Respect Our Arab Leaders! Reply

Respect The Arab Leaders!

A deep soul search analysis of what we have become now!

You will excuse me for this – but in writing I will not talk about things on what is going on and construed as the norm. Like bombing children queuing for sweets; for jobs or in the market places buying food for the family – or praying alongside you in the mosques (Masjids)! And so many other sagas and things of the same sort. If I start doing that it will take pages and pages to complete! The Key word here is The Leadership! And how we interact and interface with them!

A long time ago I watched this war epic film of The Second World War where this British Captain is seen saluting the graves of the just buried by them German soldiers! A disgruntled voice is heard to say – They are Germans – and they would not even bury us if the tables were turned! To which he receives a retort from his Commander – They are just the same like us – just carrying out orders given to them by their commanders (and country) – so let it rest! I forgot the name of the film – but it made me shed a tear or two at ‘humanity at its best’!

In my first articles in my column Between Us Only! In The Oman Daily Observer (April 30 2003 – after the Iraqi invasion) I wrote – Quote – The Other Face (Humane) of   War! Or – The Milk of Human Kindness Amidst War – There is this picture of a Corporal Claire O’Connor (26) of Fulham, South West London, of the British Forces in Iraq as she is holding an Iraqi baby boy (about 3 years).  The Corporal is seen smiling, and like all held babies seeing smiling faces, he smiles back.  The mother (Iraqi) is entwined and watching in ‘awe’ is smiling also. A photograph of ‘two mums’ looking up and holding a baby – A picture of milk of human kindness, feelings and touch.  There is no war going on-as far as the picture goes. They are both mums to a baby – no invader or being invaded! – Unquote. 

It is said that during The Black September episodes, rebelling Palestinian soldiers preferred to surrender to The Israelis than fellow Arabs – because they would receive ‘better and fairer treatment’ than their fellow Arabs (Muslims)! And also the notion that more Palestinians (Arabs) have died from Arab bullets rather than from the Israelis! 

If you go by our Religious Hadith (history) our Great Prophet Muhammad PBUH forbade any reprisals of any sort to the people of Mecca after defeating them in the wars – despite the very bad records of they did to the converting Muslims – to the extent that they had to leave for Medina and even to Ethiopia – a Christian land with a Christian King! So many other stories depicting humanity and kindness to the same people – like those who threw stones at him and causing him to bleed! When asked if he wanted the villages destroyed he instead went as far as to ask them to be forgiven. The same villages later on became Muslims! And they even went to the Far East to spread Islam! 

Why do we not follow the best and the greatest example shown to us by this Great Prophet (PBUH)? What other example do we want?

You can follow here my other articles that I have written about Muammar Ghaddafi. The point I want to make are these:- 

A – Saddam Hussein of Iraq.

  • I have never been a Saddam Hussein supporter – but I acknowledge that still he was an Arab Leader!
  • We have seen how young Iraqis taunted Saddam Hussein as he was saying to even receive a taunt from the man as he was being hanged. They did not even allow him to finish to say The Shahada – the last words but pulled the rope to hang him as he was saying the ‘last words!
  • The man was visibly more terrified as he was being handed to ‘fellow Iraqis’ than when he was with the Americans!
  • These things should really shame and disgrace us of what we have now become!

B – Hosni Mubarak of Egypt.

  • Why bring such a sick old man sick and in bed to court – whatever he has done? Have we seen any other example of any other case in the world?
  • And then all the poking fun and insulting videos, cartoons and caricatures of him, Ben Ali and others!
  • Following things just blindly without thinking and reasoning – against the very ethics, principles and teachings of our own religion – despite whatever they have done (and that is another angle also to look into – as required by A Leader in Islam!)

C –Muammar Ghaddafi – The Latest Live Example!


  •  I was shocked to the core – I actually cried! – To see how such young Libyans have treated him – despite everything that he has done! Whatever tyranny and brutality!
  • Today we hear from ‘Christian Quarters’ (not even from our own voices) for a full investigation of the circumstances and how he was killed (in cold blood)!
  • Either because people were scared stiff of what he might say in revealing secrets – or and just bad unalike our Religious Teachings on how to behave and act in such circumstances!
  • There is also this general expression in Arabic – Those who come up by the sword – will also go by the sword!

D – George Bernard Shaw!

It is purported to have been said by this great writer and poet that – Islam was the best religion in the world – but its worst peoples! 

So sorry to say it – but I have sympathy with his views!

 Then there is this expression – we shall want to copy and emulate to such an extent that when we see them crawling into a crevice – we would want to do the same!

Yet we have so many so-called Leaders there Non-Arabs and Non-Muslims who too should be in jail – or even hang! Why is nothing happening to them???


Stay with your own peoples only! Outside friends are only temporary, artificial and for their own self interests as it suits them!

May Allah SWT (God) Forgive us our sins and Protect and Preserve from His anger and fury – Amin (Amen)!

Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany