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The Role of Advisors!

Or The Difference – The Turks and The Arabs!

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It is interesting to note that though there were protests pro and against the Turkish Government due to the mall thing – the Turkish army did not step in to ‘protect Democracy’ – but the Egyptians did. The Turkish thing died down quietly after some time – but now increasing in Egypt despite the intervention!


Point out – I am not pro or anti Morsi – as I am not Egyptian – and not my issue! Or my concern in reality!

Arabs and Democracy are far apart!

They just do not match – even after the Arab Springs!

So sad to see the last bastion in the Arabs go down this way into malaise, decay, decadance – wastage and demise – but we Arabs will never learn our lessons!

Very pathetic, sad and tragic!

Take Care!

With Due Respects


Majid Al Suleimany

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Majid Al Suleimany