The Sir Robert Frost and Bishop Desmond Tutu Interview! Reply


The Sir Robert Frost and Bishop Desmond Tutu Interview!

Not Going Quietly!

A Lesson To Learn For Israel – and Others To Revisit!

Please Reread The History Books!!

The Frost Interview

Desmond Tutu: Not going quietly

The Nobel laureate on his role in South Africa’s struggle against apartheid and his alarm over recent developments.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the famous Nobel Peace laureate, and one of the world’s most respected church leaders, was a central figure in ensuring an end to white minority rule in South Africa.

He was instrumental in the struggle against apartheid, also acting as chairman of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). He has since gone on to play a role as one of Nelson Mandela’s handpicked ‘Elders’ along with others like former US President Jimmy Carter.

The archbishop takes Sir David Frost on a tour of his beloved South Africa; he talks about his time in the anti-apartheid struggle movement, his work with the TRC, and his alarm over recent developments in the “rainbow nation”.

As a defiant campaigner against apartheid, Tutu is one of the world’s most prominent defenders of human rights.

Growing up in a racially divided state he tells Sir David how hard it was to explain South African politics to his children:

“We’d just come back from England with our youngest child. The youngest was born in London and she saw some children playing on swings and she said, ‘I want to go and play’ and, we had to say, ‘No sweetheart, you can’t’.

“And she said, ‘But there all the children playing’, and it was incredibly difficult. It really just made you feel, ‘I wish the ground could open and swallow me up’. How do I tell my child that, yes you are a child, but you’re not a child like those other children who are on the swings?”

The archbishop recalls how the injustices he saw under apartheid tested his Christian faith:

“I really got very angry with God, and would rail at God and say: For goodness sake, how can you allow such and such to happen?”

But he later says: “Someone up there must really have been on our side or batting for us …. After [Nelson Mandela’s] release and the build-up to our first democratic election, it was one of the roughest, one of the bloodiest, periods in our history.”

Tutu hails Mandela as an “incredible guy!” – after all Mandela was a prominent participant in the negotiations that led to South Africa’s peaceful transition from apartheid to democracy.

“His contribution is immeasurable; his stature,” says Tutu. “I mean for someone who was the commander-in-chief of the military wing of the ANC to be at the forefront of persuading people that it would be better for us to negotiate; it is better for us to lay down our arms. And then to try to live that.”

Moving forward, Tutu expresses his concerns about the direction the current government in South Africa is headed. He has also become more outspoken about his criticism of the ruling party, and the rainbow nation, of what he was once so proud.

“We are a wounded people” Tutu says, recalling the painful testimonies he heard as chairman of the TRC hearings.

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  • Asking God – How can you allow such things and injustices to happen (in Apartheid South Africa then!)
  • His home was destroyed by the Apartheid Regime because of his stand!
  • “We will not buckle under their system” – he said
  • The Apartheid Regime behaved exactly the same as Zionist Israel (Benjamin Netanyahu) is behaving now!
  • That they were always right, correct, ethical and perfect – others not and inferior peoples and race – and one can do what they wanted with them!
  • History is on the side of The Arabs and The Palestinians – and time and history will prove that to be correct!
  • They will win one day!
  • Anyway The Arab World has now changed – not what it was before The Arab Spring!
  • Biggest casualty is The Truth!
  • And future relations between Nations – starting with our current Youth!
  • They will not forget – They will remember!
  • We pray for sanity, reason, pragmatism and sense and responsibilities!
  • People are already tired with costs and hardships of living – we see demonstrations and protests all over the world now – even in Western Europe and even Israel – and USA too!
  • People should learn to live together in this globe in peace, harmony, tolerance, patience and understanding – Live and Let Live!
  • We owe it to our future – history – legacy – destiny and future!
  • One should not make a bad state of affairs turn even more nasty and worse! Applies to ALL!
  • God CURSE those that use babies, children and women killed and maimed as Collateral Damage!
  • May The Butcher Israeli Leaders join Hitler in Hell AMEN AMIN



The Philosophy of Ubuntu! Reply

The Ubuntu Philosophy!

I am because we are! – How can one of us be happy if all the others are sad?

An anthropologist studying the habits and customs of an African tribe found himself surrounded by children most days. So he decided to play a little game with them. He managed to get candies from the nearest town, and put it all in a decorated basket at the foot of a tree. Then he called the children and suggested they play a game.

When the anthropologist said “Now!” the children had to run to the tree, and the first one to get there could have ALL the candies to himself/herself. So the children all lined up waiting for the signal.

Images – Ubuntu

When the anthropologist said “Now!”, all the children held each others’ hand and ran together towards the tree. They all arrived at the same time, divided up the candies, sat down, and began to happily munch away.

The anthropologist went over to them and asked why they had all run together, when any one of them could have had the candies all to himself/herself.

Images – Ubuntu – For Demonstration Purposes Onl;y!

The children responded: “Ubuntu”! How could any one of us be happy if all the others were sad?”

Ubuntu is a philosophy of some African tribes that can be summed up as “I am what I am because of who we all are.”This can teach us all many things about life!

In East African Swahili Uutu – Uutu bora kuliko Viitu.

Humanity is better than things (materialism, consumerism and individualism)…

Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki – South Africa –  and Ubuntu!

Condemning apartheid, Tutu warned that “The oppressed could become tomorrow’s oppressors because sin is an ever-present possibility”  The philosophy that Tutu, Mandela, and Mbeki share is the philosophy of ubuntu. Ubuntu originates in the Bantu Language and Peoples – including the Zulus in South Africa.

Generally speaking, ubuntu means “humanity” and is related to umuntu, which is the category of intelligent human being. Bishop Desmond Tutu has defined ubuntu as the person who is welcoming, hospitable, warm and generous, affirming of others, and who does not feel threatened that others are able and good; [this person] has a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing they belong to a greater whole, are diminished when another is humiliated, diminished, tortured, oppressed, and threatened as if they were less than they are . Tutu has also defined ubuntu as the quality of interaction in which one’s own humanness depends on recognizing it in the other!

We human beings are in this lot together – and there are a lot of things that we can learn from each other in this world today.

Best Wishes and Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany