

A Cry For Help! Book Converted To eBook!

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Books – Special Delivery – For Muscat Only! Reply

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From My Books Publishers – Good News! Reply

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