The Feeling of Being More Important Than Others! Reply

Between Us Only!

The Disease of Pride!

Or Feeling More Important Than Others!

Those that are my avowed Readers and Fans will no doubt acknowledge that – I always do write from my own personal experiences and exposures and as my references – and from incidents and episodes recently that have happened to me – or to people I know well for surety! This new disease of false pride is becoming increasingly rampant in the society now!

Let us start with some quotes first – on Pride: –

  • Certainly Allah does not love the proud ones. – The Holy Quraan – 16:23
  • Whosoever has in his heart, even an atom of pride he will not enter paradise – The Islamic Hadith
  • Pride is an admission of weakness, it secretly fears all competition and dreads all rivals – Fulton J. Sheen
  • A proud man is always looking down on things and people – and thus cannot see anything above him – C. S. Lewis
  • The truest characters of ignorance are vanity and pride – Samuel Butler
  • The infinitely little have a pride infinitely great – Voltaire
  • Pride comes before a fall – Famous
  • The one who climbs a ladder will have to come down! – East African saying

Long time ago, I watched this film where the ex Dictator Iddi Amin of Uganda was showing off this certificate to a cheering crowd. Then He tore the paper into two – saying aloud – Now Mr. P – you are no longer a citizen of Uganda! That is the end of a ‘paper citizen’ – and as he sends into exile thousands of Asians to all parts of the world – but mainly Canada and UK. Little did he realise that he created multi-millionaires of these exiles. Nor did he realise that one day he will too be exiled – and die in an exiled country – Saudi Arabia!

Last week I had some problems – again on ‘services’ – and as the usual unflinching M – I had phoned first to their Head Offices. Not getting any cheers, I decided to go to their website and put in ‘my beef’ – so to speak! I then followed it with an email to the Top Brass of the place. Sure enough from the top echelon came the response – Access Denied.

Image Proud!

Truthfully from those in the lower levels came a positive response. So I phoned back to one and asked him most tactfully and diplomatically as I could – after even the abruptness and unnecessary provocation and insult! So I asked him why were my emails being returned to me? He sarcastically retorted that the BIG PEOPLE have no time for such trifles. So I asked him again – Did you mean trifles things – or trifle people? Knowing that I was trying to corner and trap him he just said to me just – Trust me – we are looking into your complaint – and we shall handle it soonest. But I had time still to say – if a VIP had emailed him – he would certainly not send back that email!

Image Pride (and Prejudice!)

A few months ago I had a similar issue and dispute with another establishment – sadly and tragically always in the news – and how good they are! I was impressed when the Secretary called me to say that the ‘Big Man’ himself wanted to talk to me! Came on to my best behaviour and performances! So he asked me – do we talk in English or in Arabic? I retorted – whichever you prefer! Then he reprimanded me saying (in English!) – That this person that you are complaining about? I can give him my heart and soul – and I can go to sleep – and when I awake up – he will give them back to me!

I do not know how that would have been possible – so M being M – I retorted to him that just now by your comments – you have left the fold of our Religion – by associating man with God – because only God can take a soul (heart) and return it – not a human being! That seemed to upset him a lot and went into almost vulgarities – unfortunately was not taping him! He said things about how negative you are in outlooks – and it was a big mistake this newspaper was giving you a column to write!

The Peacock Proud!

ImagesPride – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

So to add fire to fuel – I retorted back – not a column – but two my friend! The word ‘friend’ coming from me seemed to upset him all the more! I had a very long hearty laugh to myself – when twists and ironies of life – he accused me of being ‘with chips on your shoulders – and a very proud pompous person!

Yesterday I had a long overdue chat with my son. He was lamenting to me that his friends found him ‘very open and receptive – and in speaking his mind’. They asked him how it was that he was different from them – that they had sort of a closed mind – and not open to raise issues openly on the front – instead of complaining in the back and behind scenes! And to where did he get his courage – and guts from?

So my son told them – my father has got it (this) from his father. His father had brought them up ‘not to be afraid and scared’ – speak the TRUTH always – and speak openly their mind – their concerns and worries – and not to be afraid and fearful except to the Good Lord only! If someone respects you – you must also reciprocate. But never allow anyone to scare, bully or push you down! Yes – his friends – said we can see now why we are different – because nobody had encouraged us that way and not to be afraid – but all just the opposite!

I can see that now happening with even my grandchildren! The other day I was teasing my granddaughter T where her housemaid had gone? She retorted – Granny how many times must I tell you that she has returned to Philippines? I was laughing to myself all inside me – that in another house hold she would have received a slap from different people for ‘insulting Granny!’

In the early 1970s when our families returned to Oman – I was just chatting mildly with a peer on mild issues – when he came in guns blazing – you have no right to talk anything on this matter! When I queried him why – he retorted – you were not born here! So please shut your trap – unsaid! I sadly looked at him and said – My friend – do you think being born in a place is the only criteria that matters? He retorted back yes – and I reminded him in a very tactful and diplomatic way why he was very wrong and misguided!

The saddest and tragic part was he was just a poor working person like me – and if the worst came to the worst I at least could use my father, great Mother and grandparents as ‘being a chip and part of the old block’! Unfortunately for him – he could not do the same – but yet had the pride in him to silence all others! I can now understand and appreciate now why my son is that much worried and concerned too!

Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany

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